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    RK_and_Inday got a reaction from BrocknRolle in I-797 Reject Notice: I-129F re-submission procedure?   
    Today I (RK) received I-797 Reject Notice because I made a date error on check submitted along with I-129F petition. So the rejection was totally my fault but I just want to know proper/recommended procedure for re-submitting to avoid any potential additional errors I might make during resubmission.
    The I-129F petitition I had originally assembled and submitted was returned disassembled from the original clips/fasteners I had used and then re-assembled with one large staple through all pages of the packet plus the right hand page of all forms and supporting documents had been stamped.
    My specific questions are:
    1. Do I/may I resubmit the stamped pages [and with holes in each page because of the staple] or do I have to redo all this?
    2. Do I need to re-do cover letter? And if yes, then do I include old cover letter with stamped pages too?
    3. What other recommendations/advice do Visa Journey members have which I may not have thought to ask?
    Thank you very much for your always welcome assistance…
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    RK_and_Inday got a reaction from Caryh in Q: Report of Marriage, Passport renewal? - different U.S. embassy jurisdictions?   
    Thank you for the good advice and supporting reasons. Doing ROM in SF as recommended.
    RK and Inday
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to BaBamSam in Bosses can legally fire employees they see as an ‘irresistible attraction’   
    I have to disagree because he fired her because of the sexualization he made based on her gender. Her gender and the sexualization of it is the reason he felt his marriage was in jeopardy.
    "Gender" extends beyond just being a man or a woman in biological terms, though. Hence the cases of gender discrimination by men fired by male bosses for "not being manly enough". Gender is a social construct that encompasses traits society has assigned to each sex. Sexuality is a trait assigned to sexes, therefore it is a condition of gender. And, yes, sexuality varies from person to person within each gender as well. Hence why he could find her attractive, but not other women.
    If you want to argue that the law doesn't see it in those terms, then that's fine. I can understand why it can be viewed as a grey area.
    Still, if it's not gender discrimination (which I can understand that argument, whilst I do not agree with it) how is it still justified firing? Legal, yes in Iowa. But morally and ethically correct is my argument here. Legality and morality are not synonymous.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to BaBamSam in Bosses can legally fire employees they see as an ‘irresistible attraction’   
    That is a form of gender discrimination in that he was sexualizing her because of her gender. Whether she was replaced by a man or a woman is irrelevant.
    Ruling that a man is incapable of controlling his sexual desires is laughable. And men should be insulted in this, as it basically implies that men are no better evolved than animals. It also makes them unaccountable for other sexual actions, like harassment, assault and rape. All of this falls under similar categories as victim-blaming and #######-shaming. The woman did nothing wrong and should not be punished for doing nothing wrong. The man should be held accountable for his own actions. How can he get away with blaming someone for his own thoughts and fears?
    I am extremely disappointed that we live in a society where this sort of sexism, discrimination, and male supremacy can still reign in the eyes of the law.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to DeeDee&Sam in help... Im depressed now..   
    put you in jail?????? for what reason? he cant put you in jail, dont give importance to that nonsense. you can always go home, but if you really wanna stay, you can apply for VAWA, the mental abuse is a little harder to prove but you can always try.
    now lets be serious if she wants to stay its HER choice and hers only. i gave up everything i had in my country so going back would be suicidal without anything there. let's not judge this
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to NinjaLadyBug in help... Im depressed now..   
    No disrespect to anyone but I agree with Bob. Its not for anyone to judge someone else attachments to any country, person or thing. She's here asking for advice and advising her out of judgement or what we would 'personally' do doesn't seem quite fair.
    When I left my home 10 years ago, I was a teenager going to college and within a year I was suprised that I had a very strong connection to this country. All my ties were not severed to my home coutry but I certain began my love for America very early on. 10 years later, this does feel like my 'home' but the attachment started off very strongly early on.....
    Bottom line, people leave their homes for many reasons, but when you leave, you get rid of your apartment, leave your job, sell your belongings severe any ties that you may have built. All to be with the one you love and to built a new life in good faith...
    I would say, we give her the advice that she's asking for and not to project our personal opinions in a way that is seemily unhelpful to her...
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to ceadsearc in help... Im depressed now..   
    OP doesn't have a timeline or country filled in, so we don't know where she is from. Even though she may have come here for love, "home" may not be a great place to return to either.
    To the OP, as was mentioned, you can try for VAWA but it isn't guaranteed. It's good that you went to the police station and you should continue to do that if anything else happens regardless of whether you plan to stay or go. I can tell you from personal experience that abusive people DO NOT CHANGE. Read the VAWA threads here for more information if you do indeed want to try to obtain your green card anyway.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to Gary and Alla in The first Gay K-1 Fiance Visa Progress with DOMA repeal on the Horizon (Tim & Keno)   
    First I want to clarify I am not anti-gay and wish for all Americans to have the same rights.
    My concern on this issue is, and has been, that the Defense of Marriage Act was passed September 21, 1996. Before that time, it did not exist. There were no same sex K-1s BEFORE the Defense of Marriage Act. When/If the DOMA is struck down, why would they begin issuing same sex K-1s when they did not before?
    Unless the SCOTUS not only vacates the DOMA, but also rules that the Federal Government CANNOT discriminate on ANY Federal benefit, we are back to where we were before DOMA which means no same sex K-1s. Obama COULD make an executive order requiring USCIS and DOS to issue same sex K-1s also, but executive orders can be rescinded by the next President so that is not satisfactory in the long run
    I suppose an activist group could challenge the government's refusing K-1s to same sex couples based on the DOMA being vacated, but that could take years. Nothing wrong with being prepared but the ruling on DOMA itself is not likely to make any difference immediately
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to lierre in The first Gay K-1 Fiance Visa Progress with DOMA repeal on the Horizon (Tim & Keno)   
    I'm Filipino but I'm not going to interview in the Philippines because I am living with my husband in Japan and will interview here instead.
    I read that you said same sex Canadian couples don't have any issues with CFO seminars? That's a very great sign then!
    The Philippines has quite conservative views on same sex marriage, divorce, contraception, and abortion. However, I believe your only dealings with the Phil government will be with paperwork. Thankfully, documents (like the NBI clearance) don't ask at all about gender, so the likelihood of your fiance being discriminated against seems zero.
    I don't understand why a Filipino consul is said to be a hindrance to the process. First of all, whether American or Fil-American, these consuls have an allegiance to uphold US immigration policies. If the DOMA repeal will happen and TIm & Keno can apply for K-1, the consulate shouldn't be concerned with what the Filipino opinion is and only making sure that the petitioner & beneficiary meet all the legal requirements.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to TnJ in CFO Counseling Requirement has no legal basis   
    This is the best apologetic I have seen so far. In theory, this is the relevance of why it is needed and looks good on paper. My problems are just a couple really. First, this one might seem minor, but is quite a nuisance for some. The vagueness of the CFO webpages and such do not necessarily prepare a person for the seminar. Things like "Other documents" do not clarify anything, and only make life harder when people are traveling to these seminars from places like Davao. Then, they are requested to go back and get more documents. Then, that wasn't good enough so they have to get even more documents. Why can't things like this be explained the first or second time around? It does not have anything to do with knowing someone's maiden name. For others here to reduce the greater problems into one menial example thinking it justifies the overall upset of attendees and brokenness of system is absurd. My second concern is that interviews that turn for the worst because the CFO officer is attempting to coerce the attendee into believing something that isn't true is indeed brainwashing. For example, I have read from others here that officers had made up lies specifically aimed at the foreigner just to break down the morale of the willing Filipino. This is corruption and brainwashing at its finest. Maybe, an abolishment of CFO is not the answer, but reform might be something to consider.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to GaryKO in CFO Counseling Requirement has no legal basis   
    The CFO is still very necessary, and for the most part does a good job. Some that do not understand the ugly truth about the Philippines think this process is just a way for the government to make a few more pesos. The truth is every year thousands of Filipino women leave the PI seeking a better life by marrying someone from another country. A lot of the marriages are arraigned, or brokered by illegal matchmaking agencies. While mail order brides is illegal in the PI, it still goes on there, because in other countries it is legal. The reason the CFO asks all those questions, and wants all those other documents is because they are trying to find out if a third party introduced the Filipina to their husband, or future husband.
    The arranged marriages is clearly a form of human trafficking. Lots of these women go to Korea and Japan, and some wind up being nothing but cooks, maids, babysitters, or even worse forced into the sex trade and prostitution. The CFO tries to find out if someone is coercing them to contract marriage with a foreigner, and if getting married is really what they want to do. A lot of women are 18 to 25 years old and they think they will be helping their family by marrying a foreigner. Even the women family in some cases is the very ones who is encouraging her to get married.
    The CFO cannot look at someone and tell if they are a victim of human trafficking, so they try to find that out during the interview. If there are any red flags, the interview and the request for more documents can seem like a interrogation more than a interview. If the woman is 18-25 years old, there is a large age difference, or her husband or fiancee has divorced more than one time, and she can't answer simple questions about him can set off alarms.
    Under Philippine law, Filipino women who are going overseas as fiancees and spouses of foreign nationals are required to attend the CFO's guidance and counseling program to help them make informed decisions regarding their marriage to foreign nationals and to prepare them for their adjustments in cross-cultural marriages. Attending the program is a per-requisite for the issuance of a passport.
    I think the counseling program is about the only tool the Philippines has in identifying Filipino women who are mail-order brides, or women who are getting married for the wrong reasons. That why it is still necessary.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to Henry&Rebecca in After USA Wedding - how soon can she depart?   
    I am no expert on the matter, just a guy who did a lot of reading on the matter. It seems to me like you would be better served with marrying her in her country, and then applying for the marriage visa. The reason I say this is because my understanding is that a marriage visa can be used more than once to enter the US, whereas a fiancee visa is a one time entry visa, so if you went with the fiancee visa you'd need an Advanced Parole to reenter (apparently those take 3 months to be in hand) or a Green Card (which apparently takes 6 months to be in hand) after marriage to reenter the US.
    Again... Not an expert. Just a guy who knows how to use Google
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to Grant PDX in out of status in K1 visa   
    People can be so harsh. The OP is asking about an immigration issues and people have to throw judgement in, based on their own issues. There was some good advice, but a lot of folks being pretty judgemental.
    Take out the immigration issues from her situation and it's an EXTREMELY common situation. Boy and girl break up, boy and girl meet new people, frequently within weeks. She was probably devastated. People offered to help. For all we know she met some totally genuine guy, who offered to help and they made some emotional connection. Who knows if they would ever marry but with some emotional connection they don't want to throw away the possibility by making poor immigration decisions.
    In my experience, filipinas are very emotional people. They become emotionally attached deeply and quickly. To say that during a time of a devastating issue someone coming to her rescue built an emotional bond quickly is immigration fraud is just nuts.
    Give them a break. If you don't have help to offer, stay out of it. It's easy to throw stones but you have no idea what her real situation is. I know I've been judgemental in the past too, but I've learned that real life tends to throw curve balls.
    Edit: Wow, on rereading the original post it doesn't even say there is already another guy. It just says asks what she would need to do now so that it was possible for her to be petitioned again in the future. Not that she already has someone lined up. Other people must be projecting their own issues.
    By the way, wanting to marry someone from another country doesn't mean there is immigration fraud. So some filipinas like kanos... I happen to like filipinas, some guys like Ukranians, some like hispanics, some like Vietnamese... Just because they know what they want doesn't mean they are committing immigration fraud when they get it. And just about everyone who gets married has been in prior relationships. Some moved on quickly, some not so quickly. Don't judge, most of us wouldn't look so good if the mirror was held up to us.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to Caryh in AOS Transferrees' Thread   
    What is required varies by state. At the DMV web site for the state, you should be able to find out what's required where you live. Although there are some states that require a green card before you can get a drivers license. If they accept another document and the local people are denying you, get a print out from their web site of the actual rules they have in place. Here the I-94 worked, the EAD card worked and the green card. Between the I-94 and the EAD you're out of luck.
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    RK_and_Inday got a reaction from isa30 in June 2012 Filers   
    Completed biomterics on July 14. July 18th received notification that case transferred to California Service center to "expedite processing." From VJ members in same situation, seems this transfer can actually not result in what one would consider expiditious!! We shall see... Continuing good luck to all here.
    --RK and Inday
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to actob99 in Less and Less Communication   
    That would make it two douchebag's then!!!!!! Do onto other's as you want done to you...
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to Cathi in Less and Less Communication   
    Why in the world would you EVER even think of staying with a man who is sleeping with another woman? He is a dog!!!!!!!!!!! Men don't "need" to have sex, he can use his hand and not another woman if he is that desperate. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Not to mention the fact that you have no idea what kind of diseases he could be getting. You are a fool if you even consider staying with this man!!!!!!!
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to Iraqvet in princess rose   
    I am sure he has helped alot of people. But i assure you, i am not impressed with his big smart tough mouth that he has. I have watched this forum and have surfed VJ for a long time, long before i ever became a member and i have witnessed Tahoma and many others ridicule Darren for his posts. I have never seen Darren ridicule a single person or try to steal away the enjoyment of others on this website site. But no matter what topic Darren starts, he has the same COWARDSthrough stones at him and completley riducle him for his posts. Now granted, alot of his comments has had me scratching my head at times, but i am not going to bad mouth the guy and find amusement with others in breaking him down just because he may not word his thoughts properly. I am tired of seeing Darren get bullied around by people that he had a good attitude towards. I would empty my tears laughing so hard if i ever had the chance for any of the cowards on this site to run their tough mouth to my physical face. It would keep me awake at night laughing!
    B_J honestly, i have never seen you bad mouth Darren or anybody. I do not feel you are a Coward like the rest of the same folks on here that hid behind their computer monitors. So please don't be offended by my rant.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to Messybrownhair in hospital and advanced terms   
    Here is a thought. Instead of generalizing that every Filipina is like your wife, and your wife's family is like every family in all the provinces, and and your wife's village is like all the rest.. why not see your wife as a individual? She chooses to be like that, perhaps she was raised like that, and that's okay.. That's why you fell in love with her, and that's what you like about her. It doesn't mean we are all like that. My mom was raised in a village, a province, and yet she is nothing like her, neither is her family like your wife's. Nothing wrong with that, the one cool thing about humans is that we all have different qualities and attitudes. :)That goes with every culture!
    Okay, done with my little rant.. other than that, you did post some valid points, like knowing drugs etc, and having an interpreter for those not adept in English.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to Angeltots in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Oh well, I tried updating everyone's process but it's hard to make a chart. So here's a link. Let me know if it's working! And let me know too if there's any editing needed. =)
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to DandT14 in We had so many suspicious looking fact but interviewer just didnt care. alla botu chemistry when they meet you!!!   
    Yes, my comment wasn't directed at them. But, as I said before, every time someone comes here and says they've worked illegally, people tell them "just be honest, it'll be ok". Now that she has done just that, and it is ok, people are screaming that she should be deported and charged with fraud.
    Her attitude is off-putting, to be sure, but if you look at the actual situation, she isn't any different that the other people who come here saying they worked illegally. She's just a little more immature than most.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to DandT14 in We had so many suspicious looking fact but interviewer just didnt care. alla botu chemistry when they meet you!!!   
    She's young and exuberant, naive and happy. I don't think she was trying to announce she got away with something. She told the truth on her paperwork and it doesn't appear to have hindered her AOS.
    I don't know that she really deserves some of the more vicious comments here. At least she told the truth.
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    RK_and_Inday got a reaction from isa30 in June 2012 Filers   
    Conor Jay: Congrats! Feels good to have it sent, hunh? Yes, let the (waiting) game begin. Again.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to Caryh in Immigration News Relevant to Some Filipinos   
    I always check these things out now. Its gotten pretty rare to find a true one. If I don't have time to check, then I just assume its twisted in some way. I even see where they say verified by snopes on many of them, although they haven't been. Or yes a particular fact is right, but its totally pulled out of context and the fact is being used to back up something else which it totally false or opinion being presented as fact. Quoting polls seems to be a big one to, they say a poll shows such and such but when you look to the pollster, its not a typical polling organization, but a biased organization with an agenda.
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    RK_and_Inday reacted to B_J in American vs Filipino   
    Seriously!?!? Do you just need attention? This thread has been dead for three days but you revive it with the "Asians eat dogs" stereotype.
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