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  1. Just wondering your reason for sending your mom's birth certificate and her marriage certificate? Correct me if I am wrong, I believe the the sponsor's birth certificate would list your parents names showing family relationship.
  2. I would imagine your marriage certificate is of value if you changed your maiden name and USCIS needs to cross-reference it to your name on the US passport and naturalization certificate. But as always its your decision call.
  3. Sounds like they are questioning your past relationships/marriage. Provide whatever they ask best to your knowledge and ability.
  4. Have you tried to seek help from your senator. Try writing to your senator for help
  5. Only the person addressed on the form is allowed in. Unless you are bring your legal representative or interpreter. You wouldn't want to bring an interpreter if you are trying to pass the English language test.
  6. As long as it's the exact duplicate of the original letter. It has the QR code and bar code on the letter and should be legible.
  7. Should be No problems with air or land Travel within US with REAL ID compliant valid state ID or driver license. As long as you don't go out of the country and try to reenter.
  8. Only on the physical letter you will see the actual interview date and time. No need to worry about logging on to find out the interview date. It won't show this online anyway.
  9. Yes, my wife was trapped at home. She wanted to work so badly. Going to school especially if you are learning English helps. In your community there must be some sort of ESL program at local educational institution near you She met new friends from her country and other country and established business contacts. In one case she met a father of a business owner where she landed a job. I think although you can't work you can meet well rooted folks in the community that may be of great resource when you are legally allowed to work. My wife was tempted to start working as soon as she arrive US via K-1. In Vietnam, She knew a client that introduced her to a relative that owned a business in US. But tempting as it was, I made sure she didn't break law by starting employment without a EAD. The owner wasn't to happy about her now starting work at her business. I was upset with her knowing that she does not have EAD but was offered a job. Basically she is tempting her with work but jeopardizing her legal status. Watch out for people like these!! She was not too happy about it and eventually gave up hiring my wife. But eventually everything worked out and wife is working after receiving EAD. So what you are experiencing is not unique. We all are going through it. Just bear with it best you can. Good luck to you.
  10. If its under 18, you were charged differently and not as an adult. You were a juvenile when you were charged and won't effect your application. No worries. Juvenile records are sealed and unavailable outside of juvenile courts. US courts gives kids chances to correct themselves instead of ruining their lives. I know someone who at age 17 broke the law and got arrested and did fine in their immigration journey.
  11. People like this making it difficult for other Vietnamese to immigrate to US. That's why Vietnam is considered high fraud country and honest Vietnamese people don't have it easy.
  12. Check your internet speed as well. Make sure your speed is fast enough to upload files https://www.speedtest.net/apps/windows
  13. Perhaps your required documents weren't uploaded properly . Verify that you uploaded the required pdf documents Keep the file size within the limit. Scan as black & white and lower resolution to reduce the file size. Within acrobat you can reduce the file size by compressing it. Try another pdf creating program. This one is free. https://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/ If you think it's browser related issue then close all instances of the browser. Clear the browser's cache. If it's Windows you can try different browsers such as Microsoft Edge , firefox , Chrome. Make sure you use the latest version by upgrading to the current version of each browser. If you continue to have issues try on a different computer. It could be your computer having issues. If the problem follows then it's something you are doing wrong.
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