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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all! I am a US citizen residing in Russia for several years now. I still have a driver’s license, credit cards, my husband has a home in the US. I want to file for my married sister (F4). I plan to return to the US with my sister. Am I eligible to file for a sibling visa F4 while residing abroad? Can my sister come to the US with a tourist visa and then as soon as she enters the country I could file I-130 as well as Adjustment of Status I-485? Can she then stay legally in the US and wait for her GC? Would it be quicker to file for my mother, then she would file for my sister once she becomes a US citizen? Do I indicate my Russian mailing address or the US one on I-130? Can my I-130 be declined because my physical address is abroad? Is the opnline application the quickest route? Thank you for your help!
  2. I (the petitioner) have a few questions related to having a joint sponsor and living abroad with my husband (the immigrant) as we're preparing for the NVC stage. I have studied and worked in Kazakhstan for the past 3.5 years, during which time I met my husband, married, and started the IR-1 process. I think that I have sufficient proof to show that my stay has been temporary (living on a student visa, maintaining U.S. finances, voting, etc.), but that is another topic. My main questions are related to my joint sponsor. I work at my university in Kazakhstan, and my salary is technically enough to meet the minimum income threshold. However, I have no current source of U.S. income that will continue after my move (and my assets are insufficient). Therefore, my father is going to be my joint sponsor. He makes $100,000+ annually, so he certainly qualifies, but I'm not sure about the best way to go about things. My dad's permanent address is the house he owns with my mother in Missouri (where we plan to live), and he is a Missouri resident. However, for the past 2 years he has been employed in California. He rents a place there while travelling back and forth to be with my mom. Will this cause any issues for him as our joint sponsor? My dad hasn't listed me as a dependent in a couple of years (I'm 25), but we will technically be living in his house for a period of time after moving back to the U.S. Would it be better to list him as my co-sponsor and combine our household income (including my mom) since we are going to be living together (though he won't always be physically present)? Thank you all so much for your help! I hope it won't be too long before my husband and I are in the U.S. and I can use my experience to give other folks a hand.
  3. Today my husband (the beneficiary) and I (the petitioner) had our visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, and it didn't go according to plan. We didn't get the visa and we were told that we didn't have enough proof of my domicile in the U.S. and proof that I would definitely be returning there after we get the visa. This is because we have moved to Korea (my husband is from Russia) so we could be together. I got a job as an English teacher here, so we could live together here, but apparently we didn't have enough proof of my domicile. Please help me figure out what kind of proof I could get that would be efficient. I can't get proof that I will have a job when I get back to the U.S. I am only 22 and that would be impossible for me to arrange while I'm in Korea. The same with getting a lease on an apartment or something. What I have compiled so far is this: -Driver's license -proof that I am still under my father's health insurance -proof that I am still under my family's phone plan -a page on my voting registration -my bank accounts (this was already included beforehand) -my contract ending date -letter saying that I'm not going to prolong my contract in Korea after it ends -letter from my parents saying that we can live with them until we find a place to live That's all I got so far. Please tell me if there is anything else I may have that I should include or if you think this will be efficient.
  4. Greetings, I am the petitioner and my wife went to the interview in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago and received a 221 (g) blue slip stating: Proof of your petitioner will establish a permanent residence or domicile in the United States, and she needed a certificate of No Marriage from the Philippines to be mailed directly to the consulate. The (CENOMAR) has been taken care of and someone from the consulate contacted her asking about my proof of domicile. We are planning to move into my parent's house. I have been gone several years but I have maintained a local bank account for the last 4 years, State driver's license, and have a local storage unit with invoices that are all mailed to my parent's address. I just got a quote for car insurance with my home address on the quote and I mailed 80 pounds of personal belongings home thru the HK Post office a few days ago. I have the shipping labels and receipt for the two 20kg parcels. My question is: I sent my father a Rental Deposit Receipt with the security deposit and first month's rent. He signed it and I signed it. Do I or my father need to get a Notary Public for this document? My lease here in HK ends in the middle of January. So I was planning to submit my rental agreement to show expiration, my shipping receipts from the HK post office, drivers license, driving record, my father's Rental Deposit Receipt, Storage Receipts, and 2 emails from recruiters that I replied to about employment and sent my resume (although there is no job offer). My 2nd question is: If for some reason my Rental Deposit Receipt is rejected, will I get another 221 (g)? I am eager to get this submitted as I just received it, but I am nervous it will get rejected. If necessary, I will go home beforehand, but it would be nice if we could go back to the USA together. Any helpful advice, thoughts, or experiences on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  5. My PD is 1998 F3 category now we got a notice to file action. My children aged out but covered by the cspa. They are not included in the ceac so i added them as my derivatives and paid fees. Though ive heard that they’ll get denied i still took chances. One main problem is that my father and mother retired last 2011 and been living here in the philippines since then. They visited my sister in states last 2015,2016 and this year for about a month each. How can we prove his domicile? Does he need to fly there now before we submit his aos and our ds260? He has a property being rented out, a bank account, and receives pension thru his u.s. account. My mom will co-sponsor does she need to be there too? Hope anyone from the philippines will join this thread.
  6. Hi I'm hoping someone would be able to assist. In the summer of 2017 i started talking to my now wife from the UK over facebook. (we met via a comment i made on a news video) We met in person in the sept 2017, she stayed for two weeks. When she returned during xmas 2017 i proposed and my wife chose to stay in the USA so we can marry and begin AOS. I married my now wife, in March 2018. July 2018 rolls through and i'm made redundant, we had no money as we were made broke by bills (a only one working) My wife was 112 days overstayed when i lost my job which is when my father in law advised he would sponsor me for work. Once we got to the UK, my father in law made a confession that he had no means to sponsor me and my wife was unable to meet the visa guidelines to sponsor me. Since then (july 2018) i have been living within the UK at my in laws house with my wife. I have filed taxes for both 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, haven't worked since in the UK. I'm ready to return home to the USA! I've since joined a I-130 page on facebook, and was told i don't have a strong case for intent to domicile or domicile proof? I have a bank account still in the USA which i use for money transfers from my family I am able to provide an employment offer from my cousin who owns his own muffler shop, My mail goes to to my grandpa's house which is were my mom & step dad live; this would be my intended resident upon return to the usa, until i am able to lease a house/flat for myself and my wife. my step dad AND my mom can provide affidavits of support which far exceed the 125% poverty guideline. I've been gone 15 months, but i'm concerned that my petition will not be granted after being advised on facebook that my intent to domicile is not sufficient enough, not even if i return upon receipt of noa2 (which we have been advised as long as i return home upon receipt of noa2 everything should be fine?) I sure do hope there are people who can assist with this!!! I do not mind leaving my wife to go to the USA, as we have spoke about accepting the heartache for the time we have to spend apart. P.s would my wifes green card be permanent as by the time all the paperwork has been filed we would have superceeded the 2 year anniversary of our marriage. Thank you for reading and i hope i get some insight into this. Regards, Mark.
  7. Hi all, I've been out of the states for around 15 months, my last tax return was 2018-2019. I've been told on a facebook i130 page that i don't have a strong enough case to prove domicile, as when i return to the states I will be living with my mom & step dad, before moving into an apartment. I will be getting the next flight home once we receive noa2, and will have an immediate job with my cousin at our family shop, i can provide two affidavits of support, and after two months of being home i will have accomodation for me and my wife. My bank account shows both our names, and i have money going through that account regularly. I'm looking for your opinion and advice regarding my domicile, and whether intent to domicile is accepted anymore? thanks Mark.
  8. I am currently filing out the i-130 to sponsor my wife, i am currently in the UK with her and have been for 15 months. On the online form, it states 'mailing address' which is my mom's house in the states. it then asks if you 'live' at your mailing address, which will b the case when we return. so not sure if i need to answer yes to satisfy the domicile element? Then it asks for your addresses from 5 years ago, would i include my wifes address in the UK? I will be staying here until her visa is approved, so not sure whether to add it, as it wants a end date from me?! please help, i want to get it right!
  9. Hi All, Hows it going? I am currently uploading the Joint Sponsor and Household Member Documents on CEAC. Have uploaded their birth certificates for proof of citizenship and their address in the I864 and i864A is their US address. It's asking for Proof of Domicile for them as well. Do I need to upload their driving license or some other document as proof of Domicile or select Not Available? Thanks eMMo
  10. Hello I am an American citizen CURRENTLY living in Germany with my German wife (we were married earlier this year in Germany) and we have undergone the Green Card process (DCF) for her so we can move to the US. I have begun filing form I-864 (Affidavit of Support) and have seen that one of the main requirements is that I must be Domiciled in the USA. As I had mentioned I am currently living in Germany and have been here for 8 months. Additionally, from January 2016 until August 2018 I was abroad in Australia and New Zealand on a temporary work visa. How can I show proof that I am Domiciled in the US? All I have at the moment is my US passport and social security number, my US bank account that I've had since 2015 (I receive monthly bank statements that show my address in the US, I do not own the home, but the home of my parents where I lived before leaving), and an address (my parents home). Would this be enough or would I need additional evidence to prove that I am Domiciled in the US? Would getting letters from my employer and landlord saying that we are only staying in Germany until my wife's green card is granted be of any help? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hello guys!! I am a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and US. I recently sent out the i 130 petition for my spouse. And received the NOA1 in 23rd Aug. and it has been transferred to the Potomac Service Center. My question is that I have lived in Sri Lanka for almost all my life because my family is there. And hoping to get back to the USA to re-establish domicile and find a job in Pharmaceutical industry because I have Bsc in Microbiology & biotechnology. Well I started working in Sri Lanka last year OCT. I do not make much money to file taxes, my annual income doesn’t even hit the required threshold. Since it is necessary to have tax returns when filing the affidavit of support after the i 130 is approved and if I don’t have tax returns by the time NVC contacts me but have a permanent job in the USA, will they buy it? And what will be the precautions I should take as I’m living abroad.
  12. My wife and daughter are applying for US permanent residence. We live in Mexico. We were advised by a lawyer in San Diego that for all cases in Ciudad Juarez, if the petitioner shows intent to reestablish domicile but is not in fact domiciled in the US at the time of the interview, the visa application is rejected. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks for any replies.
  13. Hi everyone. Some of you may remember that I was living in Algeria with my husband for the past 2 years. I've moved back to the states recently and have established domicile. We are in month 10 of our journey and waiting patiently for our NOA2. (We're at hellishly slow Nebraska.) We have a joint sponsor because I won't have enough established time at my new job. I didn't file taxes though because I wasn't even living in the US. So how do I write a letter stating that? What I mean is, is there a template to use? I've Googled but am getting conflicting information. Thank you in advance for your help!
  14. As proof of domicile, I wrote a letter stating we will establish domicile once we have the permanent resident visas. I noted that I have a driver's license in Callifornia, a car registered in California and active bank accounts. I submitted the letter for both my wife and daughter, the same letter. For my wife's case the letter was accepted and she is awaiting the date for her visa interview. In my daughters case the letter was first accepted than changed to rejected with a message saying 'Please provied proof of domicile" I don't know if I should rework the letter and resubmit or email the NVC to ask why the letter is accepted for one and not the other. But if I do this could they than reject the letter in my wife's case? Thanks for any advice Attached is the letter redacted.pdf
  15. I am an American citizen bringing my British husband over. I have no income and my mother is signing the affidavit of support. I am currently living with my husband in the UK while studying a masters here. Our British address is the one I have registered with USCIS. I can prove domicile at my mother's house, however, through bank statements and car registration. My question is, should my mother fill out the I-864 as a joint sponsor, or the I-864A as a household member?
  16. Hi all, I first posted regarding a k1 visa application needing an immigration attorney, and most of the responses suggested to go the DIY route. So with this, I'd like to ask opinions regarding if whether or not our situation is deemed as complex or not, since we're now considering doing this DIY: Details: - I am a Filipino citizen - My fiancee has a dual citizenship: she's both a US citizen and Filipino citizen - She has lived in the Philippines all her life (and would only visit the US for vacation every so often), but just got hired to work in the US (just about to start work this month, Feb 2019) End goal: I'd like to follow her to the USA via the K1 visa route and then do an AoS after getting married. Considering that she hasn't lived permanently in the USA, will this be a problem during our application? An immigration lawyer we spoke with brought up a concern regarding my fiancee - that she will need to be domiciled first, since she's only starting to live in the US. Any input on this would be appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Details: Myself, American born and raised. Moved to UAE in 2012 to get married, stayed here for 6 years without going back home (husband denied B2 visa for no ties to UAE). No work history here, no tax records, virtually no maintenance of traditional U.S domicile but I didn't have UAE domicile either, temporary residence visa. 1 child born in 2015 in Dubai and given American citizenship at birth and received American Passport. Husband, Palestinian Refugee born and raised in Syria Damascus. Living and working in UAE for 10 years, has not visited Syria since 2011 (before the war). Palestinian Passport Issues: Lack of Domicile Travel Ban Resolves: I ended up gathering a decent amount of domicile worthy evidence but they didn't look at most of our paperwork for the interview. Travel Ban didn't apply to Palestinians born and raised in Syria after all. Questions asked at interview: Who is petitioning you? : My Wife Does your wife work? : No What do you do for work? What is that? : Group Management (goes into detail... * they're impressed) When was the last time you went to Syria? : 2011 How long were you in the Army and what did you do there? : 1 year 8 months, I was an accountant How many years have you been here? : 10 years Have you lived in another country? : Syria Have you gone to Israel? : No Has your wife gone home? : No Where did your wife live before she moved to UAE? : Los Angeles What do you have for domicile? : Child's School enrollment Rent contract and Plane Tickets for wife, child ,and myself hopefully CO then proceeds to ask for my husband's passport and tells him he will receive it in 2-3 days and my husband had to ask 3 times to make sure of what she said, he was handed a white slip and left. CEAC website changed from Processing to ISSUED today. * I think a huge factor in our case was that both of us lived away from our friends and families and didn't establish domicile in each other's county. Our main concern was my lack of domicile and they ended up not looking at 1 form or my declaration of intent to re establish domicile. Documents they looked at: Army Certificate Police Certificate Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate Duration of arrivial to departure: 2 hours 30 minutes November 29, 2017 - Hired a lawyer and started Petition. January 24, 2018 - Petition mailed to USCIS. January 26, 2018 - I-130 Received by USCIS. February 15, 2018 - Homeland Security check cashed. May 22, 2018 - Petition Approved by USCIS. June 26, 2018 - NVC - Request for documentation (needed different form of id) and payment. July 18, 2018 - NVC - Payment made. August 2, 2018 - NVC - Submit Documentation (website down 2 weeks). August 27, 2018 - NVC - Accepts all fees & forms, interview date pending. September 14, 2018 - NVC - Interview scheduled for October 28, 2018 October 28, 2018 - Abu Dhabi Embassy Immigration interview, CR-1 VISA APPROVED!
  18. For those people who have had to prove their spouses domicile and also did electronic processing through CEAC... did you attach your domicile evidence to the i-864 as “supporting” documents on the website? Or do you just bring this to the interview?
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