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  1. Some people send quarterly statements. I sent in all our statements from our AoS interview till the I-751 filing month. It was a LOT of paper. I believe the instructions actually say to send evidence from the beginning of the marriage to the date of filing.
  2. I agree with @Crazy Cat. if you cancelled the money order it will be rejected for sure. If you haven't then you may want to wait a week or so to check if it does get accepted. It probably won't but a search of the forums shows that some people have had the case accepted: I don't think you need to wait for a rejection notice to refile, though.
  3. I wouldn't worry too much. Just reassemble another package and have it ready to go ASAP. Either this package will be accepted or rejected, and if rejected you will be ready to refile right away. Your naturalization window stays the same if that's what you're planning to do so you don't even lose any time. I paid using a regular check, I think that is the easiest way.
  4. I work as a researcher and we regularly (especially in the zoom age!) have research seminars and conferences where people from all around the world present. We don't do any paperwork for these, they are just calls. If you are paying him an honorarium then your institution needs to withhold tax etc, but otherwise you will have zero issues. Even for in-person conferences, people presenting research usually only have B1/B2 visas.
  5. Granted this was two years ago at this point, but the first time I requested an expedite they never got back to me, so I requested it again after about two weeks. I think it took about 4 days to get the email with instructions on what to send and where to fax the information. Apparently there was an error with the first request. If it's been six weeks, I'd probably try a new request.
  6. Will there be a new spreadsheet? Looks like someone is deleting the data. Maybe everyone should freeze their row from now on. Thanks for taking the initiative on this Joyoussinger!
  7. Came home after another trip, only to find.... a third NOA1 in my mailbox! Exactly identical to the first two. I really hope that this is just an amusing mistake because USCIS doesn't trust our recordkeeping abilities. Fingers crossed that it's smooth sailing here on out!
  8. No biometrics or anything, but I got a second NOA in the mail today, exactly identical to the one I got yesterday. Thanks for sending an extra copy USCIS!
  9. Just received the NOA today; it was dated 9/22 with a notice date of 9/28. The notice did say that status was extended for 24 months. Now to wait and see if we have to do biometrics or not!
  10. Our payment was deducted from the bank this morning, hoping to get the NOA soon. Out of pure curiosity, does anyone have any idea how your service center is selected? Is it totally random, or is it something USCIS doesn't share with the general public?
  11. Just got a text saying the case was received. Looks like we're at the Nebraska Service Center.
  12. Just sent out our finished application this morning! Nothing like going to the UPS store at 7:30AM. I'm feeling massively relieved to have it sent out - now to wait for the NOA!
  13. Getting our package ready to submit in mid-September. Have not missed putting together documents for USCIS! All the best everyone!
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