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  1. Just throwing this out there... We are waiting for the NVC, everything is submitted(and one document was just resubmitted because of an error) We really wanted to visit the USA again before my wife’s tourist visa expires. We were going to visit family in the USA In September and return in January. The concern is will the NVC really only take 3ish months till the appointment? Meaning is November really a possible date for the Ho Chi Minh Consulate? Because currently Vietnam has closed its boarders to foreigners so my fear is she would need to return to HCM with our baby by herself(or worse yet without the US/VN-baby) Can we request a new location or go through an adjustment of status if she gets approved for her appointment? Thanks for the input.
  2. Hi all, New member, first post here. Once travel restrictions are lifted and K1 interviews resume in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, do you recommend I fly there to be with my Fiance for her interview? I've read mixed experiences and opinions on this. I understand that they may not even allow me to stand next to her for the interview, but maybe it helps our case if the CO knows that I'm physically present? I also read here about a couple that probably would have been denied if the USC did not "save" the interview. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I need to provide a translated Vietnamese Birth Certificate as part of my AOS filing. Does anyone have a sample I could look at? Would like to do it myself. Thanks in advance.
  4. We were able to get our case expedited and we have an interview scheduled in hcmc, Vietnam next week (hallelujah). Assuming the interview goes well and we are approved, how long does it take to get the physical stamp? how much is the stamping fee?
  5. Short version: our baby was born after submitting all but the police report to the nvc.(she will get a usa passport by CRBA) The police report will come in a day or two for my wife. Do i and my joint sponsor both need to submit another i-864 to adjust household count? Or can i just write a note/addendum to send along with the package(we still earn too little and my joint sponsor earns well above the poverty level) Long version: My wife was pregnant and we started the nvc submissions. I did the i-864 and my father submitted a joint sponsors i-864 which he has a very nice job and can easily clear the poverty level. We submitted everything except the police report for my wife. That was delayed. It is due to be given to her in a few days. meanwhile our daughter was born abroad. We plan on taking her to get a passport with a CRBA in a month or so when they are up to traveling. Both are healthy but resting. now when her police report comes in do we (my dad and i)need to submit another i-864? We can’t recall or cancel the one we sent already, but we can still add, or can i just write a note to explain seeing how i still don’t earn quite enough and my father still earns plenty so the end result is the same? thanks everyone
  6. I am confused about the I-864. I am filling online withe CEAC/NVC for the next step. I am doing the I-864 form, but I do not earn enough, so My dad offered to help. Does he also file a I-864 or I-864ez. Is he a joint sponser? Because we will be staying at his house initially and I am still registered at his house while I am teaching overseas, should he file an I-864a as household member?(or not because I am part of his household not the other way round) Also, family size, my wife is due to give birth in a few weeks so do I log it as 3 or 2? By the time we interview it will definitely be 3 I forgot to add, we will be getting and american passports and Child Birth Abroad for our child. She will not require any immigration paperwork. Any help would be nice, I have not found much for the online application process. Thanks
  7. Hi all, NVC approved my AOS and IV package for CR1 class immigrant visa for Spouse of US Citizen. It has been 2 weeks already and still no appointment yet. I called them and they said they can not give me an estimated time for interview scheduling. Anyone here can give me an estimated time for their CR1 case at US Consulate in HCMC ? Thank you
  8. Hey all, I thought I'd introduce myself to Vietnam forum members here. I live and work in NYC on LPR and will become eligible to apply for naturalization in 2 months 👊. I met my wife and got married last year in Vietnam. It took like forever to get the I-130 application filed (long story short... went through two awful lawyers in succession, 1 in NYC and 1 in Ho Chi Minh, before I took matters into my own hands.). It took a long time obtain evidence of joint finances as we didn't have any joint ownership of property or live together (I work in NYC and she lives in Ho Chi Minh.. also she is not working as we decided it does not make sense for her to work in Ho Chi Minh for next to nothing as I make more than enough for both of us and enough to convince to the USCIS/NVC/Consulate that she will not become a public charge. Finally managed to open a joint account in NYC with HSBC through HSBC Advance International Banking Center and filed a joint tax return in US for 2018 (getting an ITIN for that also was not easy as most CPAs were unable to do so when my wife is not in US). Anyways, we finally submitted our I-130 in August 2019. We have been visiting each other every 4 months or so, both in Vietnam and other countries in Asia (China, South Korea, Japan). From my research, it seems like it will be an exercise in futility for her to apply for a US tourist visa to come and stay with me for a month or so as it will be hard for her to show ties to Vietnam (no property ownership and no employment). So next step while waiting for I-130 approval is to see what I can do to get her tourist visas to Schengen countries or perhaps Canada. If she can visit Toronto, then I can easily work from remote location in Toronto for my NYC gig and stay with her. Or perhaps, ask my employer to see if they would allow me to work remotely from somewhere in asia for a month or so every so often. I'd love to hear from other folks in this forum. DT
  9. Hello all, I just recently submitted the I-129f ( Jan 05, 2020) and got the NOA1 in the mail (Jan 14th, 2020). I had a help from a friend of my grandpa that does all the immigration paper works. I was very happy that I got NOA1. Now the waiting game begins. I am planning to go back in May 2020 to do a quick visit my fiance for like a week, ( this will be the third visit. First one was back in July 2019, after 4 months of communication, second one was in Dec 2019, it was when i proposed). The third trip, we are planning to do a wedding photo shoot. My questions are 1. Would this wedding photo shoot gonna affect the interview? I read on the forum saying Engagment ceremonies can make it looks " too married" for k1 applications, but this is just a photo shoot. 2. I read on the forum that so many horror stories where many get rejected ever since the Houston scandal. I am not sure about the chances of us getting approved after that. 3. Would it be ideal after we get our NOA2, my fiance can go to one of those services that helps with paperwork to get her schedule for medical exam, appointment and paperworks ready for the interview? A little background about us. I was born in Vietnam, moved to US when i was 12. Met my fiance through a mutual friend of ours back in late Feb 2019. I am 25 M and my fiance is 22 FM. Thank you.
  10. So all, I have a question for those of you here who keep their ears to the ground. I have been married legally for about 1 1/2 yrs living in Vietnam. I am an US citizen. my wife is pregnant and we have a due date in June. I would prefer to have the baby in America for safety sake. my wife has a b1/2 visa and we visited my family for 2 weeks for thanksgiving. We also delivered my packet for cr-1 to my sister to mail as soon as i send her the last pieces(time line and emails) my hope was to return to the USA with my wife on her current visa. Have the child and return to Vietnam (hopefully after Thanksgiving if CBP allows) await the interview and celebrate Tet with her family in VN. Does the new stricter rules about ‘birth tourism’ affect me? My child already has a right to a US passport and we plan to complete the cr-1 for my wife all above board. We plan to return to VN just we wanted to try and get an extension to November for Thanksgiving(my family’s reunion day) It gives her relatives a chance to see the baby and for her to celebrate Tet again. i am open to any thoughts or suggestions, thanks sorry for being long winded
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I'm hoping someone can help me. I need to obtain a copy of my Vietnamese birth certificate, and I am having a lot of trouble finding information about how to do this. It seems that a number of people on this forum have been in a similar situation, and I have browsed all 115 pages of the Vietnam forum but nobody seems to have provided the information I need. Some background: I am a child of refugees - I was born in Saigon in 1974 and left with my parents in 1976. Most of the official papers were lost or destroyed when my parents left, and I have never held a birth certificate (although it is likely that my parents did register my birth in Saigon). I have lived in the USA my whole life, and I am a naturalized citizen. I really don't have any ties to Vietnam except that it happens to be where I was born. I have never needed my Vietnam birth certificate before as I hold a US passport. However... I am now married to a New Zealand citizen and have recently moved to New Zealand. I am currently on a 2 year working visa, and am eligible for residency by marriage. However, the New Zealand immigration department requires either a certified copy of my original birth certificate, or evidence that my birth certificate is 'unobtainable' (which means I would need a formal declaration from Vietnamese authorities that they cannot locate my birth record). The NZ immigration website notes "just because a birth certificate is hard to obtain does not mean it is unobtainable". So - there's no easy way around this: I need to have contact the relevant authorities in Vietnam (and by that I mean I need actual 2-way communication) either to get a copy of my birth certificate or a statement that they can't find it. So here are my questions: 1) Is it even possible to obtain a copy of a birth certificate from overseas? One post on this forum from 'Capri' (04 February 2013 - 08:54 PM) states "Non-Residents: ... Documents cannot be requested through a Vietnamese diplomatic mission, nor can a request be sent to a local office from overseas". Is this true? Is the only way to get a copy of my birth certificate to actually travel to Vietnam?? That seems crazy! 2) Assuming a request *can* be made from overseas, who should it be sent to? I have sent numerous emails (in English) requesting help to contacts in the Ministry of Justice in HCMC and Hanoi (found from the website), but I have never had a reply. 3) Some people suggest that I should instead contact the People's Committee, but how do I do this? Are contact details listed anywhere? Do I need to trace down which exact district to send to, or should I send to the committee for District 1? Can I just send an email? Would they accept a request in English or do I have to translate it into Vietnamese? This is the kind of practical detail that nobody ever tells you. 4) Is there any way to find out exactly what I have to send to the Vietnamese authorities? There are no instructions anywhere online that I've been able to find. I assume I have to submit proof of identity, details of birth and parentage, an application form and processing fee, but nowhere is it listed what kind of information is required. So - that's my situation. Once I actually can communicate with someone then I face the next problem(s) (father deceased, mother has had stroke and memory not great, not sure what names any of us were actually registered under, which district in Saigon I was born in, etc), but the first step is to actually get someone to respond to my correspondence. Can anybody help? Any advice would be very gratefully received.
  12. My wife was just granted a B2 visa to visit for Thanksgiving. We both live in Vietnam and teach English right now. I am a us citizen. We can not find any clear explanation for what will happen when she arrives at the JFK airport. We plan to see NYC then go to Boston to visit my family for the holiday. This is my family’s biggest holiday my siblings all return to my father’s house so my wife is excited to meet all of them. We will file our CR1 soon in hopes it will finish sometime after the current school year. Does she need to bring any evidence to the USA port of entry? Like our marriage certificate or photos of her and my dad and sister who came for the wedding here in Vietnam? Should we bring our work contacts and a letter from our employer granting us 2 weeks vacation? Will the fact we haven’t yet applied for immigration but were planning to during this 2 month period waiting for November make us look sneaky and not just slow to file? I am kinda nervous we will travel together she will separate from me at the CBP line and will get stuck without being able to contact me. Any help to alleviate nerves would be good. Thank you, this website has been a great resource for is to compile our CR1 paperwork.
  13. Hello, I am new to the forum and i just wanted to ask a couple of questions about k1-process and if i am a bit too soon to file the application I met my girlfriend through her family, a niece of hers. We started talking early of March 2019 and i met her in person in Can Tho, Vietnam in July 2019. I stayed there for 2 weeks. I fell in love with her and decided to marry her. Question i have for you all is is it too soon for me to start the paper work process in September 2019 after 6 months of dating her and only met her once. I am flying back there again in December, meeting her parents and all. In addition, i have met her family here in states, especially her uncle. He told me he will represents her family as he is the oldest in the family. He approves of me and her. He also met my family as well. Another thing is she has applied for Student visa in the US but has failed. Would this be a red flag for her in the application? You know like oh the girl failed the student visa, now she will do everything she can to go here, like finding a fake husband and all. I love her very much and i know she does love me as well. I am planning to propose in December, which she is aware of ( she has to since i was too scared of picking up a wrong ring size).
  14. Hello, I just want to ask you guys about K1 visa. My fiance applied for student visa in Vietnam like a year ago and she was denied. Now we met through a mutual friend and i am thinking of doing k1. Would the rejection to student visa impact her chances of approval? Would CR1 be a better path here?
  15. Hello all, Can you guys give me a run down on the total cost of k1 visa, from starting the application to medical exam, scheduling an interview, etc? I just want to know so i can plan ahead. Thanks.
  16. Hi all, Long time listener, first time caller here(!). My fiance and I live are applying for our K1 in Ho Chi Minh City. I am the beneficiary (UK). We are both English teachers living in Vietnam. We have sent off the DS-160 and are finalising documents for the interview. I have two questions surrounding the Affidavit of Support (my fiance's mother has agreed to co-sponsor, given that my fiance lives in Vietnam with me, does not have a job in the US, nor a homeowner etc.) 1) Does the co-sponsor (my fiance's mother) fill out a I-134 or I-864? My understanding is that I-864 was just for AOS further down the line, but we don't want to be tripped up at interview time. 2) Does my fiance also have to fill out a I-134 even though she does not clear the requirements? (And therefore also submit W-2s, IRS returns etc) Or can you just do it with one sponsor? many thanks for your support.
  17. Hi, I'm in the US and my fiance is in Viet Nam. We just sent in our I-129F packet last week. During this time of waiting - would it be ok if my fiance goes to Australia to work through a work Visa? Or would that be a detriment to our K-1 process? In the meantime I'm planning on 2 trips to Vietnam to spend more time with her and her family in their hometown (she will also fly back to meet up with me) Hopefully someone has some experience with that kind of situation. Thanks!
  18. Hello all, I am a Native USC, I married my wife from Vietnam in September 2018 after knowing her for a year and a half. We had a wedding ceremony in the Church in February 2019 in line with the holiday of the Lunar New year. I am working on the I-130. I have been living in Vietnam(with her parents) since august 2018. I have been working as an ESL teacher at the same company as my wife(she is a translator, she was hired about 2 month after me as an opening appeared). I visited Vietnam twice prior to this once with a mutual friend(her cousin) which is how I met her, and a second time in which I came to ask her parents for permission to date their daughter. The third time I intended to get the marriage certificate from the Vietnam government then return and wait for the Church ceremony in February, but I was offered a job and an extra room and stayed. We are having trouble finding hard evidence of a bona fide marriage. -we recently created a joint banking account here in Vietnam. -I should have receipts of three trips to VN(plus one return from a week vacation to visit my family at thanksgiving) -marriage certificate Unfortunately that is about it as far as hard evidence. -we have a history of nearly daily email correspondence from when I first met her and tutored her English until we decided to date and then get married. -we have no record of our web calls because the iPhone does not save the Wi-Fi calls in a orderly manner. -a neighbor of her parents just moved out and a gave us a hastily written contract to rent their house, but the date is wrong and their are no house numbers so legally I am moving from the same general location to the same general location. -My Dad and Sister were present for the wedding, and we have a variety of photos(mostly selfies) from the wedding and 2 times I have visited prior. -We have 4 letters about our relationship 2 from our dads, and two from employers. One, my former USA employer who knew me and were present for the back and forth debates and discussion about getting married and eventually quitting to move. Finally, a letter from my current employer a USC who directs the English center where I work, who was present for the discussions from the beginning as I was trying to secure the VN marriage certificate and arrange for the Church wedding here. -about 30 photos from when I first came, to the wedding, and then to our end of school year vacation to Da Lat. I am worried this is not enough hard evidence. Their is a lot of fuzzy area in Vietnam as far as no street addresses or records or receipts for dinners etc. Just the legal document of my tourist visas, work visa, bank account and two marriage certificates the binding one from the government and for my pastor in the usa from he the Church here in VN. We have been staying at her parents house prior to moving next door this month. I have read a lot of the guides and info here, and I am worried this is not compelling enough to tell our story convincingly. Any help or advice is appreciated finally I want my sister to act as my USA counterpart for mailing and preparing. I will send the partial packet to her and she will grab the final evidence(print photos and copy plane tickets) I listed her as the preparer of my I-130 was that correct?
  19. MIL had her interview on Friday and she was approved. I must admit I was surprised since I was expecting to the direct opposite. No property No Business Recent Widow No employment Small Bank Account Foreign travel limited to SEA, HK, and Taiwan. Wife’s family hired an agent in HCMC to do all the leg work. Agent requested I submit paperwork to sponsor.(I134 and supporting docs) I did this to keep the peace but I know that you can’t sponsor tourist visa. Any rate it was a good result but I am totally shocked. Hence the MIL will be over for a month in July.
  20. Anyone booked domestic flights for their beneficiary while adjusting status? The name order in the US passport is Last, First Middle. The name order in the Vietnam passport is Last, Middle First. If I'm booking a flight on Alaska Airlines with the form below.. what should I fill out for the Legal first name and Middle name? Should I write it as: A: Legal first name: First Middle name: Middle B: Legal first name: Middle Middle name: First 😄 Legal first name: Middle First Middle name: Thanks!
  21. Hi guys, My fiancé and I met in Vietnam where we lived together for almost a year, but we were on travel visas, so we had to go for mandatory trips every 3 months. I know that we need to provide the police clearance certificate for places where we have stayed at for more than 6 months, but we weren't technically living in Vietnam, so we would not be able to apply for a police clearance, as far as I know. Would this create a problem? It's important for us to add Vietnam in the application because that's where most of our relationship happened. If we stated that we traveled together, instead of lived together at a physical address, in Vietnam, would that be a possible way out? I appreciate any thoughts you have!
  22. Hi, I am currently filing a petition I-130 for my parents. It's probably another 2-3 months out until they make a decision and then will send to NVC. Can anyone let me know about the interview in Vietnam, whether they will let me or my sister (not on the petition application) in the consulate for the interview? Or it has to be only the person on the application can be allow in the consulate. Please let me know because I do need it to plan a few things in Vietnam.
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