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  1. Update: their call was due to an internal error in their computer system. According to the officer One of the signatures apparently did not get into their system during the interview as we are signing electronically that time on an ipad/tablet. (And it was just one! Jeez!) Oath taking will be this Wednesday. Thanks everyone!
  2. About the N652 form. This is the form they gave me after the interview and the officer was like good job! Congratulations! There’s a tick on both passed the test and the option A. Anyway, just an FYI. Not related to the post.
  3. no worries in my application. just an overthinker who got weirded out with a phone call. I was at the hospital when they called me so I'm having a handful yesterday. 😝 AGREE!
  4. My interview last Sept 1 was actually a combo interview for both I-751 and N400. I passed the interview N400 and signed everything the officer told me that day. At the end, she gave me the N-652 form, telling me my application is recommended for approval. She then told me that she needs to review the I-751 and approve it first before my N400 case can move on. By September 6, my I-751 case changed it's status into your " Case has been approved". They event sent me a letter telling me the same thing and that they won't be sending a green card and should just wait for the Naturalization Certificate and Oath taking to occur. My N400's case status online, until this very moment, is still at the "Interview has been scheduled" status. No document was uploaded for new notifications. Anyway, I'll just go to the schedule I guess.
  5. So when you went there, you just got on line and voila! Oath taking? No questions from the guards for you? Wow!! I do hope this happens to me too. Thanks!
  6. I would also like to ask if you received any n445 form (notice of oath taking) to show the guards before going to your sched or you just told the guard about the “uscis call”?
  7. What did the officer tell you? I’m a bit skeptical because she didn’t mention anything about an oath and instead ‘sign for your naturalization documents and bring your green card. So i’m super confused. But I do hope this is the oath taking ceremony
  8. I did, and I do know everything was ok that’s why we got an approval in both 751 and n400. I’m just really waiting to be sched for the oath.
  9. Just this afternoon, I have received a phone call from a USCIS officer telling me to go to the USCIS office because I need to sign some documents for my Naturalization. I just recently finished my combo 751+Naturalization Interview last Sept 1 from the Baltimore office. My Naturalization has been approved on the spot but cannot give a schedule for the oath taking ceremony because she needs to approve the 751 first. On Sept. 6, my I-751 status has finally changed to "approved" and is now therefore ready for my Naturalization papers to move on for it's scheduling of oath ceremony. Fast forward today, I received a phone call from this number 410 779 5194. She asked for me (telling my whole name) and informed that she was calling from USCIS. The caller then tells me I need to go to the USCIS office to sign documents for my Naturalization and asked if I'm okay for the schedule this coming Monday in the morning (gave me a specific time). I told them I was ok and will just proceed. Now she then told me to bring my green card during that schedule. I did ask her If I will be given an email or notice to give to the guard so I can enter the office. but she then tells me that there's no need for that and just told me to tell my name to the guard and that I have received a phone call from them. I was like OK at first and proceed to give me the address of USCIS Baltimore (which I checked and is correct) then we ended the call. Coming home, it dawned to me if the call was legit. I don't remember any documents i missed signing, the officer during the interview told me everything was ok and so here i was thinking if the call was a scam. The schedule will be this monday, and i was wondering if i should still go or not. Is this supposedly an oath taking ceremony? Because she never mentioned the word oath taking, but just sign documents. has anyone experienced this? Let alone from the Baltimore office? My N400 status still hasn't changed from its "Interview has been scheduled" status and no new documents/notification were uploaded on my USCIS account.
  10. You can call the uscis and mention you want to schedule an infopass. It should be atleast 30 days prior the expiration date or maybe earlier. Tell them your reason for it (ex. For work, driver’s license, travel etc.) and if accepted, they will tell you to wait for a return call for them to schedule you an appointment. This is what I’ve done based on experience last year. Expect a return call after a month. Can’t remember much, but I called August last year and they returned my call by September. The caller will then tell you what the available dates and time slots are still vacant, and will give you an email for the details. Then that’s it. The earliest vacant slot they got me was 2 weeks after the call. It could be any date since it depends on the vacancy. Hope this help.
  11. I’m also under the Baltimore’s office. Like you, I have also done the same process of sending out an outside processing notice. I have also reached out with the Senators. But as you have said, the uscis Baltimore only sent me an email stating that I’m on a waiting list for an interview. I also have another contact who’s also under Baltimore’s office who opted for a second stamp of his passport just to get to travel abroad. I’m also getting tired of waiting.
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