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  1. That why I use a CPA to try to reduce any thing I have to pay to the IRS I pay taxes on my house to live in like 10K per year, pay taxes when I buy something, pay taxes on anything I earn, it's crazy the taxing that goes on, thankfully no state income tax.
  2. I paid 1k for a lawyer to set up my LLC/S-Corp I just did my taxes since business taxes are due March 15th. Paid $662 for doing Form 1120S, Paid $95 for Franchise Tax return, Paid $334 for doing 1040. Pay about $500 yearly for them filing all my quartely stuff and doing payroll. Rather inexpensive in my books for all the money I save
  3. Interesting post. But don't most CPA suggest once you start making close to 100K or more as self employment that you set up a LLC / S-Corp and let the Corportion take about 70% of the revenue and cut a yearly check for like 30k and take out FICA/FUTA/etc.. I was always told Self Employment pays around 15% tax and corporate tax is like 7%. I know you business tax returns are due March 15th and personal tax returns are due April 15th. And you have to file two seperate returns in this scenario.
  4. I would set up a LLC and or S-Corp and work with your CPA for your taxes. I suggest hire an attorney to set up your LLC/S-Corp they only charge around 1K USD. I wouldn't pay taxes on your full salary since it's like 15 to 20% if self employed, have you business take the burnt of the income and pay taxes on that part at a much lower rate. This is how most professional service companies are set up for tax purpose.
  5. I have never paid quarterly and been self employed for 25 years I just pay whats due each year
  6. My wife got the stamp, it was few years ago when they were doing the delayed on greencards she was a K1 and people were getting extension letters and then those were expiring. For some reason she never had an interview for either her 2 year or 10 year greencard, they were just both approved upon application.
  7. I was more concerned about it being worth my time since I only travel outside USA a few times per year Is it really that much of a convience Is it fairly easy process? I haven't traveled outside of USA since July.
  8. Those with Global Entry do you find it worth having? One of my credit cards offers it as perk, but I only leave USA like 3 times per year.
  9. Where does the boyfriend live as in relationship to Manila? Is he gonna have to take a plane or boat to get to Manila and whom is going to shoulder the cost for food and travel and lodging? If the money starts getting too much, you may just save it if your paying and put it towards your trip to Philippines, Flights are pretty cheap for a trip to Philippines from USA.
  10. OP has already stated her mom will let her go visit " After a long fight with my mom, I was able to convince her to to let me see him. (Whether that be him coming to the US or me going to see him.)"
  11. This is visa website for US Visas. I would say about 100% of the people posting on here for K1 the other person lives outside of the USA There is no need for a US Citizen to get a visa for another US Citizen to marry. No need to beliitle someone, we are here to help them and furnish them with information that will help them. Just remember immigration isn't something we are taught in school, we have sites like this to help us learn and gain information. I am sure most if not all of us were lost when we started our visa journey.
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