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Green card returned to uscis as udeliverable
1:56 am


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Folks I want to share how USCIS Ombudsman helped me with getting my green card resend to me by USCIS after waiting since March,2018.I filled the Case assistance form online( DHS-7001) & attached confirmation page of payment,my expired immigrant visa stamped on my passport,the infopass confirmation letter.I filled on Nov 1 & by Nov 9 USCIS mailed my green card after being contacted by Ombudsman on Nov 7.It arrived Nov 13 because of the Veteran holiday on the 12th & this time It was brought to my door & required my signature.So those with a Similar problem you should try this because they kept me updated to the end.Good luck.

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5:00 pm


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I just applied AOS on October 6th, NOA date was 10/12/2018,,after a week I received 2nd NOA 10/19/2018, for my bio app on 11/09/2018.

I think this is moving pretty fast or it depends on the field office?

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interview questions for family based visa
7:32 am


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Hi good people, my name is Cate, i have a visa interview this month and am wondering what interview questions to expect, please assist. My mother was petitioned for by my uncle, who is a citizen and she got her visa last year and is already in US. Then she came to learn that me and my brother should have gone with her. Now the embassy has scheduled us with a visa interview. Please assist on what questions to expect.

Thanx guys

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Time from Interview to Oath
1:17 am


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We have an N400 Interview early November. However in mid-November I have an overseas trip. I will have the Visa Sticker of the country I am going to visit in my foreign passport. Does anyone know for the New York office what is the waiting time from Interview to Oath? This time around, I would like to be about a month LOL, so I can come back from vacation in time.

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Nairobi Medical exam
1:36 pm


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Hello ,

I was filling in my medical appointment document form and they had somewhere written to fill in and they asked for my case size.Who has an idea on what am suppose to fill there?Am applying for spousal visa.

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