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  1. How'd the interview go @junkmart? Hope it went well! No immigration related updates, but I got a job offer from someone my PI did some work with. Looks like I'm moving which makes me very nervous about getting notices etc!
  2. I am also part of a same-sex couple. We didn't actually tell anyone we were getting married, other than my partner's twin; it was a rough time as his mother had passed away and his father is very distrustful about the institution of marriage in general (bit of a conspiracy theorist...). We also couldn't really afford to have a nice ceremony, so while we may have one later, we essentially both ducked out of work at lunch, got married, and went back. While the family is very accepting now, when I submitted the paperwork I had no photos of the court ceremony itself, and did not feel the need to include any affidavits. We have not received an RFE or anything, so I think you will be absolutely fine. I am pretty certain that you could use friends/colleagues as references for USCIS. They will almost certainly have experience dealing with couples where relationships with the family are strained or difficult.
  3. Very nice! When is your interview? No real changes here, other than getting 4(!) "we are still working on your case" emails this last week.
  4. We did not include any of my financial documents (other than the ones showing joint finances), though I have kept records of them just in case.
  5. I'm going to have my interview at Norfolk, though probably not very soon. I just wanted to ask about how far in advance you got a notice for your interview, and if there was any trouble with finding a doctor in the area. I'm also wondering what the medical exam cost - I'd be happy to discuss it over PM if that's more comfortable. Thanks! All the best for those with upcoming interviews.
  6. I have a couple of questions about the I-693, which I did not file with my other papers: - After the medical exam, is the sealed copy valid for 2 years? The doctor's office made a big fuss about needing to get it done within 60 days of filing my paperwork, which seems incorrect. My understanding is that I can get it at any point in the period leading up to my interview, and can take a sealed copy with me to the actual interview provided it was done within the last 2 years. - I will need to get a blood TB test (IGRA), correct? The form doesn't reflect this change, but I want to be sure. I am in the process of AoS from an F1 visa, and currently my I-485 says "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview." Based on what I've read, I understand that this isn't indicative of an upcoming interview, as I could receive an interview notice now or 12+ months from now. A couple of weeks ago, I received my I-693 courtesy letter stating that I had to take my packet to my interview and not to mail any documents to the address listed. Sorry if these questions have been answered elsewhere!
  7. I'm a little fascinated by this thread. Just wondering, if this dd happen, is there anyone we could call to verify that they were, in fact, genuine agents? I've never dealt with a police impersonator before, but we've had a 'life insurance' agent ask to see our SSNs (which of course we did not show her).
  8. Mostly animal behavior/evolution - I studied the effects of heavy metals on bird reproduction/parenting, but I've worked on hummingbirds and mosquitoes and plants in the past. Loved it, though all my clothes were full of feathers and poo!
  9. I've lurked on the forums for a bit, but thought I's finally join! I'm from India, went to undergrad and grad school in the US, and met my husband during the process. Currently applying for AoS - all CPT/OPT I could find would mean I had to move and we decided not to do that. So I'm very bored, miss scienc-ing and hoping this goes through smoothly!
  10. I didn't apply for AP (rather foolishly in retrospect, but no trips planned), but in my case the biometrics have been checked for the I485 but not the EAD. I'm guessing that the different service centers deal with them at different times.
  11. This is somewhat unrelated to immigration per se, but I have a couple of trans friends in both my home country and from college in the US, and you'll want to be take into consideration that medical expenses in the US will be much higher and probably a lot less friendly than those in Norway. That's an unfortunate, additional wrinkle to consider before she moves. If your partner works in Norway, she could perhaps enter the diversity visa lottery while you work on sponsorship and income?
  12. I filed in Feb to adjust from F1 to a green card through marriage to a US Citizen. My current status is "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview", which I'm hoping means I don't have to worry about an RFE. Haven't done my I693 yet, but I think I'll wait until my interview is scheduled. Unfortunately, no movement on my EAD. :(
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