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  1. You definitely need to contact the embassy . . . months ago! Only they can give you the answer you need because Covid has altered their normal rules. Your fiance will probably need a new medical exam and police certificate and perhaps updated income documentation from you Did you address the cause of the 221-G prior to March? Was your reason to delay the interview for 7 months related to something in the 221-G? If so, include that when you contact the consulate. I wish I could be more optimistic than @Luckycuds, but if the consulates are not processing K1 visas for the remainder of the year, your 7-month delay (August - March) could mean you have to wait until 2021 . . . and that is assuming your petition is not considered to be expired. Maybe you did and didn't mention it, but you REALLY should have been contacting the consulate in March, April, or May. If you didn't contact them, it has now been a year since they last heard from you, regardless of Covid, you may have to start over. I'm sorry - Jason
  2. We sent my wife's i-751 and evidence by FedEx on August 1. Should arrive Tuesday, August 4. Now the waiting begins... again. Jason
  3. Just what I read here in the Vietnam forum and personal experience when we were checking appointments in April and August-November 2018. At that time, they released blocks of appointments on Fridays and we sat at the computer refreshing as we waited for the update.
  4. My experience with k1 (April 2018) and k2 (November 2018) may be different, but we found that the consulate posted appointments on Fridays at about 12-2pm local time. We were ready to book the k2 in August, but wanted a late November appointment, so got pretty good at logging in at the right time between August and November. We took the first appointment available in April 2018. It was a cancellation that we were just lucky to get. Those come up anytime, but may be very short notice ... 1or 2 days away. When we booked In November, there were about 25 appointments posted on Friday at about noon. They were appointments for the next 3-4 weeks. Good luck - Jason
  5. We'll send my wife's ROC package on August 1. Does the VJ timeline provide estimates once you enter the NOA1 date like it did for K1 snd AOS? I looked at some members' timelines and the estimate is missing for ROC. Is it now private or just not available anymore? Thanks - Jason
  6. I don't think the OP mentioned which country his fiance is in and no profile info....some countries are difficult enough without having a pregnancy with another man during your relationship timeline to explain. Will you attend the interview with your fiance? I would think the CO will want to speak to both of you. Definitely a difficult situation and I wish you the best. - Jason
  7. Regardless of who the father is and whose name is on the birth certificate, you will be financially responsible for mother and child once you submit your adjustment of status application after marriage. Although you don't want to be "legally responsible for someone else's kid," the U.S. government expects you to be financially responsible until your future wife (and her child) becomes a U.S. citizen or 10 years (40 quarters of work). Good luck to you - Jason
  8. I don't want to diminish how severely immigration fraud impacts everyone who follows the proper, legal steps to immigrate . . . BUT . . . you say that you have access to their social media and have a wedding invitation suggesting your are more than a casual acquaintance to this couple. If you are comfortable with your motivations to report your friends, are you confident of the facts surrounding their case and their intentions. If you are wrong, your report could have a long-lasting impact on your friends' education and lives together. If they are making statements on social media that show an intent to commit immigration fraud, the CBP may also access these statements at the port of entry. Before reporting them, perhaps direct them to Visa Journey or other immigration resources so they can make a more informed decision about their immigration intentions. As noted previously, the student visa has been used legally so far and the couple can marry while she is a student. It is what they intend to do after the marriage that could be problematic. Their intent to commit fraud in the future may be out of ignorance of the law rather than willful manipulation of the system. If you have not done so already, help them first and report them (if necessary) second. 😃 Best of luck with your decision.
  9. My wife is submitting affidavits that are very similar to yours. According to the i-751 instructions - "Affidavits sworn to or affirmed by at least two people who have known both of you since your conditional residence was granted and have personal knowledge of your marriage and relationship. (Such persons may be required to testify before an immigration officer as to the information contained in the affidavit.) The original affidavit must be submitted and also contain the following information regarding the person making the affidavit: his or her full name and address; date and place of birth; relationship to you or your spouse, if any; and full information and complete details explaining how the person acquired his or her knowledge. Affidavits must be supported by other types of evidence listed above." Yours Iooks like it includes all the required information from the checklists we found online. I don't think affidavits were as important in the past, but the instructions that accompany the current i-751 edition do include affidavits as 1 of the 5 "evidence of the relationship" documents that USCIS says the application "should" include. Best of luck to you - Jason
  10. I was able to add my wife's name to our phone/cable bills (Verizon) and electric bill over the phone. Very quick and the next bills came with both our names. You may not need to open a new checking account. Again, I added my wife to my existing account in about 5 minutes, but you will both probably need to visit the bank. Life insurance beneficiary statements? Medical power of attorney (templates are available online)? - Jason
  11. Sorry. I was wrong about it being a k2, but still a follow to join interview. I was offering my first hand experience with k2 follow to join since the original posting earlier this month. I absolutely defer to your experience with the follow to join interview of the 130.
  12. For a k1, definitely refer to this lust. For a k2 follow to join interview in Vietnam and perhaps other countries, most of this is unnecessary. The k1 documents are already on file and the k1 and k2 applicants are approved (or ready to be approved in the follow to join's case) by the time of the follow to join interview. The follow to join k2 is providing the passport and perhaps alleviating any concerns about trafficking. The embassy already has all the financial and other documents submitted for the k1 as part of the k2's file. If I remember correctly, the letter instructs what the k2 should bring, though. - Jason
  13. My wife's son brought his birth certificate, passport, and interview invitation letter. We also sent him with photos of all of us together, but those weren't needed. We also sent him with money to pay the expedited shipping after the interview. My wife's friend who accompanied him brought her passport and id card. This "interview" is really nothing more than an opportunity to see the k2 applicant and collect their passport. I don't believe he spoke other than to say yes or no to a couple questions. - Jason
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