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AOS processing time for San Antonio, TX field office
1:44 pm June 20, 2021



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Hi Guys,

A little bit of background before I start with my questions. We filed for AOS back in May 2020 and live in Austin, TX. Our local field office is San Antonio, TX. We did the AOS from within the US so we sent out our i130 at the same time. We have been able to get the EAD/AP combo card back in december but nothing else since then.

  • Can anyone pitch in on the actual processing time from San Antonio, TX from their own experience? The website says 10 to 14 months but we all know how accurate it is..
  • Also, what field office was my I130 sent to if the receipt starts with MSC? I would assume at the NBC but on the processing time website I'm only given a list to chose from Potomac, Vermont, Texas, Nebraska and California service centers. We sent out a service request over 30 days ago and evidently they didn't bother replying to that either.

I appreciate your insights.

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Expedited EAD requirements?
1:58 pm June 18, 2021



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I read on a thread somewhere on VJ, that someone having a pending AOS and still waiting for his/her EAD, could ask and obtain an expedited EAD if he/she landed a job offer.

is that correct? If so, is it applicable to Marriage based AOS applicants? If yes, what is the process and/or the forms to fill in for this? And what is the (approximate) rate of success in obtaining the EAD quickly afterward?

thanks for your help!

PS: my VJ profile says I adjusted from K-1, which is not the case (adjusted from other visa), although my timeline does not say K-1. Just in case this would change your answer(s) to my questions above?

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Citizenship application
11:47 pm June 15, 2021



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I have trouble finding the information I need. I want to know if I should wait to apply for citizenship or if I could do it now.

I became a LPR in April 2017 after getting married to a US citizen.

My trips outside the country are:

- September 2018: 11 days

- September 2019 to August 2020 : 11 months and 16 days

I came back with no problems and stayed here since. I continued to pay taxes with my husband, he stayed in the US. However I did work abroad while I was away.

I am planning to go to France for a month by the end of the year or beginning of next year.

If I need to wait, when do you think I should apply? I do not want to pay the fees to be denied.

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Still no biometrics appointment for EAD after 4 month
12:53 pm June 11, 2021



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Hi there,

my NOA1s for my EAD and AP applications (filed jointly with AOS) were issued 128 days ago. My AOS status also shows that fingerprint fees were accepted 101 days ago. (I assume it is the same fingerprint process, right?).

However I still haven t received any appointment letter for the biometrics, though most of the people seem to have received it after 6-8 weeks.

Should I worry and contact USCIS? (NB: I know that obtaining the EAD/AP takes about 8 months right now. I m specifically referring to the biometrics appointment here, which, from what I read on VJ, takes a few weeks only).

thanks for your help

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VJ email with link to s.o else timeline
10:33 pm June 6, 2021



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i received the regular VJ email about estimate approval dates update. But this time, when I click on the estimate date to get more details, I land on...somebody else s timeline edit!

here s below a picture of VJ email I m referring to, and the timeline I m landing on (I erased the names of the applicant and beneficiary, but they are definitely not us!)

looks like there s a bug there. Can someone in VJ check for potential data breach or other bug?




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