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CEAC No Status
12:13 pm yesterday


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On April 27th I received an email from the NVC to say that our case has been sent to the Sydney Embassy in Australia. I have been checking the Visa Application status on the CEAC website and each time I am given the message 'No Status' and that the case was created on 2nd of May 2021. What does it actually mean? Thankyou.

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Proof of Relationship evidence for interview.
1:48 pm May 11, 2021


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I'm very confused (although I really shouldn't be) in regards to using chat screenshots and photos as proof of relationship, for my upcoming interview. Do I only need to provide proof of an ONGOING relationship (such as from the time our petition was filed - or approved by USCIS), or does it need to be from the beginning and up to the present time? Also, just how many screenshots should I really use? I have taken so many, that I just can't decide which would be best ? Do they need captions to describe what the conversations are about? Photos - I really don't have very many of my partner and I together, and the only more recent ones have been taken during our videochats. So I guess that I can only use what I have. Do they need captions too? I have been spending so much time in trying to collate both chat screenshots and photos into a presentable format, and failing terribly, while becoming very downhearted as a result. I've tried using Microsoft Word, but my skills in that program are very minimal, same for creating a PDF file. So now I'm trying Canva, results are yet to be determined. So, what is the better way to do this?

I apologise for the many questions, it really is easier I know, than what my mind is making it out to be. There's just a lot that I'm having to deal with right now, that I'm not really able to understand some things as clearly as I ought to.

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DHL Shipping 2021
5:06 am May 10, 2021


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Hi! I was looking at the guides and it included 2020 dates for DHL, I m wondering if they are the same for 2021? Hoping ours leaves on the 12th if so.

I m also attempting to do the DHL Shippers Reference tracking, do I have the correct format for the below?

EXP 05 MAY 2021A

Thank you!

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Overseas all of 2020 and taxes?
4:42 am May 9, 2021


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I was overseas in Australia all of 2020 with the my Aussie fiance. Now we are married and going through the AOS paperwork.

It says that I have to submit my most recent tax return for the last tax year, but I didn't make any income so I am wondering how I should go about this?

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Congressman Case at NVC K1
9:06 pm May 5, 2021


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Hola. So I've searched VJ and the results are a mixed bag and not so recent (if I missed it tag me, or I'll delete this etc). Some posts say yes, some posts say no or are not from embassies that are actually open.

Our case is at NVC, a representative has advised its been in the building but not yet action or done anything as of April 28th.

My Congressman and I talk, I'm a U.S Veteran and I'm involved in a variety of discussions and advocacies and we were in conversation and I have mentioned how difficult it has been since my father who I was very close to passed away a couple months ago and I live alone, would love my partner to join me and we haven't seen each other close to 500 days. Congressman has offered his help but not sure if this would delay the current process. I'm hoping that within a couple weeks NVC will update our case as recieved or we get that e-mail we all hope to get or if Congressman can actually help at this point or perhaps at the appointment level at open Sydney Embassy.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated before I send my Authorization Form.

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