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  1. We got out of our interview a few hours ago. It was only 10-15 mins and entirely painless. Our interviewer was a younger Asian guy who didn’t speak Spanish but he was fine with me translating a little bit when my husband needed some gaps filled in. He asked where he went when he was out of the country in May. He had a checklist of docs and asked if we had kids or a house (based on that). He then wanted joint leases, taxes, health insurance, pics, and joint accounts. He asked me what I did for a living. He asked my husband both our names, bdays, and current address. He asked about a pic of me with my mother-in-law and stepdaughter and if we had both gone to Cuba together then. Then he went off on a tangent about Cuba since he’d watched some Youtuber who went there. And boom he went to print out the approval letter. As he was typing he asked how we knew each other and if we would be petitioning for my stepdaughter in the future (I got the impression he was honestly curious). Case updated to New Card Being Produced 3 hours later.
  2. Thanks! You mentioned photocopies of the passports. Was it just biographic page they wanted?
  3. Did you both bring your passports? I (USC) made sure to put my original birth certificate in our folder but I haven't tossed in my passport.
  4. I thought that everybody in this thread would be very amused by my immigration attorney trying to convince me that getting an ROC interview is exceedingly rare and therefore I should pay him to come with us. I responded to his email with a link to the Dec 2018 change in guidelines that make CR-1s ineligible for an interview waiver 😂
  5. I managed to get our date via the online chat but the letter may have been lost by USPS. I'm curious to see what it says you should bring.
  6. Oct 21 as well. It all depends on your local office it seems. One thing worth noting is that our processing time is line with the I-485 processing for Santa Ana (our local office), so it might be worth looking that up for your office to get some idea.
  7. Just got notification today that an interview was scheduled. We were stuck on Ready to Schedule Interview for 7 months.
  8. Just got notification that our interview has been scheduled We were waiting just under 7 months since it changed to Ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview.
  9. Processing time for All Field Offices is finally going down each month! It was up to 45 months at the height of COVID! P
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