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  1. The Galleria360 is the most secured (and popular) method. It can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days. *Do NOT book flights until the visa/passport is physically in the beneficiary's hands and all information is correct.
  2. NuestraUnion

    very confused

    If your parent(s) are confident that they will continue to work in the US when it comes time for you to go to college, you would be able to attend college as long as you have legal status under your parent(s). https://www.visajourney.com/content/temporary-worker-guide#9 Another option is for you to adjust to student visa F1. Here is the info on student visas... https://www.visajourney.com/content/student-visa-guide You have some time so you can use the time you have to learn as much as you can. That way you can be well prepared beforehand.
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    very confused

    First things first. What visa did you father enter on? Work visa (H1B)?
  4. I would have to hunt down those discussions. This was from previous research a while ago on the topic. And I have the same sentiments about a lot of lawyers not being well versed on many things other than filing cases. Unfortunately, VJ do not get many, if any, WoM cases or updates for us to reference. Most times it is when people are frustrated because they are only a couple of weeks in AP or a few weeks outside normal processing times do they come here screaming about suing everybody (the Embassy, USCIS, and we've even seen threats about suing the actual CO). This is where most of our advice about WOM goes towards. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, because of the length of time of the OP. A WoM would be a viable option for them.
  5. Legal websites like AVVO where lawyers discuss cases like this. Yes, it makes sense that the embassy would rather make attempts to push things through. But the concern is if they still are unsuccessful in getting the needed information in an appropriate amount of time for the WoM.
  6. From everything that I have referenced from lawyer sites who have file WOM cases, what @JFH stated was accurate. Also, it could be something outside of security checks. So what happens if it is something outside of security checks? Proof of marriage or being unmarried, or something?
  7. NuestraUnion

    What should I do?

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  8. It is called writ of mandamus (WOM). It is basically a legal requirement for the organization you are suing to make a decision based on the status of the case at that time. Here is where it can backfire. Sometimes it is out of USCIS or the embassies hands. For example, if immigration is waiting on background checks of the beneficiary from their country's federal organizations that hasn't came in yet, obviously US immigration can't move forward with your case. If you sue for WOM, then they have to make a decision based on where your case is currently at. And if they don't have a background check on you, which is a essential requirement, then they have to deny your case. We know the waiting sucks. But it is not all US immigration's fault. It is a complex process that involves multiple government entities from different countries. Unless your case is severely overdue (nearly a year or more), I would not risk WOM. Edited: I just reviewed your timeline. You are in AP for over a year and 2 years since filing. Yeah, I think WOM may be a viable option.
  9. NuestraUnion

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    You may be heartbroken and upset about this but this may be the best thing to do now. Don’t concentrate on the possible deception and money lost. In the long run, you will see you did not lose much. This will give you time to find true happiness. Many can learn from your situation. Whether or not your ex was lying or not, that was a lack of trust in the relationship and you chose to acknowledge this and take action. So many times we see people who had red flags waved in front of them yet did not do anything until it was too late.
  10. Your wife is not applying for a visa. She is applying for removal of conditions of her permanent resident. And the extension is normal process. Please read up on the guides so you can understand better. https://www.visajourney.com/content/751guide
  11. NuestraUnion

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    When was the last time you spoke to her? You should already have her Passport info if you are filing for her. In fact, you should have all info about her at this point (addresses, full name, work history, ect).
  12. NuestraUnion

    Visa fraud accusations

    Going by the poster's timeline I think @payxibka got it right. The petition is approved but not yet the actual visa. Don't schedule interview. If already schedule...cancel. Petition will eventually die. If possible, ask ex to officially withdraw petition. For future non-immigrant visits to the US, it should not be a problem, however, it is not a guarantee entry. For future marriage-based visas, this relationship may be inquired about.
  13. The problem is that K1's used to be "much quicker" in the past, averaging about 6-9 months. Now the difference is only a few months, with K1's hovering around 9 - 12 months. In fact, some CR1 cases have been completed roughly around the same time as K1's at the 12 month mark. It is a tough call to make, we know. But regardless of which decision they make, they will overcome the time apart. Everyone here advises the Cr1 because the benefits greatly outweigh the extra wait time.
  14. The above in bold may have what gave the officer doubt. Need more info on the ceremony. Did it look official in any way? Reason I ask is because many K1 visas have been denied because couples have ceremonies that look too much like a wedding. You say it was an arranged marriage, how much time did they spend getting to know each other? Note... sometimes officers are hard in arranged marriages because they may see it as families collaborating for relatives to get visas.
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    @robscha, You have 3 ongoing threads about the same topic. Please do not start more than on thread of the same topic. It is against this site's TOS.