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Bring recent / updated documents at the interview?
11:44 pm August 6, 2020



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Hi everyone,

Sorry if this topic has already been talked about, but I was not able to find the answer on the forum...

I just got my canceled-because-of-covid interview rescheduled to next Friday. I'm excited, but since I sent my documents more than a year ago, I was wondering if I needed to bring updated or most recent documents with me, such as bank statements, utility bills, 2019 tax return that I just received, etc (I'm filing under the 3 year rule bc I'm married to US citizen)

Looking forward to reading answers, as I'm a little anxious about this final step in of the process after years of waiting and cancelations due to covid

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K1 visa, marriage, but go to different country instead of filing AOS ?
3:33 pm August 3, 2020



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Hi there,

My fiancee and I have started the visa process at the very beginning of the year, but like many people on this forum, the Coronavirus situation has thrown everything off balance and has made things much harder and uncertain for us.
Faced with issues both familial and financial, we have started to reconsider our options, including getting married in the US through the K1 as intended but then issuing a spouse visa for her back in my own country, and live there together for a few years.
We assumed we would have to file spouse visa if we want to come back to US, which is fine.

Now, as the title states, the K1 is technically non immigrant but is needed to marry with intent to immigrate.
Besides, we may have to prove connection to my country without intent to immigrate which would be hard since.... we filed K1. ?
Lots of research on our end, but we must admit we are pretty confused at that point, and basically worried about how it could affect our future eligibility for U.S. immigration benefits.

Does anyone know of instances where people do K1 but decide to go to a different country instead of filing AOS, and what the consequences would be (other than needing to go through the visa process again to the US later).

Thank you !

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CEAC says “No status”?...
1:51 pm August 3, 2020



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Hi there, we got our NOA2 approved on June 24th (for a K-1 visa), and obtained our case and invoice number from NVC(by phone) on July 27th.

i have 2 questions:

1/ on the phone, the NVC lady said that our case was being processed , though no file gets transferred to (EU) embassies. I m not sure to understand where this puts us at the NVC stage: does this mean that haven t finished uploading our data in their system?

2/ I started to track our case on the ceac website (I obtained an application number already but haven t started to fill in any data yet). Yesterday it said At NVC . Today It says No status ...what does that mean?...

thanks for your help!

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P3 for US embassy in Paris
8:41 pm July 31, 2020



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So we obtained our case and invoice number from NVC by phone today! (Found out it had been allocated on July 27th)

I understand from the PDF file Provided on VJ that we can start filling the DS-160 file. It s good to have things to do, to feel busy while waiting for the next step! Makes for the current context to be a bit less frustrating, despite the fact we know no cases are forwarded to embassies at this stage. Great PDF file by the way, so useful!

@Greenbaum Would you mind to send me the P3 for Paris embassy please?

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How long it takes to get the Oath certificate after having your N400 approved during Covid?
7:27 am July 24, 2020



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Hello everyone, first a big thank you for all the participating members here, I just created my account today to ask a question, however, I ve been looking and educating myself on VisaJourney for over decade now (since my actual journey to the US started!).

So, after over a year, crazy ups and downs, unthinkable amount of emotions and stressful wait, I got my N-400 approved! I m in the Boston area and I m not sure if my timeline is properly updated on VJ but long story short, crazy case I d say. Applied in May 2019, everything went well until November 2019 when I got the RFE at my interview. They received my evidences In December 2019 but in May 2020 the Field Director notified me of her intent to deny my case - super ouch but I made an appeal, on my own and gave everything and anything I could to show that I in fact deserve my naturalization. On July 15th (over a week ago!) I got two text messages to notify me that an action was taken on my case - ALELUYAH - my application was approved! - I couldn t believe it, so I went and checked the case status online and it said that Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled. We placed you in line for your oath ceremony and will send you a notice... So I was WOW and couldn t stop being excited and happy, so I called the customer service number (annoying much, I know, but needed to HEAR SOMEONE OFFICIAL SAYING IT! Lol) and she told me that yes, my application was approved and was in line to get my oath ceremony scheduled! This was an unbelievable relief, I know that everyone here has a story, has hopes and expectations, and I truly value all that. I know how depressing things can get and how unjust or unfair decisions can feel like but to everyone, if you TRULY know that you deserve the naturalization, that you have be honest and truthful all the way, you will always have a way to fight for your right and prove to whoever that doubt you or misjudge you that you are worthy of a second (or third in case!) look.

ok that was for the emotional part. I actually do have a question! Lol

anyone knows how long they waited/have to wait between the time the websites saying you're approved and in line for the oath ceremony and actually receiving the invitation letter (either physically or electronically on the uscis website). I do see an additional wait time of 3 months but not sure what to think of that estimate since I know they ve been resuming Oarh ceremonies in Massachusetts.

And also, if anyone in the Boston area (Lawrence office to be precise) is in the same situation what was their experience with the oath ceremony/1st passport request experience/timeline.

thanks y all to read me, and once again, don t lose hope, if you re on the right side, you will get what you re seeking!21092D0A-3556-4981-83AB-3EE84E6405AA.thumb.jpeg.bd76fbd0102b5c64ef0efffd276adc33.jpeg8DFDE2FB-DF64-4532-9CA3-AC4AEE3F6568.thumb.jpeg.3ea9619afff8ebe2398c436a4a5da519.jpeg

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