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NOA1 to NOA2 May Filers
5:25 pm October 12, 2019


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So I am highly aware that it takes about 5-7 months for the California Service Center to approve 1-129F petitions, however I have been seeing people get approved in three months?!?! I filed mine in the end of May with no response, whereas people who filed in July already have their NOA2 in september or october. Has anyone else still been waiting 4-5 months + for their NOA2 or these 3 month approvals are just common now?

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What does postmarked actually mean? (According to USCIS)
12:10 am October 12, 2019


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Hi, what does 'postmarked' actually mean, according to the USCIS?

Does it mean the day the parcel arrived at the USCIS Lockbox?

I've read on the USCIS site about their 'Receipting and Acceptance Processing' (linked below), but to me it doesn't clarify about weekends and public holidays.

If a parcel arrives on a weekend or public holiday, will it be postmarked as received on the weekend/public holiday it arrived there? Or will it be postmarked as of their next business day?

To me, it seems it would be postmarked as the day it arrived at the Lockbox. USCIS website says they assure that the receipt date is recorded ("...as receipt date may be critically important to determine applicant eligibility.").

Just wondering if I've understood this properly. Could someone clarify this for me? Thank you in advance.


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2018 tax needed for consulate interview?
9:14 pm October 9, 2019


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I had my final document approved after appealing via a Senator. They were asking for 2018 tax returns, and my sponsor has his own accountancy firm, so he filled extensions for his wife (my in-laws). The NVC said they still wanted to see the 2018 tax return, but we pointed them towards the letter from his firm (uploaded in August) that states extensions have been filed.

So they approved that letter...and then said they want proof of employment from my sponsor, his wife and my wife.

Our lawyer thinks there is a chance that even if we get approval that when we have our consulate interview that they will reject me because I have not presented the 2018 taxes. You can not being new documents to the consulate interview too.

Has anyone else heard of people being rejected at interview stage for this reason?

Any insight would be much appreciated

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About to File, G1450 + Lockbox Help
2:09 pm October 9, 2019


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Hi, everyone.

I arrived on a K1 and am adjusting my status.

I'm just about done putting my AOS, EAD and AP packet together. I have a joint sponsor, so in total, I've got 5 envelopes organised with every form and its required evidence. Each one has a cover letter with my name, A-number and signature.

This is the method of organising everything that made the most sense to me, so that the adjudicator can easily identify what paperwork is being used for which immigration benefit, but does this sound alright to the rest of you? I'm planning to use a heavy clip to just hold all the envelopes together before putting them in a shipping envelope and mailing them...

But here's my next issue. Where do I mail to?

I understand that the I-485 goes to the Chicago lockbox, and the I-131 filing instructions say to use the same address as the I-485, so it also goes to the Chicago lockbox. But the I-765 instructions say that if you have a PENDING family-based I-485 application, it should also go to the Chicago lockbox, but does this apply even if I haven't filed it yet (so it technically isn't pending)? So after looking at all of this, I think that I am to send the I-485 (+ 2x I-864s), I-765 and I-131 together in the one shipping envelope to the Chicago lockbox, if I am understanding all of this correctly? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I just want to make sure nothing gets rejected when it comes to mailing my packet.

Also, on the G-1450 (credit card payment authorisation). My husband and I will need to use his debit card to make the $1,225 payment because I don't have a US bank account yet. But am I allowed to do this? And if we can, my name goes on the first line of the form, correct ("Applicant's/Petitioner's/Requester's Information")?

Thank you all.

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How long does it take to receive Green Card once arrived?
1:27 am October 9, 2019



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Hi all,

Wondering how long it typically takes to receive your green card after arriving in the USA? We've paid all the fees before arriving in the USA.

And is there a way to call up and ask about where the card is in the process if it's taking a long time? We are afraid there were some issues with us receiving mail for 2-3 weeks and worried it may have tried to be delivered during that time.

It's been 3 months since we've arrived in the USA.


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