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DCF after filling i130 petition with USCIS?
4:02 pm January 14, 2019


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Hi everyone,

I am new here and your community looks like a valuable source of information and return on experience. I am a French citizen, married to an American citizen with two kids. We live in France, I work and my wife looks after the kids. We have been in France for almsot three years (after living in Australia, where we met) and would like to move to the USA. We got married in France.

My wife is currently looking for a job in the USA and I understand that, if she gets an offer, we could apply for DCF at the Paris embassy and the process should be fairly quick. However, we fear that, applying from France, her application will not be given the same consideration as if she were applying from the US (employer might be concerned about the time it would take to move). So, not knowing if and when she would get a job, we would also like to start the process by filling an i130 petition with the USCIS given that this process takes about a year. This way, if she doesn't get a job offer, we can move to the US anyway and we can apply for jobs once there (she has family in the USA that can welcome us and we have significant savings to support ourselves for some time).

My concern is what happens if she gets a job offer after we have filed the i130 petition in the US but it has not yet been approved? I understand that USCIS can expedite i130 processing under some circumstances but only very exceptional ones, and this case does not seem to qualify according to information available on the website. Can we then file another i130 petition with the Paris embassy? Or can they intervene on our behalf with USCIS to speed-up the process?

Thank you for your help.

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ROC cover letter explain living situation
11:05 pm January 8, 2019


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Hello wise and experienced people. I need advice on whether or not to include a statement in our cover letter that explains our living situation. We live with and care for my elderly mother, at her request, and wonder if I need to include an explanation as to why we do not have a rental/lease agreement or utilities in our names. All utilities are in mom's name. Spouse doesn't have a US cell phone number. He just uses free Wi-fi connections and apps like Viber and Whatsapp to contact his family in France or when he needs to reach me. My cell bill is only me so we never changed it. Thanks in advance.

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GC expires 2/15/19 Help Please.
6:15 am January 8, 2019


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So my wife's GC expires 2.15 and we have forgotten to do the removal of conditions. With the Govt shutdown, does anyone know what can happen here? We got into holiday mode and just completely missed this. Are there any extra special steps we should do?


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Check still not cashed 10 days after receiving texts
2:42 pm December 29, 2018


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Our AOS catastrophe continues. I previously posted that we shipped our AOS materials to the Chicago lockbox on December 6. It was never delivered (according to tracking) and the USPS informed me that I should cancel the check of the old package, create an intercept request so that the old package gets sent back to me instead of USCIS if found, and send a new package. I did so on December 18.

On December 20, we received the texts and emails announcing that the case was received. However, this morning I got slightly concerned because the check remains uncashed 10 days later. Has anyone else who filed just before Christmas had theirs cashed?? Normally it s only a couple of days post-NOA1 texts, but I m hoping processing times are slow due to the holiday...

To further complicate the situation, this morning I checked the case status of my three NOA1 numbers on the USCIS website: the I-485 one says the case was received December 19, but the ones for the AP and EAD say they were received December 7!!! Now I m flipping out and think maybe the earlier package WAS delivered even though USPS said it was lost and they re trying to cash the old check which I voided.

Seriously such a freaking mess. I think I need to speak to a real person at this point, how to best get in contact? I m afraid that our case file is going to be labeled Problem File because the post office majorly screwed up...

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SSA Survivor Benefits Is US Citizenship Needed??
7:48 pm December 27, 2018


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I'm hoping someone with more knowledge can weigh in on this discussion with advice. We are currently at ROC stage, so this is long term planning on our part and our major concern is spouse's ability to receive SSA survivor benefits if he is not residing in the US. Spouse (French citizen) and I (US citizen) are wondering if it really is necessary for him to obtain US citizenship or remain LPR? We have a home in France and our plan is to retire there when I reach retirement age in about 6 years. I have been reading the SSA website and have found information that states he would not need US citizenship to continue collecting on my record since France is a Social Insurance country and he would qualify for an exception to the Alien Non Payment clause. Also, he would have met the 5 year residency requirement in addition to the exception. If citizenship is not absolutely necessary our thinking is why go thru the process. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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