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US Immigration from Bahamas

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Interview waived
4:44 pm April 14, 2022



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Just got notice that my 485 is now card is being produced see below my timeline.
B1/b2 overstay AOS

Nov 2019 sent Aos package
Dec 2019 biometrics completed
Jan 2020 ead card only
Feb 2020 notice for interview
Interview was scheduled for March 17th 2020.
On March 17th (day of interview went to the office to find out that the Atlanta office decided to close down due to Covid despite uscis posting that all offices will close on March 18th 2020)
Oct 2020 got Ead and ap renewal
Nov 2020 reached out to senator loffler office no movement.
Took a break from trying to get some movement on my case.
Then From Nov 2021 until today I have been corresponding with the two senators office.
Feb 2022 rfe for medical (they said the one I sent initially was expired and they needed a new one to proceed)
March 2022 ead renewal only(applied for combo) and replied to rfe.
There was no update to say they received the rfe after weeks so reached out to uscis call center no help, tried Emma no help, emailed the senators office yesterday and they said they will follow up.
April 13 2022 new card is being produced. No interview, marriage based Aos, b2 visa overstay.

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Bringing my cousin to the USA
2:00 pm September 1, 2021



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Good day everyone. Is it possible to bring my cousin over to the USA? I'm a vawa green card holder

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Waiting for Interview..Bahamas
10:45 pm July 19, 2021



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Anyone out there DQ'd by NVC and waiting for an interview at the embassy in Nassau, Bahamas? Not finding a lot of information on potential wait times for interviews.

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No, SSN. I need help, I'm pregnant!
11:10 pm January 6, 2021


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Pleasant Afternoon,

I got married in the United States October, 2019. I am currently pregnant and expecting early March 2021. My American husband tried to add me to his work insurance this past October 2020 and they're saying because I don't have a SSN they're unable to start deducting for me starting January. I intended to have a water birth and seek health care through his insurance (United Health Care) because I was denied Medicaid, Pregnancy Medicaid and WIC when I applied.

Additional Information : WE applied for I-485, I-765 and I-130 through New American Pathways (non profit) in March, 2020, however the only progress with my paperwork thus far was my fingerprints being taken.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (my James Brown voice) If there is any way someone can help point me in the right direction with places I can contact, tips I should try or where I need to go for rapid assistance, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for your help and time in advance.

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Application for Admission Withdrawn
3:55 pm September 12, 2020



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I was denied entry into the United States from The Bahamas two days ago. The Customs officer stamped WD2 and 7A1 on one of the back pages of my passport. I made this post because oddly enough I saw one made from a fellow Bahamian. We share eerily similar stories however I do possess a tourist visa. I gave an address where my girlfriend (also Bahamian) stays with a return ticket with thousands in the bank. I was turned around due to, "Many people staying due to corona, and you don't have a job or own a house, so you have *nothing* to return to The Bahamas to." - Customs Officer.

The trouble begins because while my trip was obviously parts pleasure, I had intended to take an IELTS test to legally immigrate to Canada for work. There were no official test dates when I tried to travel, but of course as of yesterday, there is now going to be testing in October. I admit it was brash of me to think I could wait it out until a testing center opened with COVID-19 being rampant, but that mistake is already made. I need advice on how to go about this new situation seeing as I HAVE to take this test to gain entry to Canada, but I was just turned around at the border. Its almost impossible for me to own a house in a month, and very hard to get a job seeing as the Bahamas is also still recovering from COVID economy-wise. And, oh, I need to pay for the IELTS test by today or I risk losing my seat in October and have to wait another round. What should I do?

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