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US Immigration from Kenya

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Just Married, about to start the CR-1 Visa process (Split)
4:28 pm September 9, 2023



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What forms are required to be filled for k3 visa. I live in kenya and my husband is an American citizen.

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Interview document question
8:59 am September 8, 2023



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I have a friend who's stuck and needs help.

She's petitioning for her mother. Her mom has 6 children and she's required to carry all her children's birth certificates to the interview. One of her child's certificate has a wrong date of birth and it's too late to change. (Interview in 3 days, certificate rectification takes minimum 10 days) the rest are ok. I need advice to pass along. Thank you. She's Kenyan. So Interview in Nairobi Kenya.

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DS260 reopened
1:48 am September 1, 2023



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Hello my interview is next month and on my DS260 l forgot to write l was in Lebanon for 3 weeks, can the embassy reopen for me l updated

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Expedition at USCIS and NVC for baby's I130 application after wife's i130 approval and NVC stage?
12:52 pm August 30, 2023


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Hi All,

A little backstory. My husband petitioned for me when he was still a LPR back in 2021 in F2A and he naturalized in July 2023. We had our son in 2022 and added him as a derivative for the F2A application. After citizenship we decided to upgrade the petition and file for a separate i130 for our son (we thought it would be faster seeing as F2A priority date regressed by 2 years now at 2018 :( ) Things moved pretty fast after that and now my case is a NVC awaiting documentation but my sons application hasn't moved at all we haven't received NOA1 yet. What option do we have with USCIS? How do we expedite approval and on what grounds? I understand we can delay uploading documents at NVC as we wait but we don't know how long we will wait. Have there been any similar cases to ours and how did you go about it? This wait is so frustrating :( . I was thinking of just going ahead with my application and getting a visitor visa for him and we can travel together incase the wait ages out my visa. Then just shuffle back and forth until his interview?

Please any advise is appreciated.

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Saudia and Dubai police clearance
7:47 am August 30, 2023



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Hello l lived in Saudia 3 years and Dubai for 2 years,, do l need police clearance for the countries on the interview day??

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