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  1. That's ridiculous. yeah, I suggest doing an Infopass to know for sure if your spouse was scheduled for the next. For my oath, I initially wanted to re-schedule, but I never got notified that they re-scheduled me. So, I did infopass and found out that they did re-schedule me. Lo and behold, I got the letter the next day.
  2. what do you mean? Like if they don't live in "sanctuary cities", they can't be apprehended for breaking local law?
  3. Amazon, I think. I never buy any sort of lightening products. Also check out your local Asian markets.
  4. I have read about this. And the writer made a good analogy: Link: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/10/birthright-citizenship-constitution/574381/
  5. Is that for an oath? Maybe, do an infopass? Those darn letters take a while.
  6. I've heard this said, too, by people who have been deployed there. 😢 I find it sad.
  7. lierre

    Things Dogs Bark At

    That Reese's commercial
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    Geography Take 5

    Overland Park, Kansas
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    Famous Name Game - Version 3

    Henry David Thoreau
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    Two Word Mash-up Game

    Summary Judgment
  11. This might be your answer: Link: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/honduran-migrants-sue-trump-administration-over-proposed-border-policies-n930321 Okay. So, I lean left for many issues. But, this is the very reason why I don't lean ALL the way left. They're not even here yet, and none of the policy proposals have been enacted. Ridiculous.