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  1. We called this morning for an infopass appointment at the Baltimore, MD office. We were also told we'd get a call back in 30 days. The email confirmation added that we'd get a text or email 1-2 business days before the call so we would be expecting it. - Jason
  2. My wife sent her I-751 in August 2020. The last update she received for removal of conditions was in December 2021 saying her case had been moved from the Potomac Service Center to NBC. (Her 11 year old daughter - who applied with her mother - also had her case moved at the same time. Her 15 year old son applied 9 months later and is still at Potomac). Now that I am seeing summer 2020 applications being approved at Potomac, I am wondering if her application will take even longer because it was moved to the NBC. Can she still hope to get a decision around the same time as other August 2020 Potomac filers or does that timeline go out the window after being moved to NBC? She also filed her N-400 online in August 2021. No update on that since the confirmation and reuse of biometrics letters from August 2, 2021, but the online estimate in her USCIS account says a decision could come in 2 months. Thanks - Jason
  3. Thank you - that is very helpful to know. - Jason
  4. My wife's and daughter's cases were transferred from Potomac in December 2021 to "help speed processing." The notice said they were transferred to the National Benefits Center (NBC). No update since then. She filed her N400 online in August 2021. - Jason
  5. Yikes! I hadn't looked at the wait times. Thanks for the link!
  6. My wife would like her parents to visit us in the U.S. for 3-4 weeks this coming September-October. They would stay with us the entire visit. They are both in their 60s and retired. They own their home and income is derived from military pensions. They have bank accounts, but no strong bank ties like savings or loans. All family - except my wife - live in Vietnam, including 2 of 4 adult children who still live with them. Does anyone have any experience with their Vietnamese parents getting tourist visas? Suggestions or recommendations of types of documents they should bring to their interview in Hanoi? Thanks - Jason
  7. We got letters from the USCIS today. We expected them to be about the transfer, but it was the 24-month extension letters from my wife and daughter.
  8. Yes. My wife's son (12 at the time) interviewed at the consulate in HCM City with a family friend. No issues at all. As long as your step son has the correct interview documents and ID and the person accompanying them has a valid ID, a family member or friend can attend the interview with him in place of his mother. They'll only allow one grandparent to accompany him inside the consulate. It is not a difficult interview for minors. Mostly just exchange greetings, a little small talk, and exchange of paperwork. Interview in HCM City is conducted with an American CO and an interpreter, so the interview can be conducted in English or Vietnamese. Just make sure he understands the paperwork he is carrying so he can provide it when asked. Best of Luck - Jason
  9. Just checked my wife's status online and her August 2020 ROC was transferred on 12/23 also. She filed her N400 in August 2021. No idea which office yet, but hopefully all these transferred cases will get some good news soon! - Jason
  10. My wife applied to remove conditions in August 2020. Her application is at the Potomac Service Center and could be completed February-April 2022. She is planning to go overseas in March using her expired 2-year card and extension letter. IF her 10-year card is approved without an interview while she is overseas, is the 2-year card and letter still valid for her to return to the U.S. I don't want her to get stuck at the airport while the 10 year card sits on the kitchen table while she is trying to reenter on the 2 year card. Thanks - Jason
  11. My wife and her daughter filed in August 2020 and they have not received an extension letter. Her son filed in May 2021 (arrived 6 months after her) and got an extension letter last week. - Jason
  12. It was his 24-month extension. He’s good until July 2023 now. Hopefully, mom’s card comes before March 2022!
  13. My wife and her daughter applied for 10 year cards in August 2020, and N400 in August 2021. Still no update on either since receiving biometrics reuse letters. Her son applied for his 10 year green card in May 2021 (arrived 6 months after his mom) and he is getting a letter today according to informed delivery. I assume it's his 24 month extension letter. "Immigration" is spelled correctly on his, though! I really hope my wife gets an extension letter because she needs to travel overseas in the spring when her current letter expires. We'd love to avoid a trip to USCIS unless it's her citizenship interview! - Jason
  14. Yes, we wrote two identical, one sentence letters and signed them. No issues at all. Best of luck to you - Jason
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