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  1. Hi Nancy,


    I just read your child support response to your n400. Were you able to fix this alreaddy if so may i know briefly what did you do?


    I only have receipts for 5 years and its getting deducted on our bank accts, but im not in good terms with my wife.



    1. Nancy r

      Nancy r

      I still don't have my appointment for the interview, it's next Monday May 9th. But I spoke with my ex-husband and my son, and just yesterday they notarized the letter, I put both of them because sometimes I transfer money to my ex and sometimes to my son's name, therefore both declared in that letter, that
       I comply with my daughter's child support and not only that part, but also the emotional one, T
       They added that my relationship with my daughter is good and I see her constantly and things like that, which is true.

      If the letter does not arrive on time, well, if they ask me for that, as soon as it arrives I will send it.

      I will let you know, how my interview went.

  2. Does anyone know what that letter should say? Examples, please, and if it has to be notarized by a Mexican notary and apostilled, or at the American embassy?
  3. yes I do have printed of all my confirmation transfers , I am on a good terms , with my ex husband ,so I hope so next week he and my son can go to a public notary to write down that letter. by the way I did printed around 230 confirmations transfers.
  4. It is Ria Money Transfer, and is not a child support agency.
  5. no. I do not send alimony to him, Does this letter need to be notarized by the American embassy or by a notary in Mexico?
  6. because my daughter lives there in Mexico with her father, even so I always send money monthly for her, I have a son who is only a Mexican citizen and is 23 years old, sometimes he collects the transfer and sometimes his father, I don't know, if this will be a problem getting my citizenship send documents to uscis form N400: sep 6 2021 I did not went to the finger prints, they use the ones last time. interview notification: April 4 2022 interview date: May 09 2022 city : Nashville Tn. yes I am green card holder now
  7. hello I am in the same situation as you were, I sent money through Ria Money transfer, does this letter need to be notarized before the embassy or consulate? I hope you can help me
  8. My daughter is an American citizen, she is 16 years old, she lives in Mexico with her father, I got divorced in Mexico and there is no letter or document that says that I have to pay child support to my daughter, even so, I send money monthly through agencies, I have the transfer confirmation emails. Will this be enough evidence for USCIS? Well, my citizenship appointment is next May.
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