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How Long Until RFE?
8:57 pm January 18, 2019


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My wife had her AOS interview on 12/20/18. My wife needed another medical and the officer said that she would send out the RFE telling us that. We ve not received it yet.

Now, taking into the fact that the IO would be on holiday break until 1/7 (she made us aware of this), about how long until we get the RFE?

We called USCIS and were told the usual blah blah. How long should we wait to do something further (info pass perhaps)?


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11:02 pm January 17, 2019


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I can honestly say the DS160 online would be the most frustrating thing I've ever done in my life. Even the 249 days waiting for K1 approval was more tolerable than the antiquated and flawed DS160. I have 3 applications to complete. Its taken me a total of 8hrs to get through two with it timing out and not allowing me to load the photo on the second application. Ive tried clearing the cache, using someone else's machine and next stop is taking the laptop to a friends house to use their internet connection. Any other suggestions?

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Money orders for AOS
6:48 pm January 17, 2019


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Has anyone (in the last 6 months) used separate money orders to pay the USCIS filing fees and had any problems paying?

As money orders can only be purchased for $1000.00 we have to send 2 separate ones to cover the entire fee.

Anyone had any problems with this?



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NVC received case, no NOA2 email/hard copy yet?
7:25 pm January 16, 2019


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Good evening VJ!~ This is our second post, here! We have (I believe) updated our timeline appropriately to help with trend prediction and statistics! ??

We did recently discover the new site and it shows an approval date! Case Was Approved: December 27, 2018. This thrills us even though we know there's still a lot to do!
The one thing we're currently concerned about is I (the petitioner) still haven't received the physical NOA2. Nor have I received the email for it (but I did receive the email for the noa1 as well as the hard copy noa1 later). I have not moved address.

I had called the NVC to check if they have received the case, and they had: January 14, 2019 and they gave us our case number.

With our approval date of 12/27/2018 (shown on new site) with no email, or hard copy received yet. Coupled with the NVC having our case 1/14/2019 and providing a case number. What should we do about the NOA2 hard copy?

We're fast approaching a month between the supposed approval and my hands on the actual noa2. :V Cause for concern or are we simply impatient? ?

Thanks for your time and resources, our future and happiness may not be as close to possible without it. An absolutely invaluable resource! ??

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Can you use UK fiancÚ's savings for support?
6:57 am January 15, 2019


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I remember reading 10 years ago about the UK being an exception to the support situation, where the UK fianc could include their bank savings to help meet support requirements. Is that still true or has it since changed? If it is, where can I find further info on it?

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