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    Andy and Pui reacted to Darnell in Petitioner pulled I-864 prior to 2 Year Card Production. USCIS says "Not so Fast"   
    For full coverage - I suggest another infopass appointment with another withdrawal letter - and a signed receipt letter drawn up and signed by the floor supervisor, complete with the wording:
    I, __________________________________[write your name], badge # _________________________ have accepted the withdrawal of the I-864, Affadavit of Support, from [Petitioner's Full Name] concerning the Adjustment of Status on [beneficiary's full name], casefile number [i-485 casefile # here] and have made note in the data system in the notes on the casefile, with a message back to the adjudicator noting the Affadavit of Support has been withdrawn
    [signature of Floor Supervisor] [Date]
    Then don't leave until the floor supervisor has actually done what's in this receipt letter and actually signed it.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Leatherneck in Need your help pls ASAP! 5 days before the interview   
    Your husband is a fortunate guy to have such an understanding wife with a great attitude, even in the face of a challenging situation.
    Years from now when you tell others and maybe your children the story of how you came to America, you two can share a laugh about how he didn't listen to you and caused extra stress over lost documents.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Darnell in EAD is it worth it??   
    truly truly truly -- yea verily and filled with truthiness -
    the fee for EAD is waived - nullified to zero - when filed with the I-485.
    ya don't get many freebies with USCIS - might as well take advantage of this one
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Karee in Military Coup Announced - May 22, 2014   
    Generally (no pun intended) this is a good thing for Thailand. Prayuth brought the parties together and put them in a room and told them to work it out. They were either unwilling or unable, so this is the end result. People are tired of the alternating hostage taking of the capitol. The police are unwilling or unable to do their job, so that leaves the military.
    Quite frankly the U.S. govt. should stay the f*uck out of it. Elections are not the be all end all to all political problems. Interestingly, they don't seem to be about elections when the Muslim brotherhood wins in Egypt, or when Saddam or the little dictator in N. Korea get 100% of the vote. Thaksin (oops I mean Yingluck) was in the process of bankrupting the country with the rice scam and other corrupt populist policies and needed to be stopped. Unfortunately, that didn't happen via an election. The Thai situation can not be looked at through the lens of U.S. politics. It's apples and oranges.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Tina and Johan in Important DS160 Question Please   
    perhaps YOU should read YOUR own question: "So if she does her research and can find out those addresses and phone numbers and we put them on the DS160 will it be a problem in her interview that there were no job listings on the Biometric page?"
    yes, it might. Here's one suggestion that WILL do some good: Don't be rude to the people who are trying to respond to your post. That's the best way to alienate someone who may have the answers your looking for, which frankly, seems to be, "nope, no problem. Omitting information is perfectly fine. Too inconvenient to do research? not a worry. Embassies don't care about silly details like past addresses and jobs."
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Jon and Sol in this is totally ridicoulous   
    This is getting as good as watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. Where's my popcorn? Mitchell!
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    Andy and Pui reacted to christeen in this is totally ridicoulous   
    I would definitely ask for a refund for the VJ services... Especially since they did not accurately predict when you will get approved by the govt...
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Novembro in visa on hand! but USC husband doesnt want us to leave!   
    Thread should be locked with this post.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to pushbrk in visa on hand! but USC husband doesnt want us to leave!   
    Folks, she has an IR1 visa, so she'll have a ten year green card and will NOT remove conditions. Surely, she has enough opinions and advice, to make her own decision for her own reasons. She's married, with an autistic child who is a US Citizen, and would like to save her marriage to that child's father. Which of you would like to save YOUR marriage from across and ocean?
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Jon and Sol in visa on hand! but USC husband doesnt want us to leave!   
    Sad. He sounds like an abusive psychopath, if this is true. Hitting a toddler? And an autistic one at that? Sheesh!
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Gervl in Urgent advice please   
    Having a baby with your husband only proves that you've had sex. And everyone has sex - people in real relationships, and people in fraudulent ones. It doesn't help or hurt the immigration process because sex is essentially meaningless in the eyes of USCIS.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Harpa Timsah in Urgent advice please   
    Guys, this doesn't need to be a debate on abortion.
    The fact is that the OP's timeline will not be affected by a baby in any way shape or form.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Avery Cates in Urgent advice please   
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    Andy and Pui reacted to JnRMo in Urgent advice please   
    As far as abortion - do what you want, don't listen to people on here telling you what to do one way or the other - get a better lawyer though, and thoroughly consider the outcomes of having the abortion/not having the abortion given your circumstances.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Darnell in Not understand about advance parole   
    1. no need and no.
    2. show the passport, show the AP card, and no.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Boiler in TOS Violations and Moderator Responses   
    Like one Consular Officer overturning another Consular Officer's decision?
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Karee in I have a question   
    Before this pi$$ing match goes on any further, let me be clear. At the US EMBASSY in BANGKOK, THAILAND YOU CAN SUBMIT DOCUMENTS IN THAI WITHOUT AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION. However, if you plan on using those same documents to adjust status in the U.S. or for anything else in the U.S. they need to be translated into English. Might as well get it done in Thailand where it's cheap and they do a decent job, and have all the professional looking stamps.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Scott & Kaye in Broke up after arriving...   
    A story for people who think they can lie their way in to the US.
    I recently had a neighbor who was renting a room to a Filipina girl next door to where I live. I never paid much attention but I would often see her outside with her Filipino boyfriend. He did not live there but was with her often and it was noticeable they were a couple.
    The neighbor lost his house to the bank and they all moved out one day. Weeks later I had a knock at my front door and it was two men in suits who showed their badges and identified themselves as imigration officers.
    They wanted to ask me some questions about my neighbor who used to live next door. They opened a binder and showed me a photo of the Filipina girl. I said yes she used to live next door but recently moved out. Then they showed me a photo of the Filipino boyfriend. I said I have seen that guy with her daily but he did not live there. I told them that I suspected it was her boyfriend or something because I would see them hugging and kissing outside. Then they showed me a third photo of a middle aged white guy who I have never seen before. I told them I have never seen him. I asked them what they were investigating and they said the Filipino guy in the photo was her husband in the Philippines and they were supposed to be divorced. He was here illegally and they were looking for him also.
    A week later I received another knock on my door and it was the Filipina girl with some white guy I have never seen before. #######? I have never met her or spoke to her before but only saw her outside many times. I was surprised that she knew I was the one the police talked to.
    She was overly nice and introduced herself and then introduced the white guy as her husband. She was going on and on about her visa situation and bla bla bla. I nicely but firmly stopped her from talking. I told her that two federal imigration officers came to my house and showed me her photo and asked if I knew her. I said yes she lived next door. Then I told her how they showed me a photo of her Filipino boyfriend. I said you know the little guy your always with?? Her eyes got big. Then I told her they showed me a photo of a middle aged white guy who Ive never seen before. I looked at the guy standing behind her and I said I guess that was you ha??
    She asked me to write a letter stating that I was wrong in what I said to the officers. #######? No I don't know you and I hope the best for you but im not going to lie to a federal officer. She tried to get the white guy to talk to me and I again said im not interested in their personal situation.
    I asked them to leave and not bother me again. The old neighbor who rented a room to the girl even came knocking on my door a few days later begging me to tell the immigration officers I made a mistake. I told him I was going to call the police if any of them ever bothered me again.
    Im not sure whatever happened to them but I sure wasn't going to lie to federal officers.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Avery Cates in Broke up after arriving...   
    It's the first thing I'd do.
    "Come on honey, let's have a nice romantic marriage and honeymoon in Madagascar!"
    Extra points if it's an island.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to altonbebe in Married yesterday on K1, now my new wife wants to leave to go back home.   
    I read these types of post over and over and over again.
    I challenge all men who are in this type of relationship to sit at home for 1 week.
    Here is the challenge. Ask your fiancee / wife what she watches on TV while she is at home.
    You will quickly find out she is watching day time TV shows about every preverse subject know to man kind. Men who are women, women who are men, men who think their men, brothers sleeping with sisters boyfriend, aye man the list goes on and on and on and on.
    Think I am kidding...take up my chanllenge.
    Remember what the Bible says..an idol mind is a dangerous thing.
    When your fiancee / wife get's to the United States, get her busy. Don't let her sit at home all damn day. This is not their nature. Ask her if she wants to go to school. Wanna know her answer. yep, that's right. SHE DOES!!!!!
    If she cannot work due to immigration status at this time, get her doing volunteer work and tell her you will match her hours at the volunteer work with a salary from your personal paycheck. Philippinos love to work. They hate being stagnent. It is a death sentence to them.
    The other thing the DO NOT appriciate...taking care of your elderly parents or your ill mannered children. Philippino children, believe or not, have respect for their parents and more importantly their elders. Something we do not see in American Children.
    Step back and take a good hard look at her day.
    Another thing, Philippinos are very private people. Yes, you can take them to a culture center or church, but unless she makes the first move to cultivate a freindship, it will not happen.
    Talk to your wife bro, tell her you want to enroll her is some classes. Just get her busy and OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Harpa Timsah in Can't get required documents to Fiance?   
    A letter of intent does not have to be typed. He can hand write it.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Shiobhan in Only met in person once, opinions?   
    Are U properly divorce yet with a decree?
    Finalize things and put in another visit
    B4 filing any petitions...whats the hurry
    get to know the person more and build your
    case....also read the vawa thread here
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Harpa Timsah in I thought this was our right?   
    It's not a right, but that being said...
    People often come on here and say crazy stories that are not rooted in facts. They are confused, or lying, or hiding the truth because it is embarrassing. Denials are not for capricious reasons and are not decided by IOs who are having a "bad day." There are rules and procedures to follow. So if possible, don't get worried over reports of outlandish stories. Something is amiss, in those.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to sandranj in VAWA Prima Facie, State/Federal benefits for DV victims   
    singledad Brian is a friend of mine, not an anti immigrant at all.He is helping many victims of DV,despite he was damn scammed,He is always helping people with his answers and what he doesn't know he asks me too.Let's be fair with him ok.
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    Andy and Pui reacted to Darnell in Fradulent husband married for a visa   
    ok - sorry, i've had a chance to sleep a bit..
    IMO, the best route for you, for this week, is to file for annulment, and state/write in the filing that the marriage was done for immigration purposes, and now that he's arrived in the usa, and received a green card, defendant clearly indicated that the marriage was for solely his benefit.
    IMO, if you :
    1. file for annulment and
    2. get that wording in the filing document
    then it'll be difficult for him to file for a 10 year card...
    [which is the slope I want him clearly placed on]
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