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How to make US Passport Photos Very Cheap

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Hello, This how to make your own Passport Photos Cheap.

To show you how cheap, You can make 12 Passport Photos for 41 cents.

Take a Photo with a Digital Camera

*The camera should be placed at the eye level of the person being photographed and at least 4 feet (1.25 meters) away.

*Minimize the distance between the person being photographed and the background to reduce shadows on the background

*Make sure to include the person's upper body and have space above the head in the viewfinder or screen display of yourcamera.

*Try to eliminate shadows that are caused by overhead lighting

*Ensure the background is well lit, white or off-white, and free of patterns, objects, textures, etc.

*Size Requirements http://travel.state....plate_5297.html

After you have taken your photo and downloaded it to your computer go to:


Click Start Photo Booth

Screen 1 - Upload

( 1 ) Click Browse to add the photo you downloaded

( 2 ) Tick the small box

( 3 ) Click Submit

Screen 2 - Crop

( 1 ) Crop ( here you crop your photo )

( 2 ) Tick - 1:1 ( US Passport Standard)

Screen 3 – Print Choice

( 1 ) Look at your photo to see how it looks in the grid, If it needs re-cropping go back to screen 2

( on the grid mine appeared perfect)

( 2 ) When you see the photo is to your liking Tick the box, 8 US passport photos 2x2 inches (51x51mm)

Screen 4 – Download

( 1 ) Click on the photo where it says - <-- Click here to download your 10x15 cm (4x6") photo set

( 2 ) Save it to your computer in jpeg format

Save the photo you download to your pc toa flash memory , go to any photo print shop and have this printed on 4 x 6 paper (6 photos)

Iprinted two 4 x 6 prints , 12 photos for 41 cents online at Walmart.com . I Sent them to my local Walmart for pick up and they were ready in one hour.

This is how I did it:

Sign in or Register at Walmart.com

Then Go to:


At the top of the page - Click Upload Photos

An Upload screen will appear – you can upload to a new album or an existing album

Click on Select Photos

( if it doesn't work for you, select the Basic Upload below it to download your photo)

Then click Upload Photo

On the next page you will Click On – See Entire Album

Click on the photo in the white area –you will see a larger image on this screen showing how your passport photos will look

On the right of your photos you will see a Blue Box that reads " Do More" Click Get Prints

Click Standard Prints

On the next screen Click on your photo

Then Click Add To Cart

On the next screen you will see- Options for all prints

I chose:

Print Finish: Matte

Duplicate Prints: 4 x 6 ( I chose 2 =12 prints ) If you only need 6 passport photos one print will cost you 19 cents

Click on Preview Your Prints

When finished Proceed To Checkout

I chose 1 Hour Pick up at My Local Walmart store . I paid online and had to only give my name to the cashier at the photo lab and he gave me the prints with no waiting.

Most photo centers I called wanted from 7 -8 Dollars for 2 passport photos. This is a Great Money Saver :)

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Wow thanks for taking your time and writng these steps for us. It sure does save money :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

Sent I-129 Application to VSC 2/1/12
NOA1 2/8/12
RFE 8/2/12
RFE reply 8/3/12
NOA2 8/16/12
NVC received 8/27/12
NVC left 8/29/12
Manila Embassy received 9/5/12
Visa appointment & approval 9/7/12
Arrived in US 10/5/2012
Married 11/24/2012
AOS application sent 12/19/12

AOS approved 8/24/13

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I have tried that before but it turned out that my picture was either too big or too small.. and they were too reddish.. (I think it was the printing quality at the shop I went)

Since I started AOS process many months ago, I realized that I had to do a lot of paper work.. copy, scan, print..

I decided to buy a printer with all those functions, got the $59 Epson when they had promotion (or $69.. can't remember)

After that my life was a lot easier!

I took passport photo from my iPhone and print it at home.

It might not be the cheapest way but it gave me peace of mind as when I wanted to copy something, or if I wanted to add/correct the paper, I can do it right away. It made me feel like everything is under control. :)


04/22/15 (Day 0) N-400 Package sent

08/03/15 Interview - Recommend for Approval

08/18/15 Oath Ceremony


12/17/2013 (Day 0) ROC Package sent

12/23/2013 (Day 7) NOA date

01/27/14 (Day 43) Biometric Appointment

03/14/14 Case transferred to CSC

05/16/14 New Card Received

AOS from B2
11/14/2011 (Day 0) AOS Package sent (I-130, I-485, I-765)
11/15/2011 (Day 1) Package received by USCIS

12/12/2011 Biometrics Appointment
01/28/2012 (Day 74) EAD Card in hands
02/02/2012 (Day 79) Received letter of Interview Notice
03/02/2012 (Day 108) Interview - Dallas
03/21/2012 (Day 127) Green Card in Hands!

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i print my own photos all the time.


the us passport size has a photo tool that does the work for u as well. just take a good shot with ur own camera. use the tool, put multiple in a 4x6 using any photo editing tool and bam!

2006 - Entered US on F-1
2009 - COS to H-1
2011 - Married USC

Conditional GC Process:
04/2012 - Concurrent I-130 petition / I-485 AOS / I-765 EAD / I-131 AP sent
35 days to biometrics, 73 days to EAD/AP combo card, 85 days to interview, 96 days to Conditional Green Card

04/2014 - Eligible for ROC

06/2014 - I-751 package filing joint with spouse sent

5 days to extension,37 days to biometrics, 172 days to CSC transfer, 247 days to Green Card

04/2015 - Eligible for Citizenship

09/2015 - N-400 package filing on basis of USC spouse sent

29 days to biometrics, 105 days to interview, 147 days to oath and US citizenship

~ 9 years and 6 months from first entry to US citizenship

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For me, I wasn't looking to pay around $30 or more for Ink for my printer and $5 to $10 for photo paper. Getting them for 41 cents was fantastic since I had just written a check for $1070 for AOS, at that point I was lucky to have 41 cent :huh:



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has anyone had any problems with this (e.g. declined to get their photos accepted?)

I use www.epassportphoto.com and have had no issues with either my US stuff or my Aussie passport stuff.

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You can use those services online, after taking the photos yourself. Or you can print them yourself (since this is literally all walmart/walgreens/etc does anyway).

I just said to hell with it, and did it at the UPS store. Saves me worrying about lighting, background, size, cropping, cutting, etc. What's $75 in the grand scheme of such a significant life change?

05/15/2006 - Moved to Kansas, USA on TN Status

10/16/2009 - Married in Missouri, USA

Family-based AOS from TN Status - Complete


(DAY 00) 06/18/2012 - Sent AOS Package to Chicago Lockbox

(DAY 01) 06/19/2012 - AOS Package received

(DAY 04) 06/22/2012 - Texts/Emails from USCIS confirming receipt

(DAY 07) 06/25/2012 - I-130 and I-485 checks cashed

(DAY 08) 06/26/2012 - NOA received in the mail

(DAY 12) 06/30/2012 - Biometrics appointment letter received in the mail. Appointment for 7/17/2012

(DAY 29) 07/17/2012 - Biometrics completed.

(DAY 51) 08/08/2012 - Interview email received. Scheduled for 9/11.

(DAY 53) 08/10/2012 - Paper Interview notice received in mail.

(DAY 86) 09/11/2012 - Interview. Approved on the spot.

(DAY 86) 09/11/2012 - GC Production ordered

(DAY 86) 09/11/2012 - EAD production ordered (not that I need it now...)

(DAY 87) 09/12/2012 - Case status moved from "card production" to "decision"

(DAY 89) 09/14/2012 - 2nd GC production ordered notice

(DAY 92) 09/17/2012 - EAD and GC mailed

(DAY 94) 09/19/2012 - EAD and GC IN HAND!



N-400 Application (5 year residency) - San Diego Field Office - Complete



(DAY 000) 08/15/2017 - N-400 Filed Online

(DAY 000) 08/15/2017 - Receipt Received, Case number assigned

(DAY 004) 08/19/2017 - Biometrics Appointment notification received

(DAY 010) 08/25/2017 - Biometrics Appointment PDF Posted (Date: 09/05/2017)

(DAY 013) 08/28/2017 - Biometrics Appointment Completed Early (Walk-In)

(DAY 014) 08/29/2017 - Case status now "We Reviewed Your Biometrics". 

(DAY 053) 10/06/2017 - In-line for interview. EGOV updated to "Interview Was Scheduled"

(DAY 054) 10/07/2017 - Interview scheduled. ELIS updated to "View your letter on your documents tab"

(DAY 057) 10/10/2017 - Interview PDF posted (Interview Date: 11/14/2017)

(DAY 092) 11/14/2017 - Interview in San Diego (Approved)

(DAY 112) 12/04/2017 - EGOV updated to "Oath Ceremony Notice Was Mailed"

(DAY 113) 12/05/2017 - ELIS updated to "View your letter on your documents tab"

(DAY 128) 12/20/2017 - Oath Ceremony Completed.



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You can use those services online, after taking the photos yourself. Or you can print them yourself (since this is literally all walmart/walgreens/etc does anyway).

I just said to hell with it, and did it at the UPS store. Saves me worrying about lighting, background, size, cropping, cutting, etc. What's $75 in the grand scheme of such a significant life change?

We paid $30 for ours and never thought of this....

I would of tried it though... (too late now) :bonk:



05/30-(day 0)- AOS sent

06/01-(day 1)- AOS received

06/04-(day 4)- AOS acceptance

06/06-(day 6)-Txt/Email, routed to NBC

06/09-(day 9)-I-797 NOA received (Saturday)

06/11-(day 11)-Called to fix typographical error(Missing middle name on I-130)

06/20-(day 20)- Email received (Saying error fixed)

07/13-(day 43)Email: reused most recent biometrics, awaiting Indie status

09/10-(day 103)Humanitarian Expedite Request

9/13-(day 106) Interview October 17TH (TOTAL 139 DAYS)


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Awww. There's an app for that. Passportphoto I used it and paid 19 cent after sending the 4 by 6 to print at Cvs. No complaints from uscis thus far.

Adjustment from H1B

03/09-married and happy
04/20-mailed aos, 130,ead,131 to chicago from florida via UPS.
04/23-ups delivered at 9:03 am
04/25-uscic texts and emails for four docs.6:02 pm (case sent to NBC.)
04/26- both checks cashed
05/01-four paper NOAs in the mail
05/01-biometrics appt mailed
05/03-bio appt rcvd. scheduled 05/21. hialeah ASC
05/08-RFE mailed.
05/12-RFE rcvd. USC husband 2011 taxes, proof of IO employment authorization???
05/14-mailed rfe requested info to MSC.
05/16-successful walk in at Hialeah. 20minutes no questions asked.
05/18- RFE response review email text 5:00 pm
06/22- Card/ Document Production
06/30-Ead ap combo in hand
07/24-interview scheduled 08/27/2012
08/27/2012-interview-approved. Texts/emails at 6:30pm
08/30- Card production texts
09/04/2012-Welcome to America. Green Card in hand!


Mailed to VSC 06/18/2014.

NOA dated 06/25/2014.
Check cashed 06/27/2014.

Biometric appointment 07/22/2014

Early walk in 07/09/2014

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We got ours at CVS for a ridiculous price of $4 total for five passport photos....I think it is worth better than wasting my time on taking a good photo with my camera, then upload it to my PC and then play around cropping, sizing and all the #######. My time is way more expensive than even $10, so going over to CVS in 5 minutes and paying $4 was more than cheap....the whole application was way above than that so this four dollars didn't make us, or break us....

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tru_loves_journey - i did the exact same thing !!! but i think i used a different site

Sometimes my language usage seems confusing - please feel free to 'read it twice', just in case !
Ya know, you can find the answer to your question with the advanced search tool, when using a PC? Ditch the handphone, come back later on a PC, and try again.

-=-=-=-=-=R E A D ! ! !=-=-=-=-=-

Whoa Nelly ! Want NVC Info? see http://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php/NVC_Process

Congratulations on your approval ! We All Applaud your accomplishment with Most Wonderful Kissies !


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Did my own photo, cropped to size using the travel.state.gov site but printed it out at a kiosk at Fedex. 35c for every 4x8 printed. If you are ultra cheap, you can fill one 4x8 photo paper with 4 photos and voila 4 photos for 35c. I splurged with mine and printed out 5 photos separately using the lowest crop/zoom setting. If anyone out there is planning on doing this, note that that the smallest the machine would go is sized 2x2. Printed mine out and had the guy at the desk cut it to size, put in a fancy Fedex sleeve for passport pics (looked legit I tell you) and it turned out nice. At $1.75 total my photos were a steal.

Sein oder Nichtsein, das ist heir die Frage.

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