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  1. Yes, we wrote two identical, one sentence letters and signed them. No issues at all. Best of luck to you - Jason
  2. My wife filed 8/2 online. Already received NOA1 and the letter saying they are reusing biometrics. Initial estimate is 13 months. Looking forward to having this final step of the long journey completed! - Jason
  3. My wife came to the US on a K1 visa in July 2018 and started the local community college’s Ed program the next month. Since we were paying ourselves (not a student loan / financial aid) they only required proof of our marriage and my proof of residency for in-state and in-county tuition. She was able to apply for and received a student loan after getting her conditional green card, but the school canceled the program and we returned the money. Jason
  4. Same receipt number on both. Name, address, and letter text are the same. Only difference I can see is the “Notice Date.”
  5. Filed my stepson's ROC application (separate from mother because he immigrated 5 months later) on 5/1. Got the I-797 dated 5/17 about a weeks ago with a 5/3 NOA1 date. Today, we received an identical I-797, same NOA1, but with a 5/26 notice date. I initially thought the second notice was because the case was transferred to the Potomac Service Center like his mother's, but both the 5/17 and 5/26 797s show Potomac. Has anyone else received a second 797 so soon after the first one? Is there a reason for the duplicate or is it perhaps a paperwork mistake? Are both valid for travel or does the 5/26 notice cancel the earlier 797? Thanks - Jason
  6. My wife’s said the same thing. Next week it will probably be a date in 2022!
  7. JasonGG

    221g scheduling

    Not sure how helpful this will be now, but in when trying to schedule a K1 appointment in April 2018 and a K2 follow-to-join appointment in October, we found that new appointments (dozens) were posted on Friday between 1-2:00pm Vietnam time. Openings due to a cancellation can show up at anytime, though. Best of luck to you! - Jason
  8. Just from my experience in April and October 2018, the embassy posted dates Friday around 12-1pm Vietnam time. We took the first appointment we could get in April 2018. When my son was ready to interview, we browsed for weeks before getting the date that worked for us. I think others who have scheduled in the past few months since the embassy reopened may have more relevant advice. Given how unpredictable the past year has been, I would avoid rescheduling. Whatever you do, best of luck to you! - Jason FYI - There was a thread in the Vietnam forum recently about rescheduling. Check that thread, too. It might be helpful.
  9. Welcome back! Hope everyone settles in quickly.
  10. I asked about the airport because I am assuming you are most concerned about their transiting between flights. Depending on where their connecting fight is, the guide service might not be necessary. Tokyo-Narita had dozens of airport staff greeting every passenger and directing us where we needed to go, even walking some passengers to transit security. Not sure if they continued guiding them after transit security, but when connecting from one ANA flight to another at Narita, the arrival and departure gates were always in the same wing of the airport. Many larger airports also provide golf cart service for anyone willing to pay the fee to bring them from transit security to their gate. Seoul was a lot of walking, but lots of staff before and after transit to assist. Beijing was always a nightmare. Very confusing. Huge and always quite empty. Security staff are unfriendly. Queues were disorganized and lots of pushing and yelling. I don't go through Beijing anymore regardless of the ticket price. The people holding signs as you get off the airplane are usually waiting for someone who requested wheelchair service. As mentioned already, it can be requested when purchasing tickets and also when checking in at the airport. I have also seen passengers arrange this service with flight attendants. Korean Airlines and the Japanese airlines seemed to be the most helpful to older passengers. I have seen the same passengers get wheelchair service beginning in Vietnam (arranged at check in), had it waiting for them at the transit airport, and again waiting for them at the U.S. destination. At Dulles at least, it service brought them through customs, baggage claim, and out to the sidewalk to their hotel shuttle. They don't have to be very old or have trouble walking to request the service, and in many instances, it will be a golf cart they ride in, not a wheelchair. No matter what airport they go to after leaving Vietnam, there will likely be many other Vietnamese transiting with them. My wife and I are always happy to assist other passengers who seem lost or don't speak English. There will be plenty of other passengers who will be happy to assist your parents, too. 🙂 Jason
  11. Which airports are they going through?
  12. I was just searching for this exact topic as my wife will be eligible this summer. Thanks for asking and best of luck to you! - Jason
  13. For some family on both sides we just put name, relationship, and then “unknown” for contact info. - Jason
  14. JasonGG

    Heading Home

    Good luck to you and your family! - Jason
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