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N400 Lesson Learnt??
5:47 pm August 3, 2020



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There was a N400 thread a year or 2 ago from a senior member. USCIS had just rejected his N400 application because he sent it immediately his window opened. He later fought it and was successful. I think he was from Dallas and wanted to even contact the local newspaper...His story stuck to me because it was interesting..nothing else

If anyone knows it, or any one knows such story that I can use to warn a fellow who wants to submit right at midnight? (I am not saying the Dallas member/ any member is wrong for submitting immediately. I just wanna use it as a lesson learnt so as to avoid USCIS drama).

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Moderators, any input on this?
3:05 am July 30, 2020



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  1. Moderators.....is there any way this can be pinned on top of various processing threads so that we have a standardized spreadsheet? Those who wanna start a thread e.g June 2019 ROC files, Dec 2020 AOS can then borrow, edit accordingly and supply the link at the start of their threads OR
  2. Moderators can start a new trend where we have an INDEPENDENT tab called "PROGRESS REPORTS SPREADSHEETS.' We can add this under the General Discussion Area or wherever you think is appropriate.
  • Under PROGRESS REPORTS SPREADSHEETS tab, we can have the various process e.g ROC, AOS, K-1 blaa blaa.
  • Under each process e.g ROC we have 12 spreadsheets correlating to all the months of the year i.e January , February spreadsheets etc.
  • Now for each months spreadsheet .eg ROC for January, we open a leaf for January 2020 ROC and all those who ROCed in January 2020 will add data there. When January 2021 comes by, anyone can go and open another leaf for it. Basically, this remains for January alone. Other months will follow the same trend. So basically, we can compare each years month filings easily. See attached. I talk too much.

I believe if we have an independent spreadsheet tab, we can easily pick data. This tab will only be to fill spreadsheet data, nothing else. Comment and asking questions are reserved to their respective forums.

Ideally, I think Option 2 is the best.

P.S The spreadsheet can be hosted somewhere. I do not know where. Anyway, see leafs for different years at the bottom left of the spreadsheet.



Off topic :You can close or merge the previous thread that I had created

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Kenya Consulate interviews
8:13 am July 2, 2020



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Hi all,

Just inquiring if any CR1 Visas have been scheduled for their interviews at the Nairobi consulate since they were deemed mission critical.

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Some advice on my unusual situation
8:32 pm July 1, 2020



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This information was on the I-129f page but i'd like some thoughts from posters here as i'm totally confused now.

1 - I am an American, met my beneficiary in Kenya 6 years ago and we've been living together since then. We have two children together. They have american birth certificates and passports issued by the US Embassy that list her as the mother. We are not married.

2 - I came back to the US last year to seek employment and had begun filling out the I-129 paperwork to get her over here.

3 - As i'm finalizing the paperwork, the covid-19 pandemic happens and everything sort of comes to a standstill for a minute. In the midst of all that, the US Embassy organizes an evacuation flight for all US Citizens in Kenya. My children are to be on the flight, but they're 4 and 1 so they need an escort. I ask the embassy if a non-citizen can get on the flight, and given the circumstance, they make an exception for her. They give her a b1/b2 visitor visa in a particularly unusual way. No wait for the interview, in fact the embassy was closed and they opened it that day just for her (at 8am appointment, by 12 noon when she went back to pick her passport all embassy employees were on their own chartered flight back, local staff did the rest of her paperwork). She didn't have to pay for it and was maybe asked one or two questions. Anyway, she got a visitor visa.

4 - April my beneficiary and two kids touch down in America and we're all together again. So recently i revisited by I-129 paperwork to finalize it and update the recent events of her coming over. I post my story to the I-129 forum here and immediately several people recommend i toss that idea , get married, and file for I-130 and then AOS.

5 - To me this would be awesome for many reasons, but i have my concerns. We legitimately wanted to do the normal I-129 process, but the covid19 scenario led us to where we are now: physically together in the US. I would very much like to get married right away, but i'm concerned that USCIS will think we tried to pull a fast one on them and that they'll see this as some sort of visa fraud. Are my concerns legit or not? What can you guys advise given how odd this whole thing is? I was always under the impression that marriage on a visitor visa (to someone you already knew, not met and fell in love with) is a big red flag to USCIS.


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About to submit my I-129f.. some last minute questions
2:41 pm June 30, 2020



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1. I am in Virginia so I believe i'm supposed to send to the Texas Service Center. Has anyone sent one recently... like this week? Do you know about the new address?


2. Anything that does not apply to me on the I-129f, i have left blank. Should I write in pen "N/A" or just leave it blank? The online form doesn't allow you to use the "/"

I think those are actually my main questions. I've compiled my documents in a binder, with dividers for each section (payment, notification, passport photos, form 129f, explanation of how we met, statements of intent to marry, proof of meeting in the past two years [photos and passport stamps, and a birth certificate we were issued by the US Embassy for our child], proof of ongoing relationship [long list of money transfers i've been sending since i came to the US for school fees and maintenance and stuff]).

I have separated every page of every form and put them in individual paper protectors (the transparent thingies), which are then grouped into sections. So for example, the form 129f is in 13 different sheet protectors, and in between two manila dividers.

I had started filing the 129f before covid started... then covid19 happened and i had to put it on hold. The reason is that in April the US Embassy organized an evacuation of Citizens stuck in Kenya (there were no flights) and my beneficiary, being the mother of my two US Citizen children, was granted a Visitor's visa to escort them to the United states. So now we're all here. Now i'm just worried she'll have to go back before 129f is sorted.

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