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SSN for EAD during filling
12:10 am today



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Just wondering, the SSN card i received with my EAD while awaiting for my 485 to be approved states that it is for work purposes only. As my 485 is approved, does this mean a NEW SSN will be sent out? Or is that my SSN now until life and a new card will come with my GC?

(Not sure if asking in the correct area) The guy who did our interview could not answer the question, so im wondering if someone else in this situation could explain how it all works from this point onwards

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AOS interview questions
3:21 pm May 15, 2022



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We have the interview this week, we were given like 2 weeks notice. Filed 485 within 1 year of medical, Am i sposed to still go get the 693 or whatever it was?
What is a must to take?
What do they ask?

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Best person to petition new citizen SAH bio mum or working USC step dad?
9:07 pm May 11, 2022


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Lodging i-130's for 2 unmarried minors (both under 18).

Mum is a naturalized citizen, who is a stay at home mum with no income. Step dad is US citizen by birth, working full time who has supported the family since he petitioned them to come to the US in 2011.

What would be best to petition for the kids? The biological mum with no income or the US born step dad who's working full time?

I'm assuming once it gets to the consulate stage and the affidavit of support was needed, the step dads income could be used for this?

We will be applying for expedition due to their circumstances so want this to to go the quickest and easiest way possible.

Any advice / information would be appreciated.

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Me (US) and Husband (Aus) Visiting USA in June - him on esta
5:40 am May 4, 2022


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1) What can we do ahead of time to help ensure that he can make it into the US on his esta?

2) In the worst case scenario, if they don't let him in, can we just book a flight from the US to Latin America or would they make him return to Australia?

3) A friend thought he just needs to show a certain amount of money in his account to support himself for the time he is in the US - is this right? How much do they want to see? Will they consider money in my US accounts, since we're married (but as this is our first trip to the US together, and his first ever, we don't have a US joint account)?

4) Should I have a Chicago immigration lawyer on speed dial in case they give us problems? Would that even help if they decide to refuse him entry?


My husband, and I got married last year via the Utah remote zoom marriage while living together in Thailand. We looked into the CR1, but we eventually decided against it, as neither of us has a strong desire to live in the US. We've lived in Thailand for the last 8 years, but have decided to leave Thailand in June to travel and explore new destinations that would have better time zones for my remote work (we're looking into Ecuador and Portugal).

I've recently read some HORROR stories of people getting refused entry into the US bc the immigration agent believes they want to stay. I know one of the things they'll look at is his "close ties" to Australia, which I'm afraid he doesn't have, beyond his family, who we're visiting after the US. We both work remotely online, his work is for a European company, not Australian. He doesn't own a house or a car in Australia either. We have work permits here in Thailand, but we're giving them up before we go to the US.

He's got his esta, but I understand that doesn't guarantee him entry to the US. We'll have all our flights booked, including his return to Australia. Our itinerary:

mid-June - Fly from Bangkok to Chicago, followed by a domestic flight to my parents' city

6 weeks USA

8 weeks Ecuador

1 week Mexico

6 weeks USA (my brother's wedding)

He flies to Australia mid-November

I fly to Australia after Christmas/NY with my family (who I haven't seen for 3.5 years due to the pandemic) - this is the only flight that won't be booked when we enter the US the first time.

This is causing me a lot of stress, I'm happy to print out a load of documents or whatever may be necessary to help make things smoother. What are people's recommendations?

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Closure of Sydney Embassy and potential move to NZ
8:55 pm April 27, 2022


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Hi, I am a New Zealand Citizen living in Australia and my partner is the US Citizen living in the states. We have applied for a K1 visa and had our NOA1 on 29 March 2021. We recently got NOA2 and were transferred to NVC about a month ago but now have realised that due to Sydney being closed and not taking any more applications we are stuck at this stage. NVC said they cannot give us the invoice to pay our fees and proceed until sydney says they will take more applications as they are still working through the backlog when they reopen.

What I am wondering is - does anyone have any idea of the timeframe to reopen? As I am a New Zealand Citizen, I could also move back to New Zealand and do my interview there. Another question I have is what do I need to do to prove 'residency' in New Zealand. the auckland embassy says they will not accept my application until I actually move countries to NZ and am resident there but are very vague as to what evidence to provide to show residency.

Has anyone made a move like this before? What did you provide?

Also does anyone have any general advice for us on whether to stay put in Australia and wait for Sydney or actually quit my job, give up my home, car etc, and move to NZ and live with my parents waiting for an interview there.

Thank you,


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