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  1. Hey everyone! I have a question about utility bills. My husband gets electric bill and I get cable bill. With my I-751 application do I need to submit paper version of the bills for every single month covering 2-year interval?
  2. hello LKMK, any update about your case? I have the same situation although haven't filed for card replacement and decided to wait until ROC which I am going to file this month.
  3. Hello! I have a question. I read through I-751 form instructions and looks like USCIS wants your "Joint Federal Tax Return" to confirm it is joint and it serves as a proof of a good marriage. My question is what if income in my tax return less than "125% of HHS Poverty Guidelines"? Are they going to deny my ROC for that or just simply they won't pay attention to it since it is not Adjustment of Status?
  4. Hello friends! I have a question about using so called "sliding fee scale" at the clinic. So our income wasn't good for the last 3 months and I have this pain in my arm for 2 months, was afraid to go to the doctor since we don't have insurance right now, we are currently on the waiting list for the local clinic (they use sliding fee scale) but I don't think I can make it waiting for them to call me, so I scheduled an appointment for the hospital clinic in 2 weeks from now and they do sliding fee scale plus some other programs to help cover the medical bill for uninsured people. Anyway, my question is: does USCIS consider "sliding fee scale" a "public charge"? Since clinics report SSN number and everything to the government to cover medical bill I got paranoid about it, I never got a penny from US government and now when I need it I am afraid. I am conditional permanent resident, will file for removing of conditions in January 2019 and then for naturalization in 2020, do you guys think this "government helping to pay medical bill" situation can somehow affect my immigration journey? Also, I am applying for insurance right now on the healthcare.gov but I keep getting an error that they can't verify my identity!!! They ask to upload a picture of the document and I did but they keep giving me an error.
  5. Hello! So your conditional green card expired last year and extension letter about to expire in may 2018? Do you have to schedule an appointment in USCIS office to get an I-551 stamp?
  6. ))) When you are married to the US citizen you can apply for citizenship after 3 years green card holding, not even 5so by the time my ROC is approved or even earlier I can apply for naturalization...That's frustrating that it takes a year for a ROC.
  7. Wow, thanks a lot! that is impressive
  8. I have one more question)) Does USCIS need an affidavit of support (form I-864) for the ROC or naturalization process?
  9. Hello, I haven't been updating my timeline long time ago, I got my conditional GC in april 2017 and it expires in april 2019 so I am going to file ROC january or february 2019 just trying to figure out everything ahead of time... And yeah my USCIS local office is pretty slow, so after biometrics appointment, I was waiting for 8 mons to get an interview during AOS. Problem is that we also planning to move to another state next year....
  10. OMG! I got a little bit confused now. So If I file ROC during 90 days period before my conditional green card expires I will get extension letter in the next several weeks, correct? And than I will have to wait for around 1,5 year for the 10yr old GC to be approved, so technically I will be a resident in US for 3 years and once I finally get my 10-year-old GC isn't it a time to file for a citizenship since I would still be married to the US citizen and resident for 3 years?
  11. OMG! I did not expect ROC is going to take that long!!! FrenchCat is right, Vermont Center is faster https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/#mainContent I thought ROC is going to take around 6 mons. Does extension letter count as a green card holding though?
  12. I see, and this letter of extension you can submit to the employer I guess?)) Are you waiting on USCIS decision regarding removing of conditions?
  13. thank you! yep, I will read, I just thought maybe USCIS updated their I-751 instructions and now affidavits are mandatory.
  14. I see, I'm sure you guys will be alright with all these new documents!
  15. Hello, thanks for reply. My husband gets 1099 form he doesn't have W-2, I do have W-2 though.