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  1. I'm aware of the difference between the 2 visas. Either is ok. I just gave birth 4 months ago and was hoping my mom could visit or live with us. I was just weighing which one would be faster and probably easier for her to be with us as soon as possible. and yes, i'm aware of all the backlogs and processing could take longer due to the pandemic. Hi, what is DQd?
  2. Hello fellow Vjers, I am a US citizen and wanted to bring my mom from the Philippines. I'm debating whether we should apply for immigrant or non-immigrant visa. I'm considering the timeline of the processing. We want her to be here in the US as soon as possible. I'm hoping to hear from a fellow IR5 petitioner whose visa application has been recently approved. I'm wondering about how long the process has been from your application to approval. I read that Visa interview timeline is 500+ days from application for non-immigrant visa.
  3. This is what i was thinking of doing just so atleast she has an ID already and not worry about it later. And should we process an SSN before passport or the other way around?
  4. Thank you. I can definitely apply for her passport now. To make things more complicated though... ...I had my daughter out of wedlock. Now I'm married, and would like my daughter to use my husband's name. She is still using my maiden name. Is it possible for her to use my married name when we apply for passport or would that be a different process. Just checking our options.
  5. Hello, My daughter is now 1 week here in the US. She entered with an IR2 visa. Now i'm not sure what to do or process next. I'm a US Citizen, my daughter is 13 years old. I'm not sure if USCIS will be mailing us her green card or a citizenship certificate or shall we apply for it. Please advise as I'm not too sure which guide to read as there's several contradicting guides in the USCIS website. Links to read is greatly appreciated.
  6. Another option is, I can apply an immigrant visa for my mom but again how long could the process take if I process now.
  7. By the way what is an emergency tourist visa? What instances?
  8. Also I need someone to fly with my minor daughter. I would do it if im not pregnant. Though she can fly unassisted, We don’t want to take the risk. My husband can’t fly as his Philippine passport expired and he doesn't have US passport yet as his citizenship is still pending.
  9. I'm quite torn if I should apply or not. I just read about criteria to request expedite interview and assisting relative's pregnancy is not one of them. Another reason though is I need someone to travel with my daughter before her visa expires.
  10. It’s the visitor visa or b1/b2 visa
  11. Update: multiple entry visa instead of tourist visa
  12. I’m a US citizen and i was wondering how long is the processing of a tourist visa now in the Philippines. My mom is in the philippines and i would like to apply her a tourist visa hoping it will be approved before august on my pregnancy due date.
  13. Hello, I have couple of questions and I hope you guys can help. My daughter is schedule for her interview in the US Embassy in the Philippines on February 19. I won't be there to accompany her but my mom would be there. Would that be a problem? On the letter it states "No other applicants and no petitioners will be allowed entry". That means she'll be alone inside the embassy. How long does it usually take? What could possibly be the interview questions? I read she has to hand carry all documents in original form. I filed online and of course I have the original supplemental documents such as my naturalization certificate and passport. Would a colored photocopy suffice? How long did the Medical examination took for both day 1 and 2? Is my mom considered as a legal guardian to accompany my daughter in her medical? Thank you all in advance.
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