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  1. It's good you're calling USCIS hotline - however, when you call in again, ask for a Tier 2 person, as they can see more on the computer system. A Tier 1 cannot see much. They (a Tier 2) should be able to verify the location of the casefile, and current review status, and SHOULD BE able to see which codified reference # [pertaining to whatever law is on the books] that he's being reviewed for. Sometimes, having that info (casefile location and codified reference #) is useful.
  2. Hiya ! Could you fill out your timeline, completely, over at https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=322106 ? Thanks so much, and Thanks in Advance ! [best done from a pc, handphones suck for this]
  3. Drats ! no timeline ! can do something over at https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=337586 please ? you have about 70 days from POE date to apply for SSN in the name in the visa. It's easier this way, no confusion for the SSA clerks. The SSA clerks usually will not process your name change doc, as you not have a SSN account at all. You cannot be found in the SAVE database by that name change, and it's the SAVE database that governs all. Their rule is to accept the application in the VISA name from the passport, and do a SAVE database lookup to verify your immigration status. Can't find you, at all , by the changed name. It's dead easy to get the card in your visa name, then once it's in your hands, go back and update the name with your court documents. To do it prior ? without ever have an SSA account? That'll confuse most clerks , and they won't reach out after you left the office. If you go back today, and inquire face to face (no phone calls) for status - you'll know more . The dreaded status ? 'Submitted to USCIS for verification' ... USCIS knows nothing of your name change, yet. If that's the status, today, get a supervisor, tell them to nix the application, re-apply in visa name. Ask for a name verification/lookup in the SAVE database. If they find you by visa name, things go fast. Then go back tomorrow, and check for status. If accepted, a number will be assigned, you can get the number on a printout (not the card). Then wait for the postal mail, the card will arrive. [and then go back and change the name]
  4. copy vs original vs ? The I-134 itself must be original, with original signature . The rest of it can be copies. The papers submitted at the window will walk behind the scenes, ultimately in the interviewer's hands for final review before the actual interview step.
  5. does 'priority date' apply to your case ? if yes, maybe a longer wait on the nvc transfer step
  6. if february is 'the mark', I'll think you two will be ok, even choosing Electronic Processing at NVC for Guanzhou.
  7. study the instructions and faqs about the I-864, as it's those rules on living abroad and re-establishing domicile that are evaluated when the I-134 is reviewed.
  8. small errata - replace 'white book' where 'red book' is in my reply. Apologies, was a busy day.
  9. surely that one toll amount was offset by the tax refund paid out during the last , final, visit at an immigration control point ?
  10. issa boat ! almost a ship ! and yes, an ocean-going-vessel.
  11. you mega lucky I only did 2 weeks worth of replies. Not to 'current', as well. OTOH, it's always a pattern to see a page of your replies at 3 in the morning ... w00t !
  12. That's awesome ! and in a good way ! Screw that male-bonding stuff...
  13. SeaFood in North Dakota ? Wait, no - that's not to be done. That means it ain't fresh, was frozen at least once and there were temperature changes around it. I spazzed out about this, about 10 years ago, came up with a new Darnell Rule - if it's trucked in more than 150 miles, don't eat it. There are some exceptions, like frozen pizza - but - who eats frozen pizza anymore ? SeaFood in North Dakota sounds almost like some oxymoronic label, a subtheme in some comedy sketch show. There's other things there, like elk, sheep, goats, buffalo, cows ... maybe stick with that ? If one some 'date' , well, you pick the place next time.
  14. blessings.. Count. or Venn-Diagram it ...
  15. nah - been busy almost 2 years, making the money and travelling, also doing stuff with my son. I'm sure there's a lass out there somewhere, when she remembers my calendar ...
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