IR1 and CR1 Visa Useful Tips and Other Information

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  • A set of useful tips for IR1/CR1 Visa petitioners can be found here.
  • A great step by step guide to NVC can be found here.

Before You Start your IR1/CR1 Visa Application Process

Begin by organizing your work. This process will require many documents and forms. So it is in your best interest to be well organized in your efforts. Many times the same document will need to be turned in to the various organizations involved with your application. And you will need to keep track of these various forms and documents as they relate to the requesting organizations.


Event Log

Maintain an event log. This log will record each significant activity regarding your VISA process. If for some reason you run into problems along the way this log may provide very beneficial information allowing you to determine what events have been completed or not.

The following is an example of events tracked in the log:

  • Date you started your journey
  • Dates you filed or mailed materials
  • Dates you received any mail or materials
  • Dates you learned some essential knowledge concerning your visa
  • Dates you were contacted by any significant organization
  • Dates you signed forms