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    Hello, does anyone know how we can get this fixed. They left off one letter from the end of my middle name. My fiance noticed when she picked up her Visa paperwork today from 2go. How important is this? And it it maybe only on the outside paperwork?
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    Jimmyzr1 got a reaction from ascxvz in forms to take to medical exam and interview questions   
    Also, if there was an annulment it is a must to bring the official reason for the annulment. My fiance purposely left it in Mindanao even though I asked her twice to bring it. She had the annulment papers just left the reason back home because she didn't want to be embarrassed about it. There are only a few reasons to get an annulment, the main reasons being bigamy and psychiatric. Either she would have to go back there or have somebody able or willing to send it. After they have it you have to pay an additional 1000 pesos to see a psychiatrist, then they will let her continue to immunizations if she passes that. Needless to say, I was a little upset she left that behind.
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