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  1. Wow😭 I thought they will check right away but i guess i need to wait long😬 but thank you for sharing!!
  2. I know there are lot of applicants but i just wonder if there are someone had same situation and how long it took. I hope i can get it before we move😣 My medical examination record was expired so, they said they need new one.
  3. Hi i know i just need to wait but i had interview on March 24th. Everything went good and officer says she will approve my GC card. After interview my status has changed as approved but then changed to case is reopened... And i got RFE mail on April 3rd. And sent form to them 5th and the tracking number says delivered 6th. But my status saying hasnt changed yet... I know i just need to wait but if someone had same situation, how long you needed to wait for change to approved? Thank you!!
  4. I had a AOS interview yesterday. It went good and officer told me that they will approve your greencard. And when i checked status yesterday, it says "new card being produced" but this now it says "Case is reopened for reconsideration" Is anyone had same situation??
  5. Thank you celebi😊!! I hope they dont ask us like tricky question😅
  6. Thank you very much for your kind message:)) Your message makes me relax a lot...my interview is tomorrow!!! I hope everything is gonna be good.
  7. I really really appreciated your help!! Most of people have lot of evidence so, i am so worry about it;( But i am glad that i could have another evidence!
  8. Thank you for your message. So, since there is no my name on mortgage bill, i dont need to print it out and show them? I think my husband can print out that his credit card statement but that is work? Just a month of statement is fine?
  9. Hi, my AOS Interview is on this week!! Im so nervous... I do not have lot of proof that we married and living together... I only have pictures, evidence of insurance and out kid birth certificate. I do not have SSN yet so, no joint or anything.. But do i need to bring our mortgage that my husband paying?? There is no my name on it. I just wondered if they still wanna see it.
  10. Hi, i will have interview next week and so nervous... Is anyone had AOS interview at san bernardino office? If you had, please share how was your interview!
  11. Really!! Thank you for your message. I am really worry and i should've done it as soon as i married to him... I hope i can find someone had same situation and can share how was the interview...
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