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  1. Same boat for my husband’s case. Biometrics on Feb 7 and nothing since then. I’m following a lot of cases around our number in the app and very little movement in general.
  2. Hi All. My husband is on the plane right now! The embassy put me through absolute hell. I don't know if it was incompetence or cruelty, but they just kept making excuses "the airline doesn't accept that doc" or "humanitarian flights are different." Finally, my congressman's office got CBP to respond to their email thread sending them the Carrier Guide with the same portion highlighted that I did 3 weeks prior! And then they never responded when my congressman's office asked them to confirm everyone was on the same page 😂 Great strategy. I'm wrong so I won't answer you! So of course I was a wreck, and he ended up having zero issues in the airport. They didn't blink at his letter. I need to figure out how to file a complaint with the State Dept. I can't let them do this to anyone else. As my congressman's staffer said "They're breaking the law." CBP and USCIS have the authority here- not them.
  3. I will update once everything gets resolved with my husband if it helps you make a decision. My congressman’s office is reaching out to the State Dept in DC directly since this is almost certainly a case of the embassy not knowing what they’re doing.
  4. Thanks! I know I (and you) are 100% correct. I'm guessing they just haven't encountered this exact scenario since most of the people repatriated from there have been citizens. Thankfully, I already have my congressman's office involved, so worst case scenario, I'm sure they can help clear it up.
  5. I'm trying to get my husband home as Cuba closed its borders awhile ago. It's finally his turn (he's on the list for the next flight), and now the embassy has told me it is "highly probable" he will not be allowed to board with his expired green card and original extension letter. That the policy worldwide (not just some weird thing with the Cuban gov't- it's on our end) is that you have to have a valid, unexpired green card, and they will be double checking for me. I'm in absolute shock as that makes ZERO sense. I'm confident that it's probably an edge case they just haven't run into and it will be fine, but if anyone has any first hand experience with this during all of the COVID travel disruptions, your story will help calm my nerves while I wait for them to get back to me.
  6. Yes. The status says the same as yours. And then she followed up in the comments that she was approved.
  7. This person in an I-751 Facebook group I joined did. (Sorry screenshot is in Spanish.)
  8. This is supposedly the status people have been getting when their interview is cancelled and they are just automatically approved (the notice ordered is approval). Fingers crossed it's the same for you!
  9. In the Santa Ana office they specifically wanted my husband's green card for ID.
  10. I saw way back in this thread that some cases one of the other members were tracking had that status before getting approved without an interview. Keep checking! Fingers crossed that happens for you
  11. I honestly have never known anyone who was actually audited and asked to produce evidence of that. If that is a requirement, I haven't seen it enforced. A good friend of mine that attended our wedding had to produce evidence that his trip fell under that category as part of his background check for an internship in the federal court system, and he definitely didn't provide that level of detail and they accepted it. I can completely understand not wanting to take any chances with naturalization pending.
  12. Before I married my husband, I would always put "Support for the Cuban people" on the affidavit the airline had me sign. So many things fall under that (staying in a casa particular, eating at a privately-owned restaurant, etc.) that almost anything you would do would fall under that. You do not need any sort of special permit, etc. Just keep a record of your itinerary in case you are asked about your trip in the future. Every airline either sells a tourist card (visa) at the gate or online before your trip for $75-125. If you travel via a third country (I can attest that from the west coast, going via Panama or Mexico will usually be a lot cheaper), the visa is $20-25 in cash only. I can't speak to questions during citizenship, but I personally thought that my 25+ trips to Cuba would raise a red flag when I applied for Global Entry 6 months ago, and they didn't even ask me about it!
  13. We just walked in early for my husband's biometrics. Zero issues. Tustin ASC. We were out in 10 mins.
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