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  1. In the Santa Ana office they specifically wanted my husband's green card for ID.
  2. I saw way back in this thread that some cases one of the other members were tracking had that status before getting approved without an interview. Keep checking! Fingers crossed that happens for you
  3. I honestly have never known anyone who was actually audited and asked to produce evidence of that. If that is a requirement, I haven't seen it enforced. A good friend of mine that attended our wedding had to produce evidence that his trip fell under that category as part of his background check for an internship in the federal court system, and he definitely didn't provide that level of detail and they accepted it. I can completely understand not wanting to take any chances with naturalization pending.
  4. Before I married my husband, I would always put "Support for the Cuban people" on the affidavit the airline had me sign. So many things fall under that (staying in a casa particular, eating at a privately-owned restaurant, etc.) that almost anything you would do would fall under that. You do not need any sort of special permit, etc. Just keep a record of your itinerary in case you are asked about your trip in the future. Every airline either sells a tourist card (visa) at the gate or online before your trip for $75-125. If you travel via a third country (I can attest that from the west coast, going via Panama or Mexico will usually be a lot cheaper), the visa is $20-25 in cash only. I can't speak to questions during citizenship, but I personally thought that my 25+ trips to Cuba would raise a red flag when I applied for Global Entry 6 months ago, and they didn't even ask me about it!
  5. We just walked in early for my husband's biometrics. Zero issues. Tustin ASC. We were out in 10 mins.
  6. Well, Yelp makes it sound like walk ins are accepted at the office. So going to try next week! Fingers crossed! I don't want to delay things any more than I know they will be once we are (likely) in the queue for an interview.
  7. #######. Biometrics is scheduled for a day my husband will be out of the country. Going to see what others have to say about walk ins before I try to reschedule.
  8. Informed delivery says another letter for USICS today. Must be biometrics!
  9. The three letters indicate your service center. MSC is the National Benefits Center. They normally route petitions that require interviews (like AOS). Having your petition go elsewhere doesn't guarantee no interview, but better probability. There is a trend of previous CR-1s getting interviews as we were only ever interviewed at embassies abroad and not within the US, so you are probably fine.
  10. Joining the party here. Just got my husband's extension letter, and we have an MSC case number. I was really hoping no interview, so a little disappointed Our local office is Santa Ana, CA (which is always backed up), so probably in for a long wait now.
  11. Just got the NOA in our mailbox. MCS case number, so I guess we are probably going to be stuck with an interview Our local office is Santa Ana (which is super busy), so probably in for a long wait now.
  12. You need to get them notarized. and I Just checked and our package was delivered to the lockbox this morning.
  13. It adds up quickly. Three years of tax returns plus two amendments was already ~200, and then our lease alone is already nearly 100 pages (corporation-owned apartment). And our lawyer said (I know people have mixed feelings about lawyer on VJ but ours did a flawless job with our CR-1) to include every bill for each month that has both names and all bank/credit card statements so they see joint activity.
  14. Hello again. (I’m assuming I’ll see some familiar faces here.) Our lawyer is sending in our package (roughly 2k pages...) early next week. Let the waiting begin again!
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