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N-400 February 2024 Filers
8:25 pm February 1, 2024


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Starting this thread as I submitted my application this morning!

I've been a LPR for 12 years but I was so unexcited about the idea of dealing with the USCIS again that I hadn't filed until now. Then time came to renew my green card and I thought, oh well, I might as well file my N-400 instead. What eventually convinced me is that citizenship applications are apparently processed much faster than I-90s! I'm the anxious kind and traveling around with an expired card and a piece of paper didn't sound great to me. Anyways, the online application was shockingly fast and easy. Now the waiting begins!

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Reporting passive foreign income + claiming FTCs on US tax filing (jointly, USC + resident alien for tax purposes)
5:57 am January 20, 2024


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Hi community,

My now husband and I are filing 2023 taxes jointly. He entered on k1 in Sept 2023, we married Nov 2023 + filed for AOS, and he s currently in AOS waiting period (EAD but GC still pending). For tax purposes, we ll have him considered a resident alien for all of 2023 tax year. He meets the requirements for this.

For any experts out there or anyone with similar experiences who are willing to answer a couple questions, I would greatly appreciate any help with the following:

1. In 2023, he made roughly $15k in passive income from his two vacation rental properties he owns in Italy. He of course pays taxes in Italy and will have precise numbers from his accountant shortly, for reporting exact 2023 income and taxes already paid in Italy, for when we file 2023 taxes in the US. He doesn't may a mortgage on either property; they are each paid off in full.

Am I correct in my understanding that we can report this income and also use form 1116 for FTC (I believe this makes more sense than FEIE given it s passive, among other factors), to avoid paying double taxes on it in the US? US has a tax treaty with Italy and reading through it, I m almost positive it covers this type of income.

Has anyone filed this form using turbo tax / turbo tax deluxe? It says it s available now and I found instructions how to find it when filing via the software, but curious if anyone has done it that way yet.

2. I m pretty sure on this now (was very confused with conflicting information at my first stages of research) but in case anyone has handled a similar situation: My husband has a number of private foreign pensions from private employers in the UK, from the 22 years he worked in UK. He is not withdrawing from them. They re just sitting there for now, and will for some time. We don t need to report / do anything with tax agreements on these for our 2023 taxes right now, correct, since he s not withdrawing on it? I don t think any one pension fund is extremely high worth at this point.

Additional details that I don t think matter but sharing in case they in fact do:

  • Husband is a French citizen but was an Italian resident, living in Italy, since 2017 and up until he moved to the US. He was previously in the UK as a resident.
  • He did not work / have active employment in 2023 in any country (he transitioned his active job within the business in Italy in 2022 because they had found a good replacement and knew we d be traveling back and forth a lot in 2023).
  • He didn t have any US income in 2023 (EAD arrived Dec 29 so just getting started on the job hunt).
  • We don t have children together and do not own property in the US.
  • I am a fulltime salaried employee at my US company.

I was initially searching for a California-based CPA to help with 2023 filing, given my taxes in all previous years have always been super simple. However, after doing more reading on IRS pubs (to understand tax implications for aliens and foreign income) and more recent Intuit forums (re: what forms are available via Turbo. Tax in the current edition), I think I may be able to avoid hiring a CPA. (I was also having trouble finding someone equipped for international tax matters like this, for those like us who are not high wealth individuals with much more substantial foreign income/assets. Most were for specialized for USC s with much more substantial foreign income/assets/businesses compared to us.)

Thanks so much for in advance,

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Question about international travel planned after oath ceremony
4:05 pm January 16, 2024



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Hi everyone,

After a quicker than expected naturalization process (applied early October 2023, interview early January 2024), I just received my oath ceremony letter and it's scheduled for February 2. The problem is that I have international travel planned the week after that on February 9th, for a work trip that I cannot postpone.

I assume there is no way for me to get my US passport in that time frame, is that correct? I looked on the USCIS site and it seems like the only way is a "life or death" emergency, which I likely won't qualify for.

Also wanted to confirm, is there a way I could re-enter the US with my other passport (French passport), since I will be a dual citizen? All the answers I found say no.

So I feel like my only option here is to ask to have my oath ceremony postponed. Has anyone ever done that, or has any advice? I know it's really not an ideal idea but not going on that trip will create enormous issues.

Thank you for your help, those questions have probably been asked already but didn't find anything like my case upon searching.

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K2 visa - follow to join - advice needed
6:47 pm January 10, 2024


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Hello everybody,

Asking members for advice on a K2 issue. I am in the US and married since last November, waiting for AOS.

My daughter (17 years old) initially wanted to study in France and join me later with another petition (I-130), and I when I was asked during the embassy interview (visa issued on September 29th), this is what I told them.

Now, the distance and frequent trips to visit us in the US have been emotionally very hard on her and she now wants to join us asap.
I read everywhere that she normally has until 29 September 2024 to travel to the US with a K2.

I sent an email to the embassy in France to know if we can still do this (because I initially said no), explaining the situation.

They do not take phone calls, only emails, it has been 3 days ... Can I expect a response from them?

Are you allowed to change your mind when you initially said there will probably not be a need for a K2? (I am sure I am not the only one, life situations tend to change)

I emailed the NVC and they are telling me to see directly with the embassy.

I also emailed the AIS staff taking care of the DS-160 to ask if I could go ahead and just do a DS-160 for her. I am waiting for their reply.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Is there any hope for a response from the embassy?
Should I just go ahead with a DS-160 in case there is no response, or should I just drop it and file a I-130 with my US citizen husband as the petitioner filing for his stepdaughter? (which will take another 18 months to get her here)

Many thanks for your advice and help :)

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Naturalization & Green card renewal - timing?
2:05 am January 9, 2024


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Hi there!

My 10-year GC is expiring in May so I need to file an I-90 for replacement, but I also want to file a N-400 to apply for citizenship (I've been eligible for a while).

Should I send in my GC replacement application first? Does the timing matter? Just wondering if it's okay to file both at the same time.

EDIT: I just noticed that the USCIS website says that expiring GCs are automatically extended for 24 months when you file an N-400 - is that real? Here's the wording on the website:


f you currently have a Green Card and properly file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, we will automatically extend the validity of your Green Card for up to 24 months from the Card Expires date listed on your permanent resident card.

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