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  1. Greetings. I’m the original author of the LingChe Shortcut Wiki....way back in 2007 I believe. Back then, I believe the average time through NVC was 6 months to a year. Once the shortcuts were published, it wasn’t unusual to see families move through NVC in 2 or 3 weeks. I believe the current record is 8 days. I’m really glad to see that some great people have kept it up to date as processes have changed. I’m really proud that I’ve been able to make a lasting contribution to this amazing community, and help families navigate through immigration and be together sooner. It pained me today to see all the increases in immigration fees, but at least the I-90 fee was reduced. My wife and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage soon. We will never forget the experience, and all the great people we met along our Visa journey. I hope everyone is staying well during these trying times, emotionally as well as physically. I recall the knots in my stomach every time I was waiting for something. Creating the LingChe Shortcuts wasn’t just giving back, we used them to expedite our journey, and I used it as therapy while waiting for my wife’s Visa. Peace and love to all. Ling Ling (aka Chip E.)
  2. Sure there are some RFEs that can't be avoided, but how about listing the simple ones that can be avoided. This can't help us, but it can help those that come after us. Category: IV Package My stupid RFE was: Forgot to send DS-230pt 2 What I learned: Send DS-230pt 1 signed, AND DS-230pt 2 filled out, but not signed. NEXT....
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