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  1. So nice to see so many other same sex couples here! My husband and I are planning our first trip together to India, so he gets to meet my family.
  2. I had 2 F-1s (undergrad/grad school) and a B1/B2 in two passports; for my AOS I only provided my most recent F-1 and the passport it was in. However, at the interview the IO did ask to see both I-20s. I also provided my most recent I-94 (though I hadn't left the US since starting grad school). For the I-864 my spouse sent his past few tax returns in; we provided a joint one at the interview.
  3. I did - this is literally what I did as well. Filed Feb 2019, received courtesy letter in April, did the medical in May/June, submitted the I-693 at my interview in Dec. if you do your medical after submitting the I-485, it is good for two years as long as it is in a sealed envelope. OP's I-693 is good till April/May 2021, they do not need to do the medical again.
  4. You do not need to take the completed forms, but it would be a very good idea to go through them again, and carefully note what has changed as the IO will update the form at the interview. You should take all the evidence you submitted with the forms, including new evidence since the date of submission.
  5. Since you did not submit the I-693 with your AOS package, it is valid for two years from the date the physician signed it. Just give them the sealed envelope at your interview, you will be fine. @Donald120383 - The 60 day period comes in to play if you do the medical before submitting the package to USCIS.
  6. Exciting news! Ours was about 10 months, but there was an address change (and USCIS field office change) in between. Glad they are speeding up!
  7. If your start date won't be pushed beyond the 13th, not much you can do about it now. I can only say from my sample size of 1, but with the new year holiday and such, there may simply not have been enough time for you to get an approval notice in the mail. It's only been three working days. Hopefully you have informed delivery and would know if you missed a notice in the mail. There's an obvious disconnect somewhere in USCIS between things mailed out and status updates visible to reps online, so quite frankly I'd take everything you hear from the folks on the phone with a grain of salt. I really hope it works out for you! At least you know you're a good candidate for future applications!
  8. From a university perspective, talk to your PI right away - they may need time to formulate some kind of plan. What if you had a baby/medical condition that caused you to leave for a few months? Surely they have some kind of mechanism in place to ensure that they can keep their funding stream for a few months. I think beyond that you will be fine, it is just very important that the letter says the job will remain open for you. You could also point out (if you do) that you use your position for health insurance and retirement benefits. All the best, let us know how it goes!
  9. @maisfree, here is a slightly more comprehensive timeline of what I did. Just for context, I filed on 02/12/19 and had a job offer starting 08/05/19. When I put my AOS paperwork in, the estimate was that I'd get it in 4 months. By the end of may, the estimate had gone to about 6 months. 05/29/19 - Called USCIS to request an expedite. The lady put a request in, I got a number, but there was no follow up email. 06/10/19 - Called USCIS to follow up. Apparently there was an error inputting the request, so the person on the phone put a new request in. 06/14/19 - Get email requesting evidence of severe financial loss. This was a Friday afternoon, so I waited till Monday morning to fax evidence to them. 06/17/19 - Faxed a package containing: (1) cover letter with all relevant details (2) email from USCIS (3) Job offer letter (4) background check from employer. (yours will differ) 06/22/19 - Get an approval letter in the mail. 06/24/19 - EAD arrived in the mail. I'd suggest you get a letter from your PI stating that the job is going to remain open and be held for you until your immigration paperwork comes through, rather than anything about research productivity going down, as the former is more relevant to your request. I work in a research lab as well. Just a non-immigration related warning: at my institution, there is a total ban on volunteers subsequently getting paid to do the same/similar work. This is to prevent labs from taking advantage of people who want to work there, but also means that if you were to continue working voluntarily after the termination of your employment, it would be very hard to re-employ you after the paperwork comes through. Make sure you have a conversation with HR about what you can/can't do if there is a gap in your employment to prevent issues down the road!
  10. Granted, it has been about 6 months since I expedited my EAD, so they may have become stricter in the meantime, but it was generally a fairly easy process once you actually get email asking you to send evidence. The entire process took me about a month though, so I suggest you request the expedite ASAP. You must be very clear on the phone that you are applying based on severe financial loss to yourself and your spouse. If you don't get the email within 5-7 days, make sure you follow up. As for anything else, I personally didn't send them a sob story or extenuating circumstances (though I did say that it was a very good career opportunity) just the offer letter and background check.
  11. From when I expedited my EAD - I never received any confirmation that they received my documentation, but about a week or so later I got an approval letter in the mail. I suggest you respond to the new letter asking for evidence, and then just wait for at least two weeks. Do not send documents multiple times as that may lead to confusion. The expedite process itself takes about 2-3 weeks after you fax your information.
  12. For what it's worth, as purely anecdotal data from an Indian (in a same-sex marriage, though not relevant to the rest of this post btw!) - tourist visas are not THAT hard to get, especially if you have a history of travel abroad. If this is your SO's first time travelling abroad and you are worried about rejection, you could try meeting in India or a third country (Singapore/South Africa are both fairly easy for Indians to go to, again this is anecdotal).
  13. You have a few options if she is on an F-1: - she will get a year of OPT (and up to two additional years if she is getting a STEM degree) with her student visa. If she wants to take advantage of this, she should start looking for a job in her field in Texas NOW. Her school's international office will let her know what the deadlines and such are. You can get married and adjust status while she is on her student visa. - If working right away is not a huge concern, then the two of you could just marry and file to adjust status within 60 days of her graduation date. As soon as USCIS receives the I-485 paperwork (look at the guide on this site), she will be in a period of "authorized stay" despite her visa expiring. Along with the application for permanent residency, she can file for employment authorization and a travel document. While this will mean a few months of unemployment while she waits for the documentation to come through, this will buy her some more time to find a job. Visa overstay is forgiven for the spouse of a US citizen, but it would be good to avoid it if at all possible. Marrying by itself provides no benefits - you must file the paperwork. You should look at the forms and such and begin gathering documents asap. The approximate timeframe depends on where you live - you can look up processing times for I-485 at the USCIS office closest to where you will be. She should get her employment authorization in about 6 months, but if she gets a job offer before her EAD comes she can request an expedite. There is also the option of her going home and applying from there, but that is going to be much slower and unnecessary in your case.
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