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  1. We submitted our AOS package recently with two separate G-1450s. One with the I-130, one with the I-485. No problems. We referenced the G-1450s in the cover letter/table of contents along with a short description of what each was for: "Form G-1450 - Authorization for Credit Card Transactions - Payment in the Amount of $535 for Form I-130 Filing Fee" "Form G-1450 - Authorization for Credit Card Transactions - Payment in the Amount of $1,225 for Form I-485 Filing and Biometric Services Fee". We got NOA1 text notifications the day after the card was charged.
  2. Looking back through my emails, for a college degree equivalent and high school diploma equivalent, looks like I paid $220, plus $130 for translations.
  3. We used SpanTran recently and would recommend them. They were fast. Expensive though.
  4. In that case maybe an evaluation agency could accept that as proof of her degree and provide the equivalency evaluation based on it? 🤷‍♂️
  5. Does she have a digital copy of her degree that you could have evaluated? Her cedula sounds like good supporting evidence but I would try to get her degree evaluated too.
  6. I had this same question when recently filling out our forms. There seems to be no clear consensus, some people put N/A, some leave blanks. I left most things blank except where I felt N/A was necessary.
  7. For education evaluation we used SpanTran, paid for their 2-day rush service and turnaround was a bit over 24 hours. For the tax transcript I'm not sure, all I can say is the I-944 instructions seem very clear to me that tax transcript is required.
  8. Our forms (AOS from VWP) were delivered to Chicago Lockbox on 05/11. Credit card was charged on 05/18. Got text notifications on 05/19.
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