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  1. Same. Hoping we get approved before then. Trump-appointed judge, so it's not looking good.
  2. I lived with my husband in T&T for 3 months while we were waiting for his interview back in 2017. I will warn you that their immigration treats Cubans like #######. (We were initially only given a 30-day visa despite no seeming red flags.) Make sure you arrive there with her if at all possible and have proof of funds, housing, etc. ready for immigration. Also, I recommend checking Airbnb as they offer monthly discounts. If possible, I'd recommend Grenada instead. A little less developed, but they treat Cubans like royalty (a lot of older people worked with Cubans that built the airport, etc. during Maurice Bishop's time) and a lot safer. Cubans can stay 60 days without a visa. Same rec for Airbnb there.
  3. We have a good friend living with us that is currently going through the CAA process. I can confirm it is I-485 only under that, no I-130 required. I think the other poster was referring to the fact that your in-laws could also adjust under sponsorship from your wife immediately upon arriving. So far, from what I've been able to glean (doing this process for my MIL and at least one family friend so far), it should go: I-134a (no cost) I-765 - $410, currently taking about 3 months to process for Cuban parolees I-485 - $1,225 + medical exam Just file the I-134a soon! There is a lawsuit in progress from 20+ Republican-controlled states, and the hearing date is April 25. The judge hearing it was Trump-appointed, so who knows what will happen.
  4. With older adults, I would 100% do I-134a v. the I-130 given considerations for health insurance. You will need to check the specifics for KY, but the I-134a affidavit is actually unenforceable, so they can conceivably get medicaid, food stamps, and any other program Cubans are eligible for immediately upon receiving parole. With an IR-5 visa, you instead sign a I-864 affidavit of support, which is enforceable, and you are on the hook for 10 years. Filing for AOS via the Cuban Adjustment Act is an additional expense, but if you factor in health insurance, it may actually save you a lot more going this route.
  5. Some states also don't count certain programs as a public charge. For example, medical isn't counted here in California.
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