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  1. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Yo @SAT - What's for lunch ? or 2nd breakfast ? or both ?
  2. Darnell

    I have no insurance but need addiction treatment

    Typically, just a K-3 visa, doesn't help much. It's possible to get a SSN, and having a SSN gets you into many things, but without a green card most insurance companies won't be able to offer much to you. There are exceptions - One place to start at your workplace, ask the HR department (not your boss) if there is any Employment Assistance Program (EAP) ... Sometimes ppl not qualify to use it until after the first 90 days of work.
  3. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    @Prawninator - well, yer in the rant thread now - so try really hard not to use numbers of any sort, one of the posters here has turrets on rewriting a person's posts utilizing a binary form of mathematics and rounding to the nearest digit. It sucks, creating much noise on an otherwise excellent rant topic. Noise sucks. I honestly not remember you, but I've been super mondo busy for the longest time, yo .
  4. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    omg - and you rolled out of there on Monday Morning ? missing from yer list: poutine mutton tarjine curry laksa ... plan, yo, next weekend
  5. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    hahahaha - Boycott Volvo - yet another China-owned company. Fookin' Fooks ! Yaaaaaaaaaaargh !
  6. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Everything on the pig but the squeal ! [or oink] ... Man I've been missing Singapura recently, My Foodie Aunties still email me their jaunt logs complete with the b /g /c musings on each establishment. I wish they'd bring in a younger auntie with youtube skills - they would awesome !
  7. Testing Testing 1 2 3 :D

    1. Prawninator


      OMG comments are still a thing??!

    2. Darnell


      OMG I think so ! Try some, today ! :D

  8. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    @Prawninator- are you the lass that went back to Singapura for work ? and took him with you ?
  9. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Perhaps it's a fook-run establishment ? EEEK !
  10. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Huh - did we talk ages past on the VJ portal ? Or - Toofies - is that you ? OMGZ.
  11. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    dead easy, from a PC
  12. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    backtrack your 'stand my ground' bits here in this topic ...
  13. Darnell

    K1 Visa - Problems with getting SSN

    could be a name problem. if you have a moment, go back to the ssa office, ask to look up in the SAVE database, either A#, visa # or name. Then study - see what's 'off' - usually the name is mis-spelled in SAVE. There's a fix for SAVE, it's going to be a trek. Without the name being correct, SSA won't issue a SSN .
  14. Darnell

    I have no insurance but need addiction treatment

    a K-3 visa ? OK - did you go through any adjustment of status, and receive an actual green-card, a permanent resident card ?
  15. Darnell

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Why, because you snuck in something about p-math ? No No No. P-Math must be abolished. There's only one way for that.