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  1. I am just noticing that when you receive the letter from USCIS you have the appointment just a few days after, like a week or less. Such a short notice
  2. Correct. I would make no sense if they make you go twice!! Hopefully not. Let us know
  3. In that case then go ahead and apply for AoS if you want to live here.
  4. No, I considered to do it, and I even asked here in VJ but finally I just mailed it together with the I-485, etc etc Try to find post where they discuss about the online option, it seems really convenient.
  5. True, right now you do not need to include the I-944. I paste here from my cover letter all that I included in the form I-130, and this include the I-130A as well. Let's say that I-130A is part of the I-130. I did not get any RFE! I hope this helps 1. Form G-1450 Authorization for Credit Card Transactions, Payment in the Amount of $535 2. Form G-1145 E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance 3. Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative, signed and dated by Petitioner 4. Form I-130A Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary, signed and dated by Beneficiary 5. Two (2) passport-type photos of Petitioner 6. Two (2) passport-type photos of Beneficiary 7. Marriage Certificate 8. Copy of Petitioner’s Passport (Biographical Page) 9. Copy of Petitioner’s Birth Certificate 10. Copy of Beneficiary’s Passport (Biographical Page) 11. Copy of Beneficiary’s Birth Certificate and certified English translation 12. Envelope with Evidence of Bona Fide Marriage
  6. Are you adjusting status by marrying a US citizen? Well, as they said, you lose your B1/B2 visa at the time your AoS package gets accepted and you received your NOA1. From this time, you cannot leave the country until you receive your travel permit (I-131 form for advance parole). You could not leave the country and use your tourist visa. Are you already in the US? Be careful because if you are outside the US and try to come in a tourist visa with the intention to adjust status, that's fraud. But if you entered in a tourist visa without intention to stay and during your stay you decided to get married to a US citizen and decide to apply for adjustment of status, then that is ok and they should not invalidate your case in the interview if you show a legitimate and boda-fide marriage. I hope this helps a little
  7. Well I don't exactly know the impact of moving to another state but you can change the address pretty easily in the official USCIS website. Plus people are moving constantly so it's something that is normal and they consider it. I will try not to move though if it's not strictly necessary but anyway, do what you think is best for you and your family, Good luck!
  8. I'd say that you should receive your letter for biometric appointments soon! But this depend on your location. Where are you? Did you find out if you ASC is open and since when? Also I advice that you find a thread in VJ with other users who filed in May so you can have an idea depending on what they say.
  9. Mmm, ok, you can file concurrently I-130 with I-485, by doing that you do not have to pay the fees for the travel permit (I-131) and the work permit (I-765) You have to options: 1) You can send all together in one big envelope, but separating every application, like the I-130, then the I-485 with the I-864 and I-944 if needed, then the I-131 and I-765. 2) You file I-130 online, then you get a NOA form I-797 that you must attach to the package with the I-485 and all that. I just mailed both together, I-130 with my AoS application (I-485). I hope it's clear. You can ask otherwise, but anyway there are a lot of threads and guides in VJ where this is explained
  10. Yes, it is considered concurrent filing but for that you must attach the I-797 that you receive when you submit the I-130 online.
  11. Yep, you can do the medical exam later, in it's even advisable since they are having delays with COVID-19. You do not want to pay twice if the first medical exam expires at the time of the interview. You'll receive a courtesy letter explaining this option. I did not submit my medical exam with the original package and I received this letter last week (I'm also adjusting from a F-1 visa so congratulations!) Good luck
  12. Appointments are getting there! I was charged the same day so hopefully I'm receiving my letter soon
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