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  1. You can definitely do I-751 without a lawyer if you do not have any red flags. You and your husband would be doing the petition together. There are many forums on this website that address the cover letter, search “I-751 Cover Letter” and the interview, search “I-751 interview.” Keep in mind though that your interview, if you have one, may be different from another person’s interview. I have completed the whole immigration journey from K-1 all the way to citizenship (N-400) without a lawyer and found great help here on the visajourney website when needed.
  2. I have had to research to help other people in these forums. It is not a waste of my time because I am becoming more knowledgeable about situations. If you post again and advise people please do your research. As @aaron2020 said most information you can find on google.
  3. As @Bill & Katya said, “Your N-400 depends on the approval of your I-751.” These two applications are connected. If your I-751 does not get approved you cannot move to citizenship and I would presume you want to get citizenship as soon as you can. So, in that vain, the I-751 does matter. When you get your N400 interview and attend, the IO will do an I-751 interview as well as an N-400 interview. Remember to take in originals of documents you sent for your I-751 and N-400 applications.
  4. Hi there ducks, Your two options as others have stated are the K-1 or the CR-1. With the K-1 you petition via the I-129F form which can take anywhere from 3-6 months for approval. After the approval of the K-1 your case will be sent to NVC and then transferred on to your Consulate which depending on where you live could be Montreal, QC or Vancouver, BC unless things have changed. You will also have to get a medical done before going to your interview. You will then go to your Consulate interview and if approved the visa will be good for 6 months from the date of the medical. Once you receive your visa, you will the enter the US and need to get married within 90 days. After that you adjust status I-485 (AOS), apply for Advanced Parole-I-131 (AP), and Employment Authorization I-765 (EAD). At this time it is again the waiting game. Now if you chose to go the CR-1 route, you will have to get married and then use form I-130. After the I-130 is approved your approval will then go to the NVC and transferred to the Consulate. I believe at the NVC stage of the CR-1 you would file your adjustment paperwork via form I-485 and affidavit of support via form I-864. You will then have your medical and interview. Visa will have same validity, 6 months from your medical. Once you enter the US your visa acts a green card for a year until you receive your physical green card within the year. With this visa you can come to the US and immediately work. When scheduling your medical try and schedule it close to the date of your interview, but enough in advance that the Consulate will receive your medical paperwork by the interview. Pretty much if you want to work right away then CR-1 is the visa for you but if you don't mind waiting to work then K-1 is visa for you. Hope this helps. This journey is not quick and patient is needed. Also self care, while taking part in this journey self care is important as it can get stressful. While visa is in process you can visit, but have ties to Canada to prove that you will go back, as others have said.
  5. Good Morning Everyone, I have a question concerning the I-9 after citizenship. Do I have to fill out a new I-9 to state that I am now a citizen? I have went to the USCIS website and they say if you presented your green card, which I did 2 years ago with my current employer, that the employer does not have to re-verify. Now since I have become a US citizen is up to the employer or will this mess up things if I get re-verified as a US citizen?
  6. Just like everyone has been mentioning, did the whole process myself. From K-1 all the way to ROC without any interviews, although interview waivers were possible during my AOS. I recently completed the N-400 process naturalizing a week ago. Did all this without a lawyer. As others have said it is straight forward but does require you to check and recheck if you do not want to receive an RFE. I think I drove my wife nuts when we did the paperwork but in the end not RFE's.
  7. This appears to be a problem on their end and as others have stated it is a holiday weekend. When they come back in on Monday they should fix it. We cannot help. Wait till Monday to try again.
  8. If you filed your AR-11 and spouse filed to change address of spouse which is I-865 you should be fine. I believe, even if you filed for N-400 and updated via that form you still need to update with the AR-11 for you and I-865 for spouse. You should be fine though if you complete these two forms.
  9. Everyone has told you that you should not send in the affidavit as it is secondary evidence and useless. Get your divorce, file I-751 with a divorce waiver, and send in all proof that you entered into your marriage in good faith. Also send them a copy of the divorce decree. Whether you choose to use your lawyer or not is up to you, but in my opinion, you don’t need one.
  10. I agree. I have had to tell people time and again that this journey, whether it is the CR-1 (spousal), K-1 (fiancé(e), or any visa as a matter of fact; this is not a sprint where you will get something quick and be done. It is a marathon where you have to pace yourself or in this case develop patience to be able to get through the process.
  11. Also, if your petition does expire before the interview the CO will automatically extend it when you attend your interview.
  12. As others have posted I would not submit that affidavit and have her hold your immigration status over your head. I believe, that if you have everything you need to prove the marriage was entered in good faith (co-mingling of finances such as bank accounts, joint tax returns, etc), you should be good to apply for ROC via divorce waiver. Good luck on making your decision.
  13. Hey there @coreyjane, I know its been about 6 months but how did your interview go on January 8th?
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