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  1. How many trips I made. She said 2. She also said we got married on the third trip(she thought the third trip was the second because she forgot about the first.) She was technically right we got married on the second trip.
  2. Thank you everyone I forgot about the NOID NOIR. I had lost hope.
  3. I was introduced through her sister who lives near me. I met and befriend my now wife's brother in law. He introduced me to the rest of the family and we became good friends. We applied for cr1 and it took a long time. We are almost 4 years into processing. It took a year to book a 221g appointment.
  4. Yeah they asked that. I was shocked but they said it would greatly help the case to answer. She's not good with that kind of pressure and those kinda questions. I'll mention it to uscis.
  5. We communicate in english and both interviews were also in english. I thought our case was very strong. I submitted way more than they asked for when they gave a us a 221g. I visited 3 times between 2018 and 2019. Obviously covid stopped us after that. Guess I'll be booking a flight soon.
  6. Yeah it seems they decided it was real. Our 4th anniversary is coming up on Nov 18th. To think we have to celebrate it with this looming over it.
  7. Generic ones like how many trips did I make out there. What happened during each trip. Marriage anniversary and which trip we got married on. There was questions about first kiss and how often we were intimate. I answered all 100% accurately but she admitted the officer corrected her on a few and she was very nervous. I guess that did it.
  8. She is 29 and im 31, No age gap. So we will receive a notice of denial when uscis gets it back? Then we will get a chance to fight it. But that could take a year or more. Like I said she admitted to be nervous and missing questions. Questions she should of answered correctly.
  9. No it was a phone interview for us both separately. I guess they compared our answers. This was 5 months after our 221g. We gave theme everything they asked for from the 221g.
  10. Seems like the interview. She admitted being very nervous and missed a few questions. They were questions she shouldn't of missed.
  11. Nope it just says after the interviews we had 2. The most recent was March and a phone interview for us both. That after the interviews they looked at the facts of the case and decided it was best to send it back to USCIS.
  12. My case was denied after almost 4 years of processing. Delayed by covid and 221g appointment taking a year to schedule. Got word today from my senator who was helping with my case. The visa has been returned from embassy to USCIS and will be closed. I need to know what my options are...and ask for any advice. Right now it seems like moving to vietnam is the only option to try and build a life together.
  13. My wife received the 221g letter for her CR1 visa. She received it after her interview in November of 2020. We have everything we need and had all documents ready 3 months ago. We have not been able to schedule an appointment to turn in new evidence. I tried emailing the consulate and calling them. They have just told me its first come first serve. We check every day. Does anyone have any advice?
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