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  1. Thank you! He became a citizen today. So weird to be finished with all this. What on earth will we worry about now?!
  2. For the 3 of you still waiting to interview, here’s how ours went today. Johan has a pending I751, so our interviewer began with that. We brought the box of ALL the papers we’ve ever filed, plus the papers we put together as updated documentation since filing in May 2017. She only really asked to see tax records for 3 years and joint accounts proof (we had em). I actually bombarded her with stuff she didn’t ask for. 😂 She said she believed we have a legit relationship, she just had to do one more background check through some database, and then it’ll be approved. Then onto the N400. She asked my husband if he wanted me to stay. He said yes please. (He was nervous). She started going through his application online, and he asked her if he could do the questions first to get them out of the way. She complied. His questions were: name one war fought in the 1800’s who was president during the depression and WW2? name one state that borders Mexico Who is the father of our country? who is our state’s current governor? who is the Vice President? Interestingly, he said War of 1812, and she was sorta caught off guard by this. She said something along the lines of, “also known as...?” We were like, “huh?” Then he said “the Civil war?” And that’s what she put in the system. 😂😂😂 I guess civil war is most answered. 🤷‍♀️ Because his green card had been pending for 27 months (!!!), he had to fill out paperwork to take to the oath ceremony. She acted like it’s a done deal; “next oath ceremony is August 22nd,” etc, but it’s still pending approval based on the I751! Grrrrr She said the system *should* be updated by tomorrow. We shall see. So one of 2 things will happen: he’ll take his oath next month or we start making plans to relocate back to Ireland. 😂😂😂.
  3. congratulations PauPau!! I can't wait to be done with all the USCIS #######!
  4. Congratulations! Johan's interview for his N-400 is on Saturday, July 27th. There's zero mention of it being a combo interview, but we're preparing for it to be both anyway.
  5. It’s July 27th! Unexpected on a Saturday, but I’m thrilled!! It’s the day before our 5th wedding anniversary. 🎉
  6. You’d think. But it’s now Tuesday morning (where I am) and even though the text came Friday afternoon (pacific time), still no upload in documents. 😐 still in the dark about WHEN. I predict the 25th of July.
  7. Got a text while sleeping that Johan’s interview has been scheduled! Can’t wsit to see when. One year and one day after filing. Woooot!!
  8. Headed to Europe tomorrow. Looks like May and June people are getting appts at Chatsworth. One guy in the May N400 group got his notification on June 4, and his is the 24th. So looks like I'll be in the clear and won't have to fly home, pronto! Congrats again! I'm excited for you.
  9. Woohoo! Chatsworth is finally moving! I see you put in your "in line" date. Where did you get that? Congrats!! I leave TOMORROW for 2 and a half weeks. Still no interview scheduled, but judging by your info, I am probably in the clear to be there for the combo interview for my husband. ❤️
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