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US Immigration from Bahamas

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Any K3 spouses
11:51 pm


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Any K3 spouses file last month and this month?

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I-485 and I-130
3:07 pm


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Hi world

My lawyer filed the I-485 and the I-130. My I-130 is approved from June 23 however the 1-485 is still pending while I am outside of the US. I told my lawyer the I-485 doesn t need to file because I am not in the US. However she filed it from April 2018.

Now she found out and realized the I-485 don t need to file.

I told her a long time ago not to filed it.

Here is my question is this going to delay my I-130 after it been approved from June

No I can t check my state, but my lawyer said my I-130 is at the NVC, therefore it mean my I-130 file was sitting there.

Yeah I know they will have to cancel the I-485 but to fix all that problem how long will this take? And after it been fix what will happen next?

This is the first time having this problem and am not sure what is going to happen.

If anyone had this problem? can you share?

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my case is at CIS Ombudsmanís Offcie
4:04 pm


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My case was approved June 23, don t have a case number or anything, my lawyer contact CIS Ombudsman s office. I am trying to finger out if my case is approved why it s not at the NVC? Why will my case be at CIS Ombudsman s?

Why will my case be at CIS Ombudsman s? Does it mean my case is on hold for further notice?

not sure what it is and why my case is there when it suppose to be at the NVC.

Have anyone experience something like this? if so can you share your experience

If anyone going to say rude or mean stuffs don't comment at all please thanks.

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A second Interview
6:14 am


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Hi everyone! I can use any help right now. I m looking forward to hearing from anyone with similar experience.

My husband was scheduled for his initial immigrant visa recently...I decided to travel to The Bahamas in order to assisted my husband at the interview since he is not fluent in English.

The interview went well, The Officer said that everything sounds great and that we only need to bring back a Police Certificate from DR and that as soon as they received it, the IV will be approved...a week later my husband bought back the Police Certificate.

After my husband dropped off the requested documents, an officer told him that, he will be called on Monday to bring back his passport since they weren t working on that day(Friday). On Tuesday he got a phone call to bring his passport to the embassy...then he was told to pick up his passport on Thursday. Then on Thursday he went to the embassy to pick up his passport. The same officer that interviewed us called him to the window gave him the passport back WITHOUT the visa and requested that he contacted the embassy by email to schedule for a second interview...to be re-interview with his spouse (dual interview). The only reason I can think of is that we got married within two months after we have met...our first year anniversary will be in October 2018. Can anyone think of any other reasons or any similar experiences??? I love my husband dearly and I can t wait for him to be here with me....Please any input will be greatly appreciated while we are waiting for the outcome...thanks in advance!!!

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NVC has not received my case
4:20 pm


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our case have been approved June 23,2018 at National Benefit Center . we can't check the status online because the case number keep giving saying it is error and we have the approval letter.

we don't know what going on every time we call both centers its not in the system.

some people say it take up to 13 week for NVC to received the case.

anyone have the same problem?

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