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US Immigration from France

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June 2022 NVC Submissions IR1
7:35 pm June 27, 2022



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I don't think I saw a topic for June submissions.

We sent all our documents June 10

We can wait together !

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Which last name on boarding pass to re enter US with green card
3:41 am June 27, 2022


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i entered the US with k1 visa and got my green card recently. I would like to book plane tickets to go back to my home country but don t know which last name I should I put on my boarding pass: my maiden name or my married last name? I m thinking of putting my maiden name as shown on my passport + bringing my marriage certificate with my green card showing my married lastname to re enter the US.
Would this be a good idea?

thank you in advance

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French Husband Visit me in USA while i-130 is pending
10:56 pm June 23, 2022


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Hello! I am (removed), a US citizen and my husband is (removed), a French citizen. We have submitted our i-130 about a month ago to start the process of him coming to live here. I heard it takes a long time so he wants to visit some in the mean time and I want to visit him too.

Well, my nephew is about to be born in two weeks and we will be an Uncle and an Aunt! Yay! He wanted to come and visit during this time to meet Kai for about a month. But we are both really worried if he can or if it will affect our visa. We absolutely do not want to risk our visa getting canceled for any reason. He would visit using the VWP.

The thing is, he doesn't really have strong ties. He doesn't own a car because trains are a much better option economically for him and his family. He lives with his mother right now because she was going through cancer and just recently beat it. He takes care of her with his brother and helps her financially but nothing is in his name. So he obviously has to go back to help his mother. He has a bank account and his own cell phone plan, and he has close friends he visits too. And he would have a return ticket too. I actually plan on going to France shortly after his visit to the US anyways, but I am not sure the CBP will care.

What are other ties that others use that I might not be thinking of?

We absolutely want to do things the right way because it is our future were talking about. We wouldn't ever want to risk that, especially since we have waited so long already. We dated through covid and couldn't ever see each other for the full duration of it.

If anyone wants more information just ask and I will reply.

Based on what I said here and any supplemental information gave, what would be best to do in our case?

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I-129F - K1 Visa from France
4:38 pm June 23, 2022

Florian R

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Hi there !

I hope you're doing great.
My question might be silly but I've been looking all over the web for the answer and I cannot find it.
Me and my partner are living in France. It is possible for my partner (US citizen living in France) to file Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fianc (e) from France for me ? If so, does it means we need to send his file by mail ? Cause I would be surprised the NVC would mail us back in France ...
We are planning to get a K1 visa for me (French Citizen) to get married in the US.
Huge thank you for your help :)


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N400 May filers 2022
4:28 am June 23, 2022



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Didn't see a May 2022 N-400 Filers group, so thought I'd start it.
Good luck.

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