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US Immigration from Australia

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Where to file...
12:07 am yesterday


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I went to double check things since we are starting on our packet for March. I have the current form 12/05/17. Verified the fee $595 filing and $85 biometric. Address to send it to if a resident of Kansas...

P.O. BOX 21200
Phoenix, AZ 85036???

I did not know Arizona was a service center. Also, Arizona is not listed as a service center for checking processing times on the I-751. Is this really the right address? I thought it went to the California Service Center?

Thank you.

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AUSSIES!!! CR1 Applicants. Anyone here for a December Interview yet?
8:03 pm yesterday

Gj & Cathy

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Hi Guys, I'm not quite sure how they will schedule interviews for December. I heard rumors that they do K1 Visa on the last week of every month. Does Cr1 get scheduled on the 3rd week? Just wondering if they have a system in Sydney on how they do their scheduling. I am hoping to be scheduled in the first 2 weeks of December as I am Japan bound on the 28th of December. I will need my passport back if and when I am granted my visa.

Has anyone been scheduled here for CR1 this December please?

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K1 Visa Port of Entry
8:03 am yesterday


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Hi just wondering what documents I need to be carrying me as I enter America on a K1 Visa?

The documents I know that I have to bring with me so far are:
1. Sealed envelope from the U.S. Consulate
2. X-Rays

Thank you in advance! I will be flying off next month.

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Australian Citizenship by Descent Different Name
4:18 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right forum for this question, apologies if it's not. My (I'm the Australian citizen) daughter was born in the US and is 6 months old now. I am wanting to apply for her Australian citizenship by descent, and am looking at the requirements now.

I changed my name to my married name in the US (as far as I know, this had no effect on my name in Australia). My question is, if I apply for her citizenship with my married name on her birth certificate, but my name in Australia is still my maiden name, will this cause issues? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Uni scholarship from home country
8:50 am yesterday

Ethan & Shannon

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Hi all,

If the beneficiary came to the US on the K1 and continued her PhD program from a distance with her current non-US university, and still continued receiving her scholarships which are paid by the non-US university, is this allowed? I thought it would be allowed because the source of income isn't from the US + it's a living allowance scholarship for studying (not employment), but I want to double check.


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