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US Immigration from Guyana

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When will I have my Green card (Immigrant Visa already issued)
1:18 pm April 5, 2021


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Hey Guys, Well I have Received My immigrant visa about 2 weeks now, and I have paid my green card fee online.

I was told my the consulate officer to pay my fees as soon as possible so I did. I'm wondering if my Green card will still be issued although have haven't travel to the USA as yet.

I need some advice on this.

Thank you,

Stay Safe Everyone

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How long will the embassy take to review my documents!!
4:01 pm March 8, 2021


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Hey guys,

I contacted the embassy concerning my additional documents I've submitted and the embassy responded, "we will contact you as soon as the documents have been reviewed."

Its been a while now since the embassy contacted me.

I'm wondering how long more the embassy will take to reviewed my documents.

Eagerly waiting on this!

Someone help me out please.

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I-130 Visa For Brother and Sister
6:13 pm February 25, 2021



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Need help! I applied and both applications for my brother and sister was received in September 2013, as of February 2021 both Cases were approved and sent to the NVC. What are the next steps? How long more will this process take?

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HGreen Card and still no one wants to hire me!! (merged)
8:42 pm February 5, 2021

Kim and Joseph

Kim and Joseph

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Who else waiting on Permanent and SS Card?

Paid in November. Arrive in December. Miami POE. I've never been without a Job for so long. My Mother-in-Law already told me to get out of her house after an Argument.

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Permanent Card (GC)
10:22 pm February 1, 2021

Kim and Joseph

Kim and Joseph

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Please direct me to a Thread for People Waiting on Green Card after Arrival. Thanks

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