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    We first got engaged in November 2018 and started the Fiance Visa process. But as time went on, we decided we preferred spending a few months to a few years in Mexico first so I could learn more about the culture. We got married July 10, 2019, and I moved to Mexico and worked on becoming a permanent resident. We started the CR-1 visa process in November. I got laid off and our Mexico plans got cut a little short, but filing through the consulate has been a blessing and I'm so happy we started the process earlier then we initially thought we would need.

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  1. I've been living with my friend in her grandma's basement apartment for cheap. I planned on moving out once my fiance was here on the fiance visa, and save money until then. I've been informed that I need to move out by the end of March so that her relatives can rent there instead. My fiance and I were thinking about getting a house together shortly before or after our wedding (whenever that ends up being.) But now I'm considering buying a place now, rather than wait, since I need to find a place anyways. We are currently waiting for our NAO2, May would be the 5-month mark on that so I don't anticipate hearing from them before then. I make about $30k above the poverty line, and I'm wondering if buying a house and taking out a mortgage would affect the K-1 process negatively? Specifically when I have to send off the affidavit. How much do they look at Annual income, current checking/savings amount, would they consider a mortgage as an asset/investment? Anything else I should be thinking about as I consider this? Any help is appreciated!
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