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US Immigration from France

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Public charge?
9:09 pm yesterday



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Hi everybody,

I just got my green card beginning of 2020. My husband is a freelance and lost all his lined up jobs until May. Can he ask for unemployement?

I currently do not have a job, so will we be perceiving benefits that could impact my status? Will I become a public charge?

I have read a few topics on this forum about stimulus checks, will we get only one check for him or two (one for me too)? We filed our taxes together in 2018.

Thank you, this forum helped me so much during my green card process.

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JFK airport quarantine
9:38 am April 5, 2020


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I wanna know if someone has traveled recently from Europe to the state (JFK airport)?

I would like to know, when you arrive, what kind of medical check they do ? Put you in quarantine?

I'm in France right now but live in Connecticut. I wanna come home.

Thanks for the reply

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AOS while on ESTA?
7:41 pm March 29, 2020


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My husband is in the US visiting me on ESTA ( 90 day stamp ends on May 9). After a long Administrative processing his CR1 is almost ready. The Embassy asks for husband s passport. We received an email from the Embassy:

Please be advised that if your husband overstays his ESTA while in the United States, he may become ineligible to return to the United States on a permanent basis. Additionally, the limit of the visa's validity is the expiration date on the medical exam. If the medical exam expires he will be required to have a new one. All panel physicians have suspended exams until the COVID-19 has passes.
There are currently flights between the US and France.
Immigrant Visas
U.S. Embassy Paris
In other words, they tell him to come into the epicenter of pandemic with quarantine and police on every corner asking for your documents and deciding if you can or cannot move around. I am not even mentioning the danger of corona while traveling at this time.
We are contemplating of doing AOS from here. Is corona a valid reason to do it, what do you think?

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K1 visas administrative processing
8:19 am March 26, 2020


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Hey guys !
my name is alison I m french. Started the k1 visas proc dure in feb/March 2019

ok so back in February the 5th I got my interview at the us embassy for the interview.

It went really well. Then a kept on checking the visas status on the website

1 : Stayed on READY until March 1st

2: changed to administrative processing on March 2nd

3: changed to REFUSED ON MARCH 9th

i have sent an email thru the contact link on the website and I have been told that all cases under administrative processing are out under REFUSED by default in the system.

i know that with the pandemic going on now all of us are now priorities, I ve been waiting now 13 months and I thought that the hard part of the demand was finally done and that I could see my fianc again. But it s not the case like a lot of you I m sure !

can someone have reinsuring info ? I just need something to hold on to because I m desperate.

i have met my fianc while I was interning in the us on a J1 visa.
I never had a denial visa ever in my life. I have been to the USA 4 times 2 times with an esta as a tourist and 2 times with a j1 visas.
my criminal record in blank and I have payed all the fees. also my medical exam was all clear. And the interview went just fine showed picture of me him and our families the officer said : congratulation your visa had been approved wait 10 days.

seriously I have never heard of anything like my situation.

I m lost and overall sad and lonely.
if any of you are in the same situation please let me know.

thank you.

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Adjustment of Status from VWP
5:42 pm March 23, 2020


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Hi !

I am French and my wife is American.

I am in the US through the Visa Waiver Program (VWP / ESTA). This touristic "visa" allows me to stay in the US for 90 days.

More and more I am thinking about staying in the U.S.

I believe that I can adjust my status and become a US resident.

Here are the infos that I found:

1. I can adjust status by filing I-485

2. My AOS package should include:

  • I-485 filed by myself
  • I-944 filed by myself
  • I-765 filed by myself
  • I-864 filed by my wife for me
  • I-130 filed by my wife for me
  • Evidences of everything

3. You are inadmissible for AOS if adjusting from the Visa Waiver Program EXCEPT IF you are a relative of a U.S. Citizen (such as spouse, which I am)

4. You can file for AOS even after the 90 days of your authorized period from the Visa Waiver Program IF you are a relative of a U.S. Citizen (such as spouse, which I am)

5. I can stay in the U.S. while waiting for my AOS approval, even if my current visa expires

6. If I add form I-765 to my package, I should receive a Work Authorization after around 140 days

7. My wife should make 125% of the Federal Poverty Guideline ($21.550/year for a married couple as a household)

I am sure that I am still missing a lot of infos, but here are my main concerns :

2. I saw somebody online saying that we need to file I-130 first, wait for approval, and then file I-485, is that true?

7. We were living in France till now, my wife moved to France years ago, she never filed a tax return in the U.S. She just got a job here, making $30.000/year. Would 3 months paychecks, her work contract and $15.000 in savings be enough to file I-944, I-864, necessary for my adjustment of status?

I probably have more questions that I am not thinking about right now.

Thanks to everyone who will review what I listed and give me their thoughts about what we should do.

Have a nice day!

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