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  1. Its quite different to change your address twice per year as opposed to four times a year as the OP has stated. I understand with all that is going on in the country that a nomad lifestyle might be good, but personally I would want to have a stable address, especially being involved with USCIS. I have heard horror stories of people not getting notices and then getting denied and then worrying about notices to appear (NTA) and removal proceedings. These people can re-apply but have to pay the fees all over again. I would suggest what @milimelo suggested above about a PO Box.
  2. I understand that you do not have to have a green card that is valid to apply for citizenship. I would caution the OP to realize that it is the law to carry your green card with you, though unlikely you will be asked to prove status. On the other hand, if OP moves to a border state after applying for citizenship then the OP will definitely want to have a valid green card.
  3. Once USCIS processes your application and accepts it they will send you a notice. On that notice it will say that they are processing your removal of conditions and that the letter serves as an extension for 18 months beyond your green card expiration. If you need to travel beyond the 18 months and your case is still not approved you will need to get an I-551 stamp in the beneficiaries passport. Concerning work, the beneficiary still has the ability to work. If already working nothing changes. If you are looking for a new job you can either use a driver’s license as proof of identity and the social security card as proof of being able to work. You do not have to provide them with a green card as proof of work/identity if you do not want to. I switched jobs during my removal and provided my new employer with my expired green card and extension letter and then provided the employer with 10 year green card once received. But again, all you have to provide if switching job is DL and social security card.
  4. This means that your card is being produced and you should receive it soon. They will send another message/email When it is mailed with a tracking number.
  5. If interviewing at the Consulate you do not get a stamp. The CO will take the beneficiaries passport so that a visa can be affixed. Once you enter through point of entry (POE) Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will stamp the visa and that stamp will serve as a green card (GC) for one year while you wait for your physical GC. After entering you will receive your green card by mail. As other poster said, be sure to pay your immigrant fee.
  6. Just to clarify, it took from Feb 2017 or earlier till now, about 3 years, to get conditions removed? Indeed, if her residence since date is Feb 2015 then I would reapply under the 5 year rule, but make sure cause it would be a shame to spend that money and get denied again.
  7. Agree with @aaron2020 & @Luckycuds. Being a person who just got citizenship a year ago, it remains as aaron2020 stated, married for 3 years, LPR for 3 years, and live with you for 3 years. She also has to meet the physical presence requirements stated by aaron2020.
  8. This case is why I’m glad that my church is being cautious about opening up the building for services again. Not open as of yet. The other part of me says that even if my church was open that I would take precautions because I have an auto immune condition. The mother should have made the decision to not take her, in my opinion, as in phase 2 here in Florida if you are immune comprised or elderly you are to avoid large crowds. I would think a party of 100 meets this criteria. Better safe than sorry. I am really getting tired of people crying “got to have more faith” cause it is costing lives. In my opinion, we were given a brain and reasoning to use.
  9. If you want to start a family I would suggest making decisions together and owning them together. You both should discuss the pros and cons of the K-1 and CR-1 and make a decision together. Trust me when I say, having one person make a decision is not good. Also, if you are passive like I have been and have her make decisions most of the time this will not be good for your marriage. This will really affect you if you want children. You do not want to have two different parenting styles that clash. Concerning immigration, you will go through a lot of annoying, stressful, and frustrating times. This will affect your marriage if you let it take over. At this moment and through out this process things are out of your control. Concerning K-1 vs CR-1, I would suggest getting married and filing for CR-1. The reason being that there is a proposed hike in fees so you may save money if you go CR-1 route. The proposed fee changes for Adjustment of Status (AOS/I-485), Work Authorization (EAD/I-765) and Advance Parole (AP/I-131) are going to be $2750. Right now the cost for the above is $1760. Right now going the CR-1 route saves people $560 dollars but will save them $1550 if the new fees are approved. Again, the decision is up to you and your fiancee and you both have to decide whether having a family now or saving money is more important. Good luck.
  10. You can print the letter from your online myUSCIS account.
  11. The form that you will use at the Consulate stage will be the I-134 for your fiance and cosponsor. Once your fiance enters, and you marry, you will file the I-485 Adjustment of Status, where then you will use the I-864 for your husband and cosponsor.
  12. As Luckycuds stated, if it has been over 30 days and you have not received a notice then you need to inquire. As for your green card, if you are not looking for a new job then you will be fine. If you are looking for a new job you can use your social security card and a drivers license. If you need to travel, your notice once you receive it, will extend the expiration of your green card for 18 months. The notice and your expired green card will serve as proof of your residency as a LPR. If you need to travel after the 18 month extension and no action has been taken you will have to make an appointment to get an I-551 stamp.
  13. If OP does indeed go back to Canada and wait out the rest of the process and want to visit their spouse in the US they will need to prove strong ties to Canada such as employment, property, etc. to prove that they will go back as they have immigrant intent having a spouse in the US. There are no exceptions to this rule. CBP assumes immigrant intent unless you can prove otherwise. The onus is on the person entering to prove they will not adjust status.
  14. @SpanishBoyNYC, Keep this in mind when interviewing the lawyers: they work for you, not the other way around. Keep past experiences in mind and as @Lemonslice said hire a competent immigration lawyer. I would hazard to say look up the process you are going through and ask the lawyer pointed questions to ensure they are aware of your situation, are knowledgable and can help. Last thing you want is to waste lots of money on a lawyer that is going to make your situation worse as others have.
  15. As other’s have said you are not able to find out her status without her telling you. If she has her conditional green card, which I assume she does, she can remove the conditions via a divorce waiver. Also, with the I-864, you are responsible for her and her child if they receive public public benefits before getting citizenship. The only way this obligation is voided is if she and her daughter leave the the US and relinquish or abandon residency or they become citizens. The later will not happen for another at least 3-4 years.
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