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  1. Hi All, We originally we filed Oct 27th and got an RFE two weeks later (outdated forms used as explained in a prior posting). We resubmitted with the cover letter they provided on Nov. 12th 2018. (I think this was the day before my bday that my fiance did this, but its on our timeline for sure). NOA 1 - 19th November 2019 NOA 2 - 14rh March 2019 Going over next week for a month and was not even thinking anout rhe NOA 2, because our wedding date had changed due to other friend's schedules. Either way, woke up to the great news this morning in my e-mail from the new website. Hard Copy is in the post. All the best to you all. As is lent, I will continueto pray for you all a speedy approval and hope for the best! Take Good Care, - Wally
  2. I dont recally fiance filling out any numerical information, I do remember looking up how the calculations are to be done, only thing on that initial packet was employment history. So, the embassy as with the the B1 tourist visa he would have to show proof of how he will financial support if I am not mistaken.
  3. November filer here also (I think, although it was a re-send of an Oct. application...long story) so you are not alone! Wishing everyone the same and I am excitedly hoping that by the time I return from vacation in April, after spring break/vacation, to have heard good news as well! Best, Wally
  4. You would have to check with your state. For instance, in Florida: Marriage license applications are issued the same day as requested as long as all requirements are met. But there is a 3-day waiting period to be married for couples who live in Florida but donot provide proof that they have completed a premarital preparation course.
  5. Hi guys, Christmas and New Years were great. We are focusing on losing weight for the wedding fittings, photos, and busying ourselves with other things. We are going to look around next month at menus, cakes and such so that when the time comes everything will be in play. We also have another session of pre-marital counseling that we would like to complete (next month) which is optional, but also will fast track our marriage licence. So, try putting things in place to help with the next phase.
  6. Happy New Years to all! Holidays are done. I hope everyone made the most of their time together. Happy waiting! 😊
  7. Do you have a visitor's visa? I dont think you should have a problem if you do. Although I haven't travelled on my visitor's visa since I applied for the K-1 back in October. Normally they ask you your purpose business or pleasure. Just say vacation, and keep it moving. Rule of thumb is dont volunteer any info that is not required. My Fiance will be here in about 2 weeks so. Maybe someone else can answer based on their recent travel. All the best. Enjoy!
  8. Preparation is key. We will remain cautiously optimistc. I think, however, your approximation may include the EAD? August is a stretch, at best. The file has been accepted, scanned and recorded with the exception of the wrong I129F form, it will all be sent back "as is" with the correct version form. Looking at other timelines with similar issues gives us reassurance that the delay puts us back perhaps 2 weeks at most (hopefully not at all as I send out my signed forms to my fiance tomorrow). She will have them Tuesday and will overnight them Wednesday the latest (considering the holiday - Happy Veterans Day BTW Everyone) after signing. So even if we get an NOA 1 - say- by month's end, I anticipate an interview and visa in hand by late May 2019. My local Embassy issues visas (once approved) same day (depending on appointment time - am/pm) or next. Not very long after that for certain. Even still....the timing doesn't bother us we have lots of vacation time. I joined this site to help guide us along the process and learn from/share experiences. Cheers, Wally
  9. Update: Our NOA 1 or I797C was a Rejection Notice...outlined use of an outdated form version of form I129F as reason. The older form has 6pages the newer one has 13. We have a correspondence to use on the cover of the resubmission. We will resubmit this next week (FedEx etc. between countries included). It was an oversight that but we ended up laughing about the mishap and the returned package. (My finance is upser her binder aand plastic sleeves were not returned more than the rejection notice. All in all, we are still on pace with our estimated time for approval for a June 2019 Wedding. ☺
  10. Greetings, My beloved and I filed on Oct. 29th 2018. I found this group and realized someone else had filed on the same date (I wasn't sure if ai should be in a November group that is). Petition was delivered on Nov. 1st 2018 to Lewisville, TX. We are waiting on a response/notification. I look fwd to sharing and learning here. All the best to everyone on their journey.