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NVC Interview Schedule
12:12 am May 24, 2023


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How long does it typically take for the National Visa Center (NVC) to schedule an interview with the Sydney consulate for an immigrant visa (CR1)?

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SSA Office Wont Issue SSN
5:20 pm May 22, 2023

Chanel H.

Chanel H.

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Hello! My husband arrived in the US on Thursday on a CR1 visa. We selected "NO" on the DS-260 for the question "Do you want the Social Security Administration to issue a Social Security number and a card?". We went to the SSA office today but the person there said they won't issue a card even though we selected "No" because "immigration has been issuing them anyway and people have been getting 2 cards" and to wait 6 weeks.

After reading the forum and seeing folks getting different answers at different offices, my concern is that the person at the office is not correct about this. What's everyone's experience with this, it sounds like we should go to another office and try again?

Thanks ?

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CR1 visa: Biometrics appointment after not receiving green card
5:14 pm April 25, 2023



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I've been in the US for over 90 days now and have not received my green card. I received my SSN after 2 weeks of being in the US. I spoke to USCIS this morning and they are advising me that i have to attend a biometrics appointment which was scheduled for me a week ago. Is this normal for CR1 visas to attend a biometrics appointment? Should i be worried? All my biometrics were taken in Sydney Australia and my fingerprints were taken at my immigrant visa interview.

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Expired greencard with current re-entry permit
3:21 am April 12, 2023


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Hello there, I am wondering if I can reenter the US with a current re-entry permit but expired greencard (expires October 23)?

Thanks !

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Advice on submitting N400 from out of state
8:26 pm April 6, 2023



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Hi everyone!

My window to file my N400 (based on 3 year rule) is opening around the first week of December 2023. Here is my question... and PLEASE don't give me a hard time if this is a dumb question, here i go.

I want to go to Australia to visit my family in September, but i want to go for a few months (less than 6 months). If i leave for Australia in September and then in December fly to Hawaii for a vacation and while Im thete submit my N400 online, before returning to Australia again, is that possible?

I would then return to the mainland US when I get my interview scheduled/ before 180 days have lapsed.

I am aware of the continuous residence requirement and the physical presence requirement.

Thank you kindly for your input!

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