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  1. Is it against TOS to mention another user? Please quote book, chapter and verse number.
  2. Agreed. But the candidates themselves spend most of their time attacking each other instead of answering the questions asked of them. The last Presidental debates were an embarrassment to both parties.
  3. Like reading somerhing bad about Obama or a Democrat and it fits one’s point of view? Then it’s fact. Right?
  4. Facts that one believes. Many don’t like facts that conflict with what they believe or want to be true so they disregard them.
  5. Let him question it all he wants. Freedom of speech, freedom of press. The media is only biased when it doesn’t fit one’s point of view.
  6. Per your link: The Boston Globe has called for the coordinated publication of editorials by any and all news outlets criticizing President Trump’s rhetoric on the press, scheduled for next week. They have asked a number news organizations to publish editorials condemning the president’s labeling of the press as “the enemy of the people.” So basically they are calling for the media to stick up for themselves against Trump's rhetoric on the press.
  7. Conservatives aren’t paranoid, everyone is out to get them. Quick! Put on your tinfoil hats. Your party won and controls all three branches of the government, yet you whine like babies, just like your leader of choice. Or it could be the chemtrails.
  8. spookyturtle

    59 shot, eight dead in Chicago since Friday

    Don’t quit your day job.
  9. spookyturtle

    59 shot, eight dead in Chicago since Friday

    So what is your hero going to do about it?
  10. spookyturtle

    59 shot, eight dead in Chicago since Friday

    Why doesn’t Trump focus on cleaning up Chicago instead of wasting his time Tweeting nonsense?
  11. spookyturtle

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

    You post about the leftists all the time. All I posted about the Russian conspiracy was if it were true, we’d have solid information, which we don’t, And I posted that over a year ago.
  12. spookyturtle

    The Daily Trump wins again thread

    I still believe that people are largely responsible for what they do or say. Personal responsibility. We could use more of it instead of pointing fingers to blame someone else.
  13. spookyturtle

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

    Obviously a conspiracy.
  14. spookyturtle

    The Daily Trump wins again thread

    No, I meant a classless comment by a buffoon who behaves like a spoiled child. Oh, that’s right. You never post anything off topic.