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  1. Well, the 2 yr conditional green card was produced Jan. 9th 2020. God is the greatest! Thanks to everyone for the support and guidance, and for sharing knowledge. We would bit have been as successful without our VisaJourney family. Wishing you all the best until furher along in the next phase of our journey. Best, Wally and Sandra
  2. We heard them call you guys in. I think we may have even been sitting in the same row but we moved closer (beside) to the door. In at 9:45am out by 11:15am including wait time of about 1hr. We expect to hear l/see good news as well. Congrats to you all!
  3. I agree. We will not be opening joint bank accounts any time soon. I start work tomorrow and our interview is this week as well. We have basic renters ins., jewelry ins., car ins., life ins., photos, wedding and holiday greeting cards from family and friends, I printed about 12 photos and added a link to the Google drive as I did with the other steps of the process. We have separate bank accounts at the moment, in lieu I am printing out our CashApp transactions; that's how we send money to each other to get misc. bills and expenses paid. To each his/her own, the joint bank account should not be viewed a death knell considering other evidence may be more practical.
  4. We received one of those special gifts as well. "EAD card is being processed". Next week when we get down from Georgia we will be preparing docs for the AOS interview and checking the mailbox. September sfilers seem to be coming in!
  5. Sanja/Alex, I see that we also have been scheduled an interview date. Also in Kendall. I was just telling some friends yesterday, that it would seem that we will be getting an interview sometime in January, based on the timelines represented here. We will see if that holds true. Also, I am eager to find out if the GC and EAD will be shipped out back to back as I have heard of instances where they were received like a few days or a weeks time apart. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there!
  6. I had my ASC biometrics today at 11am. The security only allowed me, beneficiary, into the building. If you can plan for the beneficiary only to attend (uber to and from the airport etc.) It may save you a great deal without having to delay. The total time I spent (in and out) was 1hr. I took only what was listed (passport and the appointment letter). Just a thought.
  7. Next Year around this time, this process will all be a fleeting memory everyone, just hold firm! (Bio less than 2 weeks!!!!)
  8. Hi, Make sure that you have entered the correct passport number. Is your visa inside of an expired passport? I know that I tried to print an I94 before but my tourist visa was in my expired passport. This meant that I had to input the expired passport number although I used both the updated passport along with the new passport to enter the country.
  9. Btw, I got a cheque from Colina for $233.00. Small things considered, it is a great help! Worth the wait.
  10. I spent around $800 or so on visit vaccines and xray. However, I asked for a reimbursement form to file a claim against my health insurance. Hoepfully I recoup some of these funds. 5weeks out I will know.
  11. I really think ot is based on your what is in your file.How did youmeet?D.O.B.? How di you know he/she is the one? (I heard the interviewer ask another person this question (I was like seriously?) ...I think because they were both married before. What (type work) do you intend to do? Last time you visited the U.S. (I had my I-94 printed) did you ever over stay in the U.S. Dont be afraid to ask for clarity in the questions. I noticed they can ask multiple questions at the same timem But just be honest and answer only what is asked.
  12. Congrats! Ours is approved pending TB reading and my fiance's tax transcript (I took the entire return, except that). So tomorrow I will have completed those parts.
  13. I waited 2weeks after sent date (from NVC) to e-mail them at ivnassau@state.gov and then 2 days later I called and recieved a date the same day or next. I know I had to get the go ahead to set my medical, then schedule thenl medical appointment prior to receiving an interview date.
  14. Hi, At this point you should have received an e-mail notification that your case has been forwarded to the local Consulate Office in Nassau, The Bahamas. This forum is created to be a hub to try and address Embassy related questions regarding in particular K-1 Visa and or other immigrant visas. Id you have passed through the Nassau U.S. Embassy before, or are expecting to do so and don't mind sharing your experience, this forum is for you. It is designed to be a central place for gleaning from each other as anecdotal evidence is few and far between on this topic on this website. Good Luck on your journey!
  15. Link was seen and read, although did not answer exaclty what I was seeking to determinate. Out of an abundance of caution I will go ahead and have my fiance request a Police Clearance from the county I attended University, and lived for more than 1yr. I may not need it but I will still take it along with me to the interview, should they ask.
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