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  1. Hello everyone, My wife is from Vietnam and we did get married and we filed for AOS and we are currently waiting for our interview. I'm wondering what is the best way to bring my mother in law to the states? Her health keeps getting more worse and health care in Vietnam is not the best. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello everyone, My wife came to the states with a k1 visa and we got married in October. We are planning to do a ceremony and for our friends and family and we have chosen September 12 2020 to do it. I'm wondering what are the chances her family will be able to get a visitor's visa? Her mother is unemployed and is a farmer and lives off that. As far as her older brother goes he does have a house and his own business along with a wife and kids. If they were to come they would only be coming for 2 weeks and then return back to Vietnam.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm in the process of doing k1 visa. We are currently waiting for her to finish treatment for tb and am slowly starting to plan our wedding. I'm wondering what are the possibilities of having her family from Vietnam being able to attend the wedding? A little concerned because her family does not have that much money and I would be paying for their trip to the wedding along with boarding and stuff. Would it be better off to just go back to Vietnam after she gets her green card to do a wedding for her family?
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