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  1. We talked about my I-751. The IO had a scanned copy available to her. She just confirmed that we were still married and living together, and after the naturalization interview she said everything looks good but my A-file needs to be shipped over from the service center (LIN) to my local office before they can approve my cases. She did say that barring anything else coming up she everything looked good for approval. You don't necessarily need an interview for I-751 at all so I can't tell if it was a combo interview or my interview was waived by the IO. Definitely ask other people at your location and make your decision! If you get a same day path, traveling back right away might be complicated. My state doesn't allow for it but I'm not sure about CT.
  2. The issue is that individual experiences vary so much that it is really difficult to give you a concrete answer other than to prepare for every situation. I had my N400 interview last Friday, with a pending I-751. My husband came along with me. The IO didn't need him to come inside for the interview so he just waited in the USCIS lobby. Before the interview I prepared an updated binder for all the new stuff since filing for citizenship: 2022 taxes, updated insurance, current bank statements, recent vet bills. However, we had submitted a pretty large binder for both I-751 and N-400, so she said she didn't need any more documentation from us. So all in all if my husband hadn't taken a day off work I think I would have been absolutely fine, though we did enjoy a really nice sushi lunch together post-interview and day home. On the other hand, you read stories about IOs wanting to interview spouses or refusing to proceed if both partners aren't there. I'd probably play it safe and have your wife attend if at all possible.
  3. I think this is an issue for anyone with their I-751 at LIN. At my N-400 interview yesterday in Minneapolis my IO said it's taking anywhere from 2-6 weeks after the interview to get the A-files from Nebraska, and then it takes up to a week for the local office to do a review, but (at least in my office) they will approve them together. Hopefully you'll hear in the next few days.
  4. Just had the interview this morning. The IO didn't need my spouse to join so he waited in the lobby area. Very comfortable and straightforward interview. IO wanted to see my green card, passport and state ID, and then after that did the civics test, then had to read "What do we pay the government?" and write "We pay taxes." (long sentence, right? :P) She ran through the eligibility questions and then said that the I-751 looks good, but she cannot approve either petition until my A-file comes in (so same situation as @Vpanda85). IO was great, very nice and it was a very comfortable interview. I took some additional documentation along (2022 taxes, W2s, current shared insurance) but she said she didn't need anything else. Apparently they have a single naturalization ceremony every month, so depending on when my A-file gets there I will be scheduled either in April or in May. Questions: - one promise you make when you become a US citizen - one state that borders Canada - who vetoes bills - what happened at the Constitutional Convention - who is the current Vice President - what are the two major parties currently in the US? It literally took just under twenty minutes. Hoping to hear from them soon!
  5. I am also printing them out and taking them with me. Interview tomorrow morning!
  6. I have ROC pending (Filed Sept 2021) and an N400 interview on March 10. I'll let you know how it goes, but at the moment my husband is going along with me and we're preparing for a combo interview.
  7. I just got my notice too! Interview on March 10. Doesn't say anything about I751 but I'll take my husband along, really hoping they get adjudicated together! Time to update my binder and get ready!
  8. I have very similar PDs though my I-751 is at the Nebraska Service Center, and I filed my N400 online. Haven't heard anything other than biometrics taken for both cases. Hoping for some movement soon!
  9. It's not hard, especially if you're still married. It's basically a repeat of the evidence of bonafide marriage you sent in for AOS.
  10. Congratulations to both of you! My pd is at the end of September 2022 so hoping for an update soon!
  11. When travelling internationally or near the border I do carry the original letter + gc, but otherwise I only carry a photocopy of the letter. I usually just use my driver's license within the country, the only time I've needed to show my GC + letter in the US was to renew my license.
  12. I wouldn't worry about it, no updates on my I-751 since I got my biometrics notice last October. Some FOs are just going much faster than others.
  13. Mine also went down by a month, but I think they are doing this for everybody regardless of FO.
  14. One of the questions on the N-400 asks if you've ever been cited by law enforcement. There's a space to provide information about your case. I would definitely keep all evidence showing that you have paid your fine and take it with you to the interview!
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