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Police clearance certificate
2:53 am today

C and L

C and L

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Will the Consular accept a letter saying why a beneficiary can't obtain a police certificate? From a country they once lived in 10 years ago?

Reason: Visa requirements and ticket prices, hotel, time away from work not Permitted.

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Police clearance certificate
7:39 pm October 14, 2019

C and L

C and L

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Hi, I'm the Beneficiary, how do I get a police clearance certificate from Mexico?
I lived there on a student Visa 8years ago. Thank you

I have no one in Mexico, a Flight to Mexico from my country is like $3000 usd I would need a Visa too

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Adjustment of Status
7:16 pm September 25, 2019



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What happens after your case updates to finger print review completed?

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Worried my Police Clearance !!!
12:58 am September 23, 2019

C and L

C and L

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Hi. I was 21 years old when I attended a Short scholarship program in Mexico for 8months.

I stayed in another Country for 8 months when I was 23 years old before moving back to my country permanently. I'm now 30 years old.

Would I need to provide police Clearance from these countries For the NVC?

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How long should I wait for my Appointment Date?
8:06 pm September 5, 2019


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Hey guys,

I filled out and uploaded the AOS and the DS-260 forms for my case and it is currently awaiting review from NVC.

My question is: How long after my documents are reviewed should i expect to received an appointment date (interview date).

Its been 4 weeks now since I upload all my documents just to be clear.

can you guys give me a rough estimate when will i have my interview date.

NB: Priority date: 2017 July 19

F3 Category

Thank You

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