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  1. At the time there were few international flights from Cebu and most of what I could see, if not all, were cargo flights. It doesn't mean there weren't any, I just couldn't find any. We'd booked Delta/Korean Air so we were limited to them, so I may not have seen everything possible, but I looking for anything I could find. She's been stuck there for 3 months on what was supposed to be a much shorter trip.
  2. My wife flew from Cebu to Manila to Korea to Seattle about 6 weeks ago. Her connection in Manila was a relatively easy part. Once she was through the Cebu entrance challenge (documents, medical and travel clearance, etc) the Manila transfer was pretty painless, other than the wait to get back into the international terminal (long wait and only allowed entry to the terminal 2-3 hours prior to the flight). Once you're in the airport, the MECQ shouldn't impact you in Manila.
  3. For a foreigner they don't request a CENOMAR. Just the affidavit from the Embassy. The embassy will require that you show all divorce decrees from previous marriages. If you show the decrees, you get the affidavit. The affidavit is what is required of a US citizen to get married in the Philippines, not a CENOMAR. You shouldn't have a problem getting the affidavit, just have all the required paperwork.
  4. My wife (filipina, passport in maiden name, US green card in married name) and i just flew back from Mexico 5 days ago and Canada a few months ago. Both airline tickets were in married name. Each crossing she showed passport (maiden name) green card (married name) and boarding pass (married name) with no issues. She wasn't asked any questions about the name. They looked at both IDs each time and passed her through. The difference is the Philippines where she is traveling in 10 days. Her ticket is issued in the maiden name, as we believe the Philippines would likely have issues with the naming. She has yet to be asked for (although she does carry) her marriage certificate and other IDs (all in married name). Based on that experience, I think either married or maiden name wouldn't cause an issue. YMMV.
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