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  1. I suggest you be extremely wary of anyone offering advise for a K-3 visa. Suggest you follow the CR-1 or K-1 visa, instead, depending on your marital status at time of initial filing.
  2. How's the prep going for hunting season? 

    1. SAT


      Down 3 Hunter's this year. Just me and my buddy, like the old days. 


  3. --Knit a sweater --Apply 2nd coat of wax to my surf board --repair a kite sail --Weld on a bike-cargo frame --Shift 1100 lbs of horse manure with a shovel.
  4. did you scan anything, store on a computer or online account? at least the #'s would be on the scans.
  5. In general, a complete copy of what you filed , along with -- evidence of a combined life since marriage IIRC, there are 6 major categories for that, actually listed in the I-130 instructions (probably not a form you've reviewed at all, and that's cool, it's not used for the fiance' trail at all). Sometimes it's hard to generate that evidence for a K-1 visa holder, unless they were successful in obtaining a SSN card inside the 76 day window after Point-of-Entry. OTOH, the rules for this exact type of adjustment are different, usually a 'new couple' won't think about that type of evidence as well. When you get on a PC sometime today, take a deep dive on the I-130 instructions, then compare the evidence list with what you have or what you are able to generate. Seriously, the checklist you seek is on another forum here and also in a FAQ/HowTo Guide - grab a pc or laptop and have a longish look
  6. CCP membership is one thing, and it opens up the tip of the funnel to keep digging, evaluating. Combine CCP membership with a TECHNICAL degree that somehow advances weapons technology, and suddenly it's a deep dive. So, take a look at the degree, internships whilst in China, other work done in China (state business versus absolutely private company) ...
  7. @Boiler - aaaaaaaaaaaaaah - advice from Rahm. That's awesome he's feeling comfortable enough to pop up and get paid for more advice. That's awesome !
  8. No she's not - she helped her husband redefine 'sex' in my lifetime. That's awesome !
  9. That's awesome ! Almost as awesome as you not posting on my profile, but posting it here, instead ! Kudos ! Yer a RockStar !
  10. People are evil, wicked, mean and nasty ! Don't be people ! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh !
  11. @Nature Boy 2.0 - that's awesome. Some of them people have guns and show up at protests. w00t ! [back at post #1]
  12. @Nature Boy 2.0 - meanwhile back at post #1 - Ms. Rodham tries to keep her hand in anything and everything - so a national event at a federal building is some awesome venue for her to use her talking attributes. I know she has other attributes, and yes, there are other things she can do with her mouth, but come on - isn't it time she gets banned from future death celebrations?
  13. I watched her resignation announcement in the House, live on c-span. It was awesome !
  14. @Nature Boy 2.0 - that's awesome ! (back at post #1) - Since Disney owns the StarWars Franchise now, I expect all of the princess people to be escorted by StarWars StormTroopers, with cleverly disguised bang bang gear.
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