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  1. Hi Harpa!

    My name is Lee. I have a question for you and I hope you have a brief moment. Your help would be immensely appreciated.

    I'm working towards getting my fiancee from Indonesia here to the USA. My i-129f has been approved! Now we are waiting for the packet 3 and all that... in the meantime, I've started working on my i-134. I found an old post of yours stating that I am to enter in gross income (income before taxes). I'm a small business owner and this would make a tremendous difference for me. Beyond this one say-so, I haven't found anything to give me certainty on the matter. I'll attach a screenshot. If this is not in fact accurate, I'll have to have a co-sponsor, which I can get -but what frightens me is that while searching the answer to this question, I read from a few sources that the consulate in Indonesia does not allow for co-sponsors?!

    Anyway, I wanted to reach out, seeking confirmation of that.
    Thanks for your time,


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