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  • IOE Numbers and USCIS Processing Centers

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    Due to recent movements within USCIS to streamline the immigration process, there has been a push to enter the electronic age with more and more forms being available online. Whereas in the past you would know which center was processing your case based off of the first three digits of your receipt number, now all electronic files have been given the moniker IOE. Even files recently submitted in the traditional paper and ink method have been uploaded to the USCIS system as E-files.


    In the old system, you would know your processing center when you received the Notice of Acceptance (NOA1) in the mail. While mail is still utilized, if you plan on using the online platform you may receive notification of the IOE via email before the document arrives.


    How can you find out which center is processing your e-filed case?




    If you log in to your USCIS account online, it will state your name and address and below that it will list your cases. In my case, it says "Petition for Alien Relative" I-130. It will include the name of the beneficiary right beneath it. Below this is the receipt number and your PD (priority date). There are two tabs below this: Case Status and Documents. If you click on documents, there are two kinds of documents on the platform:  USCIS Notices and Your Uploads. If you have an NOA1, you should see a document under Notices that is called "Account Acceptance Notice". This is a pdf copy of the physical document that should have been mailed to you. If you download this pdf, there should be a barcode at the bottom of the page with the name and address of the Service Center which has taken your case.

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