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  • Acronym Summary

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    AOS - Adjustment of Status OR Affidavit of Support

    AP - Advance Parole OR Administrative Processing

    API - Advance Passenger Information 

    BCC - Border Crossing Card

    CBP - Customs and Border Protection 

    CC - Case Complete

    CO - Consular Officer

    CSC - California Service Center

    DCF - Direct Consular Filing

    DQ - Documentation qualified at NVC 

    DOS - Department of State

    EAD - Employment Authorization Document

    EP - Electronic Processing

    ESTA - Electronic System for Travel Authorization

    F2 - Immigrant visa  classification for spouse of LPR

    FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

    IL - Interview letter

    IMBRA - The International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act

    INA - Immigration and Nationality Act

    IO - Interviewing officer

    IV - Immigrant visa 

    LO - Local office

    MENA - Middle East and North Africa
    NOA - Notice of Action

    NOID/NOIR Notice of Intent to Deny or Notice of Intent to Revoke

    NVC- National Visa Center

    OP - Original Poster (of a topic or thread)

    OPT - Optional Practical Training

    PCC - Police Clearance Certificate

    PD - Priority date

    POE - Port of Entry

    RFE - Request for Evidence

    SAO - Security Advisory Opinion

    SIF - Sign-in failed

    SVP - Student and Exchange Visitor Program

    TCN - Third Country National

    TOS - Terms of Service?? [please enlighten] (yes, terms of service)

    TSA - Transportation Security Administration

    UPL - [please enlighten]

    USC - U.S. Citizen

    USCIS - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

    VAWA -  Violence Against Women Act

    VSC - Vermont Service Center

    VWP - Visa Waiver Program

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