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  1. If the military petitioner prioritize continuous PCS overseas and settling later in the US, can the military spouse who currently lives in her own country be granted visa to all his pcs countries without applying for US citizenship?
  2. In my case though, sponsored travel needs CFO. There are tons of Filipinos getting offloaded due to said 'BI's discretion' even if you can support yourself, a hint of meeting a lover overseas they will ask for CFO . If this interest you , you might want to take a look on fb group Love is not tourism.
  3. CFO is required now by the PH Immigration when travelling overseas even for the reason of taking vacation with a foreign partner. That's why I got the CFO. Thanks for the response.
  4. For K1 Packet filling, Is it okay to include in Proof of meeting within 2 years my CFO certificate copy and Apostilled AOS from petitioner (Philippines requirements for non-essential travel overseas 2021) Its our second meeting halfway to other country (Armenia) Is it really needed to submit 'Our love Story statement " ? We're very private and find it uncomfortable to video chat friends and family .We only have one photo of him video chatting my mom, and one photo of Us together video chatting his parents, do you guys think this is enough ? Thank you~
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