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US Immigration from Kenya

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In transit
7:17 pm yesterday

Cute doll face

Cute doll face

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Finally am In Transit

God Is great ??His timing is the best

NOA1 10th September 2020

NOA2 26th March 2021

Thank you Jesus


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Is Common Law a definite Marriage?
2:30 am June 8, 2021



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Someone has a valid B2 which he has maintained proper use and is back outside US. When he applied for B2, he chose common law marriage option. Note, they've been living together for 6 years but have never officially got married (no official record), hence why he chose common law option during application.

Now, he's over 21 years. Parent just become USC and wants to put an application for him.

Question 1: So in terms of immigration does he fall under:

a. Unmarried child over 21 OR

b. Married child over 21

Question 2: Is common law straight up marriage? Or how does USCIS define this?

My answer to question 2 was that it depends on the law of the individual country. As such, if the law for eg Kenya says so, then it is and he falls under (b) above. If not, then it not legal and he falls under (a) above. Am I wrong with this assumption?

I was asked this question.

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AOS by continuing Consulate I-130 in US? Is it possible?
7:33 pm June 5, 2021



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I know an individual can continue a process by submitting I-485, BUT if the initial I-130 was submitted while in US.

Can someone submit I-130, say while in Kenya, come over on B2 then switch to AOS by continuing the process through I-485 WITHOUT filing a new I-130? I'm trying to understand something here.

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Employment Verification Letter - Permanent Employee
6:49 pm June 3, 2021



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I am the petitioner, and I am in the process of completing the I-134. I obtained my employment verification letter and it includes everything but the permanent employee status. It does mention that I m full time, but that s not quite the same.

I work for a large organization and the HR is hesitant to put anything in my letter that isn t specifically mentioned in my file. So though I am a permanent employee, the HR file doesn t include this designation, so HR will not mention that I m permanent in the employment verification letter.

It s the organization s practice to indicate if an employee is temporary, and anyone who isn t temp is understood to be permanent. So on this basis, I did get them agree to provide another letter that mentions that I m not a temporary employee.

My question, should I submit the letter that has everything but no mention of my permanent employment status, or the letter with the not temp rider, or both? My concern is that the letter with the rider might create more questions; but I am also worried about having no mention at all and issues arising on that basis.

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F2-B Timeframe from DQ to Interview, Nairobi Kenya
6:26 am May 25, 2021


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Hi everyone,

Anybody with an idea how long it takes from when case is DQ'd to when you attend an interview?

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