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  1. Tier 2 gave us very little information when we called earlier this month, too. Just that my stepson's aos/ead/ap were still processing. He had 2 biometrics appointments - one in February and a second in May. When I asked about those, the tier 2 only said that he saw that he saw the appointments took place but had no additional information. As luck would have it, his EAD/AP were approved 2 days after that phone call. We got the card yesterday. But still so frustrating that no one seems to have any information now.
  2. It is not just you. I tried my wife's number and it just kept loading like you experienced. Maybe it is down for updates and will be working again soon. Good luck - Jason
  3. We were not asked all of these questions. We collected them from posts in the Vietnam and AOS forums and the Vietnam consulate reviews and prepared to answer them prior to the K-1 and AOS interviews. For the K-1, my wife was asked common questions, like how did we meet, how many times did I visit, where did we visit in Vietnam, and a few in depth questions about my children (names, ages, where they live). We were asked many more questions from the list at my wife and step-daughter's AOS interview. Several questions were based on the officer's review of our bank statements (Where do you go grocery shopping? How much do you spend?) and then questions asked to prove we live together like what is my favorite Vietnamese dishes? Who cooks at home? Who drives? Where does your husband's parents live? Have you met your father-in-law / sister-in-law? etc. In addition to the pages of "yes" and "no" questions that were part of the AOS application, my wife and daughter were asked 20-30 questions that were included in this list. Jason
  4. After 197 days, my stepson's (@Bin'sAOS2018) EAD status on the old USCIS status website finally changed to "new card being produced." The new website still says "case received." I am assuming this will be a combo card and the AP status doesn't update. Before this update, we contacted USCIS and spoke to a supervisor on Tuesday (July 9). At that time, everything was still just processing. He did note that my stepson qualified for an interview waiver because his mother and sister already have their green cards and local offices often skip interviews in situations like ours. The final decision will be made by the local office (Baltimore), though. Jason
  5. We had the same issue when applying for a K1 and K2. The father is not listed on my step daughter's birth certificate and he was out of the picture before she was born. We did not list the father on any documents. Consulate asked about it and my wife simply stated that the father was gone before her daughter was born and has never met her and he is not listed in any paperwork. That was all they needed to know. Our understanding is that in Vietnam, you will need to provide a notarized statement giving the child his permission to immigrate if the father is listed in paperwork. - Jason
  6. Sorry, my timeline refers to my wife and step-daughter. My step-son's timeline is @Bin'sAOS2018. My wife and her daughter have their green cards, but her son filed for AOS/EAD/AP separately because he "followed to join" 6 months after his mother. We applied for his AOS/EAD/AP in December with a 12/27/2018 NOA1. He had a biometrics appointment on February 4 and a second biometrics appointment in late May, but there has been no change in his online status (at either USCIS case status website) since the 12/27 NOA1. - Jason
  7. We are at 186 days today without any information since January. The wait is difficult because my wife and step daughter had there green cards in about 3 1/2 months.
  8. My wife (K1) and I are still waiting for my stepson's EAD/AP. He followed his mother and sister to the US 6 months later. He had 2 biometrics appointments (February and May) but no change online since NOA1 and application received. We have been worrying for weeks. Original VisaJourney estimate for EAD was in April! I am calling USCIS next week to hopefully get some kind of update from a tier 2 officer. Jason
  9. It was at the baggage check point at the airport after passport control and just before exiting the airport. They didn't specifically ask for money, but did have both iPhones in their hands asking questions until she gave it to them. As soon as the money exchanged hands, there were no more questions and she was waved through with phones returned. (In the meantime, dozens of people went by without anyone even looking at the xray monitors!) Jason
  10. JasonGG

    Packet 3

    We waited 10 days, emailed the embassy and they sent it by email the next day. The mailed copy arrived a few days later. If you email too soon, you'll just get a generic reply telling you to wait longer before contacting them. - Jason
  11. Congratulations! I'm happy to hear it arrived so quickly. - Jason
  12. We brought photos from our Dam Hoi to the interview, but didn't include them in our front loaded application. We mentioned the Dam Hoi in our timeline, but the consulate didn't ask to see any additional photos at the interview. As others noted, you don't have to have all vaccinations for the k1, but given the current problem with the resurgence of measles in the US, religious exemptions may be even more difficult when your fiance adjusts status. New York is no longer accepting religious exemptions due to the measles outbreak, so I would suspect the immigration process might become stricter as well. My step son did not complete all vaccinations before coming to the US in December using a K2 visa. His public school in Maryland required a schedule from his doctor to complete them by end of this school year, though. We will bring current vaccinations records to the AOS interview. Jason
  13. I'm white...I've never had a problem with customs in Vietnam. My wife (Vietnamese) has had to pay to get through customs if I am not with her or I am not nearby. I have shown up just as my wife was about to pay, said "Is there a problem?" We were quickly waved through without having to pay. I have also never had an issue carrying VND in or out of Vietnam. I keep it all in my pocket/wallet and in envelopes in my carry on bag. My wife has not had a problem either. From our experience, they are looking for Vietnamese carrying electronics, jewelry, and medicine/supplements. If you are stopped by customs, they will want more than small bills. They will be upset if you try handing them 20k! Good luck - Jason
  14. No, my wife's stayed "Ready" for the remainder of the day of her interview (Friday) and also Monday. It changed to Administrative Processing Tuesday, and then Issued late on Wednesday. RIght now, you have a verbal approval and they have marked your file as approved, but you need to wait for the consulate's administrative staff to actually enter the approval into the system. It should be soon!
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