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  1. bumping this up for another question, and thank you for all of the feedback. is the i-130 needed for this process since they are already in the US? I mean, they cant go back because of the situation... there's no place for them to live. if they're here on VWP I'm assuming we'd just adjust them. for some reason I believe I have to do the I-130 but this process is a bit confusing and there's really no support on it although my searching ability isn't that great 😕
  2. We married in 2019, kids as of today are 10 and 13. I was wondering about the SSN to make it easier to add them to our health insurances and enrolling them in school whenever it is allowed. Not having an ssn makes living here sort of tricky
  3. Hello everyone! My wife came to the USA on a K-1 visa, we AOS'd, and are now waiting for her removal of conditions I-751 to be granted. We're about 4 months in, that's squared away and now we have a situation whereas I can't find a straight forward answer or guide I have two stepchildren through the wife that are under 21 and came over to the US with her ex-husband to visit a few museums in NY. They entered from South Korea under the VWP. The ex-husband is a filmmaker and was dispatched to another country and since the children were here with the wife & I in the states, he essentially left them to us. They can't go back to their country because there is no guardian there.... the only choice we have is for them to become lawful permanent residents. As of today we are all living together. I've looked into this and the only people that can AOS while being here under the VWP is immediate relatives (stepchildren). There is no step by step guide for this sort of situation and I don't know what to do exactly. I understand I will of course need to file a I-485, but what else? Can anyone give me a quick rundown of how I should execute this? They have about a month left before they overstay so I have to get this done ASAP. There's zero fraud intent here, believe me I wasn't mentally ready for this at all nor the wife but there are no options so we must make it work.. Also how would we go at getting them an SSN? With my wife we went to the social security office but I can't even remember what exactly let us do that. My brain's a little exhausted from this and work, sorry :/ We just need help
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