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  1. Darnell

    English and Spanish for our 2 year old daughter

    i could write a lot about how it's important, but i think you got a great grasp of that already. So i'll focus on one small thing you can do, daily. you drive a car to work and back, yes? put in a CD or TAPE or even some mp3 thing, for spanish tutorial. when you get tired of that, listen to a spanish-only radio station on your ride in . Daily Exposure is a big thing, when it's missing.
  2. It does. Alas, google searches on 'Huma Abedin Erotica' still are a big fail, almost 10 years now
  3. Exactly ! Singapore has em, why not the USA ? We're bigger and brighter, yo !
  4. That's probably it - I'm just excited by any Huma sighting ...
  5. Ya, I can see a bunch o rules out there, but for me - if'n you lose money, file for bankruptcy, affecting thousands of ppl's lives? No... But that's my bar, my one personal rule. I have others. I can see your point about the pornstar.. Hmmm - maybe it's time to make a short list ? I'm game if you are ...
  6. I find it hilarious in some way, that the fella that challenged Obama to show a birth certificate is now the Current POTUS. Hilarious, like what some clowns at the Circus achieve. I dunno, really, I think he's the wrong person for _this_ job... Outta be a big law out there - if you filed for bankruptcy, well, you can't be qualified as any nominee for Governor or Presidential races.
  7. I must be living under a rock - who is Mark Finch, and why is he relevant ?
  8. Well Crud - HRC isn't attending the main wedding event on Wednesday ? and already flew back Monday night? Hmmmm - I wonder what she was really doing, or was she asked to go home early ?
  9. I read through it all - they want to see her in February with a stack of documents, the 2nd part of the Visa Application process. as to any waiver, no, there's no mention of any waiver - HOWEVER, they ARE asking for updated VISA APPLICATION DOCUMENTS, so maybe this will be : 1. another interview with 2. another intake of current Visa Application documents, as the last set submitted has expired , along with 3. medical exam results [plan ahead prior] , along with 4. a passport . all that makes sense to me, she's going to have another interview and must bring updated Visa Application Documents. So, I take this as some APPROVAL to continue with the VISA application process, and that's a good thing, yes? I'll try to dig a bit and see if you wrote about the 221-G prior. OK - I dug a bit, and read. I thought you might see some waiver status on the CEAC website? Since Guangzhou IV is setting her through a new interview process, I MUST assume the waiver was granted. However, can you call INTO NVC and inquire for waiver status? Sometimes things not get updated at the CEAC portal, sometimes there are data errors - usually a NVC human can see what's going on ...
  10. Tourist Visa rules are different that Fiance Visa Rules Spousal Visa Rules Family-member Visa rules . For China, basically one has to have great reason to return to China. Usually this is show by 1) job 2) savings account book 3) property title 4) car title and not much else. Everyone applying for a Tourist Visa is evaluated for possible overstay criteria. IMO, your parents are nearing retirement age and without showing 1 through 4 at the interview ? They'd be a good case for denial. As to applying again ? Sure - they can try, must show strong ties to China via 1 through 4. Paperwork / documentation submitted WITH the Visa Application. This stuff submitted prior, from your fiance - this is sorta troublesome - did you get this advice from some QQ group ? I hope no ! Go Get Em, and Good Luck !
  11. No need to withdraw the I-129F prior to getting married... You can get married tomorrow, file the I-130 via DCF into Guangzhou the next day, THEN withdraw the I-129F with USCIS, using the address listed in the NOA-1 formletter that you'll receive ... Don't wait on the withdrawal 'process' at all, as there really isn't one. You write a letter, it's filed in the case, the case is closed. Months may pass, The IV Unit in Guangzhou will know what to do once the I-130 is approved, you'll be good to go ! As to time and timing, figure 3 to 4 months. It may be faster, depending on caseload at Guangzhou IV. Good Luck and God Speed !
  12. I say file the I-130, chasing a CR-1. After she comes here, get on the 3-year USCitizenship-path, filing for the 10 year green card and subsequent USCitizenship status, then, and only then, jump back to Peru. Citizenship status matters on YOUR benefits after you retire, take a hard look at that.
  13. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Stevklar - tis time to get that 2nd house, and not tell anyone after you move !