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Found 13 results

  1. People like this making it difficult for other Vietnamese to immigrate to US. That's why Vietnam is considered high fraud country and honest Vietnamese people don't have it easy.
  2. So I'm looking for some opinions on how the following may affect a case: Due to to volatility of time it takes for an application to go from being submitted to being issued, my fiancée and I decided to have a courthouse wedding first then the actual ceremony later. We know this is not a problem, as most couple do it this way, but of course that means we have not much to show for when it comes to wedding plans as proof of a bona-fide relationship at the interview. We came up with the maybe not so great idea of stating our plans in our Letters of Intent to marry. So question here, could that be interpreted as the petition being for immigration purposes? As if another way to word it would be "We are doing the courthouse wedding only for the purpose of fulfilling our end of the bargen." Any thoughts??
  3. So basicly as the title had mentioned. I attended the interview with my fiancée where the officer both asked us questions. He was extremely friendly and asked 3 questions to us each. The officer congratulated us both and kept her passport informing us that she will receive her passport back in the mail with the visa. Here is the kicker, they did not ask to see any photos or any evidence of our relationship. Instead they told us to go home. Fast forward to today, she received her passport, but with a blue slip instead. The slip basically asked for the information that we brought with us at the interview but the front counter refused to take, as well as it is NOW asking for the evidence of relationship. I am absolutely livid right now as this is our 2nd attempt. With the difference being I was able to attend the interview this time around and front loaded the visa. Is there a way I can contact an officer directly to get this addressed immediately.
  4. Hello, I reside in Houston, TX. Fort bend county, and today my fiance and I went to our local county clerk to get our marriage certificate. I handed them my US passport along with my Fiance's Vietnam Passport, and they told me that they have to match the order of her name that is on her passport. So on our marriage certificate it shows her name in the following order (Middle Name, First Name, Last Name). Which is wrong. My name is shown in the correct order. They told me it has to be this way and that it can't be changed. I'm worried that we may have complications when we apply for ssn, greencard, us citizenship, buy a house, opening a joint bank account, etc that her name being in the wrong order will give us problems. Could someone please help me with this. I'm not sure if this is a normal thing and it can be somehow changed later and not to worry about it. Or is it something we must look into and get it resolved ASAP to avoid future complications? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Does anybody know if the embassy requires the documents like birth certificate, police clearance, etc, to be translated ? There is not mention about translation on the website.
  6. Vietnamese problem here. On Vietnamese passports and the K-1 visa's, the 'given name' is listed as the middle name then the first name, all as one name. This has been ongoing since April of 2016. The woman at the Social Security Office gave us such a hard time and told us her Marriage Certificate needs to match her visa 'given name'. So we had her marriage certificate's first name changed as her real middle name followed by her first name, and then left her middle name blank. I feel we have made a huge mistake now. Her marriage certificate's 'first name' wont match her AoS forms 'first name'. Because for all the AoS forms we are entering her first and middle name as it is listed on her birth certificate, the same we listed it as her k-1 visa forms. We are filling the AoS forms out now. 1.) Should we change all the AoS forms (G-325a, I-864, I-485, I-765, I-131, G-1145) listing her first name as it appears on the visa and then leaving the middle name blank? But it wont match her old i-129 forms. 2.) Then, should we write in the sections for "other names used" as how her real first and middle names are listed on her birth certificate and i-129 forms? 3.) She already filled out her I-693 as her name as it appears on her birth certificate but with my last name, signed it, and it is in a seal envelope from the doctor (she needed 1 more vaccination shot when she got to the US). If we change the other AoS forms to match her name on her visa then should we just add a supplement form to the outside of the seal envelope explaining what we did? 4.) Anyone here come to the US after April 2016 on a K-1 and have name issues? Am I over thinking this all?
  7. My wife has petitioned her mother to come here on an IR-5 visa. She just received an interview date in early February at the consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. We are trying to make sure she has all of the documents she needs at the interview. We are confused, though, about whether she needs to bring proof of my wife’s (her daughter) citizenship status - i.e., naturalization certificate or US passport. The confusion comes from reading 3 different things in 3 different (official) places. One says to bring ORIGINALS (and copies) of ALL documents uploaded to CEAC (which would include her naturalization certificate). Another official source says to bring proof of status such as “a COPY of naturalization certificate or US passport.” And the checklist that my wife’s mother has to print and bring to the interview doesn’t mention bringing proof of status at all! Obviously, we will have her bring a copy of my wife’s naturalization certificate and passport. But I’m just wondering if we need to risk mailing her official certificate to Vietnam, given how unreliable and slow mail service can be (in our past experience). Anyone know for sure if the petitioner’s official (original) Certificate of Naturalization is needed at the IR-5 interview in Ho Chi Minh City? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. I petition for the K1 and submitted an I-129f form April of 2021 and received the NOA1 later that same month. It's August 2022 and I have yet to receive any NOA2 and when I try calling USCIS the automated system hangs up on me. I submitted a service request online and USCIS sent an email to me stating that a representative will look into the case and get back to me with in 45 days with a notice of action. Has anybody submitted or inquired a service request like I did or is this just another USCIS bluff? Anyways, I mailed my packet to TSC, but I suppose CSC is handling it now, it's very frustrating that I do not get any notice from the USCIS regarding my status and it's almost a year and a half since I petitioned. I can't even talk to a live person in the USCIS to inquire about anything. Is anybody else on the same boat? According to VJ they are already processing the K1 applicants from June 2021 already.... Are there any suggestions that I can do other than to wait?
  9. Hi all, I need to obtain a Vietnamese PCC for my CR-1 Visa as I have been living in Vietnam for the past 3 years. Can this be obtained through an agency? It is much quicker with an agency than doing it in person. Also, should I get type 1 or type 2 PCC for my case? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello! I'm working on the DS-260 for my father-in-law's IR-5 and was wondering about the "ever been arrested" question. He was never arrested in his home country (Vietnam) and his police record came back completely clear. However, several (~3) years ago, while fishing (his former job; he's retired now) he and the whole crew were arrested by Malaysian police and ended up spending about 9 months in jail in Malaysia. The charge was either fishing in Malaysian waters with an expired permit or no permit at all - can't remember exactly (regardless, they always fished exactly where the owner told them to). They were eventually all released when the owner of the fishing boat paid a certain amount of money - a fine, I suppose. I'm not sure exactly how it was all worded, or if there was ever a conviction per se as opposed to just being detained that long, but anyway he got out and went home and retired. I'm assuming I should put all of this, in as much detail as possible? My wife thinks maybe we don't need to since it wasn't in Vietnam, and he probably wouldn't be able to get any kind of records from Malaysia if he needed to. Thoughts? And if fully disclosed, what are the chances a type of arrest/imprisonment like this would hurt his case? Would he be asked to provide some kind of hard(impossible? to obtain records from Malaysia? Thanks for any and all help and advice!
  11. My fiancé had her medical exam and found a very small spot after 3 chest xrays. They require a sputum test for tuberculosis (TB) which will take 8-10 weeks for results. This has been a common requirement in Vietnam with even the slightest spot, even though the vast majority of tests are negative. Her interview appointment with Consulate is scheduled in 1 week. Can anyone provide advice how to proceed? Can she still go to the visa interview without the medical exam results since the sputum test will take so long? Its been a nightmare getting the interview scheduled. Anyone else experienced something Ike this and can share their experience?
  12. Hi. I'm wondering if anyone has heard any news about the US consulate reopening in Ho Chi Minh city or if anyone had any luck getting an interview date in the past couple of months. It has been closed for about 3 months now and really hoping to hear some good news. I'm in the CR-1 category if that matters. Good day all!
  13. I was wondering if anyone has successfully gotten a K1 visa appointment at the Ho Chi Minh consulate this month? I paid the visa fee over a week ago, and I've been checking every day for new appointments every day. But US travel docs always says "No appointments available". How long should I expect to wait for new appointments to open up?
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