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The Stupid RFE Thread


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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: India
Sure there are some RFEs that can't be avoided, but how about listing the simple ones that can be avoided.

This can't help us, but it can help those that come after us.


IV Package

My stupid RFE was:

Forgot to send DS-230pt 2

What I learned:

Send DS-230pt 1 signed, AND DS-230pt 2 filled out, but not signed.


although i am not yet there but wud like to share something that i remember from another member's experience.


IV/AOS package

Stupid RFE:

form is a photocopy and not original

What I (He) learned:

never use black ink to sign papers. use blue ink to sign papers. the person had signed the form in black ink and it appeared to NVC as a photocopy.

sorry Steve, I shared ur experience :) but i am sure u wont mind as i am only trying to give back to the communtiy.

USCIS (Vermont Service Center) Journey

Mailed I-130 Packet on 05/27/08

Approved: 12/23/08

NVC Journey

NVC Case Number assigned 01/02/09

Case Completed 01/21/09

End of Visa Journey

New Delhi Embassy Interview 03/17/09


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AOS Package

Stupid RFE:

The whole package!! they said they dont have it!!

What my hubby learned:

Send everything using express mail!

he didn't know at first that regular mail could take forever or get lost.. and i think that is what happened.... :-(


IR-5 for dad

02/16/12 - mailed I-130

02/27/12 - NOA1 petition received(hubby's birthday!)

06/06/12 - NOA2 stating I-130 approved

06/29/12 - NVC received case

07/09/12 - case entered in the system,assigned MNL # and IIN,email add given

07/12/12 - beneficiary emailed DS-3032, auto response received

07/18/12 - AOS fee bill/paid "IN PROCESS"

07/20/12 - AOS fee bill shows "PAID", mailed AOS package

07/25/12 - received AOS

07/25/12 - IV Fee Bill Invoiced, paid $230.00 "IN PROCESS"

07/26/12 - IV Fee bill shows "PAID"

07/28/12 - mailed IV Package

08/03/12 - received DS 230 packet

08/14/12 - sent RFE

08/16/12 - NVC received RFE

08/21/12 - log in failed

08/22/12 - case complete!

09/26-27/12 - medical at SLMC

10/04/12 - interview

12/01/12 - Left Philippines

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AOS package! I paid $70 online after 1 month, i asked for update and they told me they never received any payment... of course I have my proof that I did pay. NVC operator told me that she will talk to her supervisor about this.. Then after a week, I called again (unfortunately I was in Manila and everytime I called it was an internatioal call- too expensive!) she said everything is ok and they did received my payment... I waited and waited again.... another month has come.. and to my surprise it's is my affidavit of support papers that they did not receive.. I was ready to give up... because they already wasted 2 months of my time to be with my husband...but least now.. i am seeing the light after a very long tunnel.... my husband will be interviewed this month...

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Colombia


IV Package for CR2's

My stupid RFE was:

Need notorized letter from the other parent allowing the child/ren to immigrate to the US. Very important if you are petitioning a child with or without the parent.

No where was this stated and I have seen a few RFE's for this over the last year.

Why is it that the only one who can stop the crying is the one who started it in the first place?

More Complete Story here
My Saga includes 2 step sons
USC Married 4/2007 Colombian on overstay since 2001 of B1/B2 visa
Applied 5/2007 Approved GC in Hand 10/2007
I-751 mailed 6/30/09 aapproved 11/7/09 The BOYS I-751 Mailed 12/29/09 3/23/10 Email approval for 17 CR 3/27/10
4/14/10 Email approval for 13 yr Old CR 4/23/10

Oldest son now 21 I-130 filed by LPR dad ( as per NVC CSPA is applying here )
I-130 approved 2/24
Priority date 12/6/2007
4/6/2010 letter from NVC arrives to son dated 3/4/2010
5/4/10 received AOS and DS3032 via email
9/22/10 Interview BOG Passed
10/3/10 POE JFK all went well
11/11/10 GC Received smile.png

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: Guyana

Okay, i didn't think i would be posting on this thread but my husband did not send in his original divorce decree. Everything else was fine except for that. :bonk:

I-130 for Two Step Children

App Recieved by USCIS: April 13, 2010

Notice Date: April 19, 2010

Notice Recieved: April 21, 2010

Touched: April 21, 2010

Touched: April 22, 2010

Approved:September 28,2010

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Form I-130

My stupid RFE was:

Didn't send enough proof of ongoing marital relationship

What I learned:

Send as much as you can. No matter how many times we sent in proof it still wasn't enough. We ended up getting 3 RFEs!!!

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My daughter's case (10y.o) received an RFE. In her I-864W Part 3, I asked NVC what name should i put, my husband or daughter, then they told me my husband, and now my atty. got an rfe that we should put the name of my daughter in concluding provision and my husband then should sign.


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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: Japan

They wanted my most recent IRS #######, from 2007. Fine. I was living and working in Japan for just about the entire year of 2007 so I sent them the 2555 I filed (income of Americans working abroad). They RFE'd me, asking for the regular W2 or whatever. I explained to an NVC guy on the phone that I didn't work in the US during 2007, which would be apparent should one take the time to look through my file. Still, I had to resubmit the entire AOS complete with this IRS-2555, everything being identical to what I'd already submitted, nothing different, nothing additional. Thanks, dicks.

Luckily this only tacked an extra 10 days or so onto the process, but #######...

Go listen to some free beats:


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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: India

our stupid RFE was with USCIS about registered marriage, we didn't register our marriage after we got married in church. New Delhi embassy website says that for christian marriage a certificate from church pastor is enough. Because pastor has a license from govt to marry people.

Still we got RFE to submit a letter from civil authority or marriage registrar.

My suggestion to all people to register their marriage no matter which way you get married. we lost one month, 11 days and than money also for my wife to come back to india and register our marriage also.

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Category: DS 230 part I

RFE: Question 20 - list all the places you have lived since 16 - I listed the three places I have lived at and the most recent periods I lived there, my home town for the past year, 6 months soemhwere else and 6 months somewhere else. Before that i lived at my hometown again, but did not include it, figured i listed it once already. turned out there shouldn't be a gap between the age of 16 and present, so i had to mail the form again.

What I learned: DON'T ASSUME! if not sure of anything ask your local US consulate, NVC, forums, anybody, but don't assume, cause it costs in delays :(

09/27/2008 Married

11/13/2008 Petition I-130 sent

11/16/2008 Petition received

11/26/2008 NOA 1

01/16/2009 Transferred to CSC

02/03/2009 Approved - NOA 2

02/08/2009 NVC Case number assigned

02/10/2009 DS-3032 emailed

02/13/2009 DS-3032 accepted

02/17/2009 AOS and IV bills generated

02/19/2009 AOS and IV bills paid

02/24/2009 AOS package received

02/28/2009 RFE for IV Package

03/02/2009 IV Package received

03/04/2009 RFE Question 20 DS-230

03/09/2009 New DS-230 mailed

03/12/2009 NVC AVR says they received the checklist info

04/03/2009 Another RFE - couldn't tell us what exactly

04/07/2009 Received email with checklist letter - document regarding J-1 visa

04/07/2009 Emailed the requested document

04/10/2009 Case complete

04/23/2009 Interview scheduled for June

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Canada

Category: Proof of Marriage

My stupid RFE: We sent a copy of our marriage certificate when we filed back in August. Our case was transferred December 22 and our RFE came in January. They needed a copy of our marriage certificate AGAIN.

What I learned: Don't assume EVERYTHING gets transferred when your case does.

August 12, 2008 - petition sent
August 16, 2008 - NOA-1
February 10, 2009 - NOA-2

February 13, 2009 - NVC case number assigned
March 12, 2009 - Case Complete

May 4, 2009

May, 26, 2009

POE - June 20, 2009 Toronto - Atlanta, GA

Removal of Conditions
Filed - April 14, 2011
Biometrics - June 2, 2011 (early)
Approval - November 9, 2011


April 29, 2013 - NOA1 for petition received

September 10, 2013 Interview - decision could not be made.

April 15, 2014 APPROVED. Wait for oath ceremony


September 29, 2015 - sent letter to senator.

October 16, 2015 - US Citizen

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: France

Category: I864A

RFE: father to complete I864A not I864. Both my parents filled out an I864A each. I have no income-I'm a student

Category: DS230

RFE: husband's biographic passport page that includes expiration date

False RFE?: There are 2 police certificates in Morocco, we only sent one but a couple days later case was complete so who knows...

Met: 2004-07-18

Islamic marriage: 2006-07-31

Marriage : 2008-12-27

Entry San Fran 2009-09-27

Hubby is HOME!!!!

Received SSN 2009-10-06

Received welcome letter 2009-10-10

GREEN CARD!!! 2009-10-13

Driver's License 2009-10-26

HUBBY FOUND A JOB!!! after about 4 months of being here :)

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: Kenya

Category: AOS I-864

My stupid RFE: Left out the W2 & the proof of current employment

What i learned: That having a lawyer doesnt mean no RFEs :angry: . And calling NVC to check the progress before they send you the email saves time and gives you time to prepare for the missing docs and the only thing you wait for is the barcoded cover sheet that comes with the RFE mail.




09.05.08 ---------- Sent I-130

15.05.08 ---------- NOA1

12.03.09 ---------- Approved!!!

25.03.09 ---------- NVC received - Got NVC case number (Thank you Jesus)

30.03.09 ---------- Received AOS and DS-3032 on mail

31.03.09 ---------- Paid AOS and returned DS-3032

28.04.09 ---------- Received I-864 package

11.05.09 ---------- Sent I-864 Package

02.06.09 ---------- RFE for I-864 email Received

09.06.09 ---------- Needed W2 on RFE sent

23.06.09 ---------- IV Fee Bill Generated

23.06.09 ---------- IV Fee Payment done Online

26.06.09 ---------- IV Fee Status PAID in NVC system.

29.06.09 ---------- DS-230 sent

04.08.09 ---------- RFE for Marriage Cert Received ( Dont even get me started on the lawyer! God have mercy)

11.08.09 ---------- NVC Case Complete!!! (Yesu ni bwana)

03.09.09 ---------- Case Forwarded to Nairobi Consulate

03.09.09 ---------- Interview Schedule given by NVC

08.10.09 ---------- INTERVIEW DATE!! Visa Approved (1yr 5 months 20 days) (To God be the glory)

09.11.09 ---------- Arrival (POE Houston)


God is forever faithful & His love endures forever. I give thanks.

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Sure there are some RFEs that can't be avoided, but how about listing the simple ones that can be avoided.

This can't help us, but it can help those that come after us.


IV Package

My stupid RFE was:

Forgot to send DS-230pt 2

What I learned:

Send DS-230pt 1 signed, AND DS-230pt 2 filled out, but not signed.


Ditto. I sent Everything but DS230 part II. Now I'm in a black hole waiting for a RFE Checklist. That's what I get for hiring a lawyer to instruct me through a process!

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Category: AOS

RFE: The whole AOS packet. --- As the beneficiary, I sent the DS230 first. Instead of the AOS. I mailed the DS230 assuming that my husband will be able send the AOS the same day, but it turned out to be after 1 good month. So they first look from us the AOS. They issued us RFE.

Lesson learned: Follow the guides. :P


Petitioner (My Mom)

Beneficiary (My Sister 18 y.o)

06-07-19- Sent I-130

06-11-19- NOA1

02-19-20- "Initial Review, Transferred to another Visa Center"

03-11-20- APPROVED!!!

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