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Please advise as to when to file removal of condition on PR card
10:55 pm


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I want everyone with the filling experience to please advise as to when to file to remove conditions on my PR card as it expires on April 18th 2019. I know USCIS says "during the 90 days before it expires" can i submit December or what period would be the best? this is why am confused.


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What status after visa expiration ?
4:40 pm


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I came into the US with a K-1 visa in july, I've got married a few days later and applied for AOS immediately. So I'm still waiting for my green card, EAD and travel document. My question : my K-1 visa expires in december, there is very little chance of getting my documents before, so what will my status be then, with no valid visa, no valid document but only my marriage certificate and a proof of my application ? Will I be kind of illegal ?


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expedited work authorization
5:29 pm


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My fianc has the K1 visa and is looking to adjust his status to get the work authorization. I've heard whispers that if he is extended a formal job offer in writing before receiving the work authorization, he could send evidence of the job offer in order to expedite his green card. Is this true? What is the process for doing so? And has anyone been granted an expedited card recently given the growing delays?

He is applying for jobs now, and the first thing he'll be asked is "can you legally work in the US?" We want some information that would help him give an informed and reassuring answer to the hiring company. Something like "No, but if you extend me an offer, I can expedite my authorization in X weeks/months."

Thank you!

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Expedite AP and EAD (split)
5:04 pm


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I'm gonna apply again for an expedite AP because of a family loss. My previous one was canceled because my applications were rejected due to a bouncing check.

I want to return to France for Christmas period with my wife to have a ceremony with my family, but I looked at the the tickets price and it's really expensive. Does anyone knows if I can also apply for an expedite EAD, justifying I'll need to work when back to the US, to compensate de cost of the travel?

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DS 160
5:46 pm


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Hi friends can anyone pay for the DS 160 for the petitioner or beneficiary or does it have to be paid by them using there bank accounts. The consular office is in France and we spoke to NVC and they said to create a profile on France embassy website so we can pay for the DS 160, I want to create it for them and pay but I want to make sure if they can only do it. Thanks for your help.

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