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  1. I have been filing as single on my W-4, but recently married my wife on a K-1 Visa and I am not sure exactly what to do. Should I file as Married filing seperately, or Married filing jointly. My wife does not work, but she does have an SSN and is currently waiting for her greencard and work employment authorization. Also if I decide to file as 'Married filing Jointly' then should I claim her as a dependent? I just want to make sure I am filling this form out correctly since this is the first time I am filling it as a married man. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you in advanced.
  2. Hello how are you? I would like you to help me. I am very confused about something and I need to clarify doubts... I recently applied to form I-765 application for employment authorization, a few weeks ago I received a letter from the uscis rejecting my payment and saying this: "Recently, you submitted and application for immigration service. that form was submitted with an extra remittance that its not required to process your application" they returned the payment to me too. then a week later I get another letter about the I-765 format, I will attach a photo of what it says since it is a lot of text for me to write. 🙄 So if I am eligible for the extension (from what I understand) how would I go about getting that extension? Do I have to fill out some form or something? Or do I just take that letter to an employer and can I work? I don't know how it really works. my EAD expires on 07/24.
  3. I’m due to be moving to the US in the coming months on a CR-1. I’m currently employed for a company that operates here in the UK as well as the US. They’re aware that I’m leaving soon and conversations are beginning about potentially transferring within the company. However, this is subject to a position being available etc. What is the potential of working remotely for my UK office during the interim if there isn’t a position immediately available? I’m authorized to work in the US but I’m interested to know what potential tax implications there could be? Is it worth the hassle or is it better to take on a temporary job and then switch to my US office once everything is good to go? Im sure an internal transfer will go ahead, but I’m just working on a back up plan just in case! Has anyone had a similar experience?
  4. Hi everybody I need some help, my wife(I am a US Citizen) came to the US on a esta, we got married in march and the immigration lawyer filed I-130 I-765 I-485 on the 18 of April when do you expect the work permit to come? and even more importantly when will she be able to travel outside the USA? She did biometrics and July and she just did her immigration physical(dont know if it makes a difference) Than you so much for your time!
  5. Hi everyone!! So, I was reading this thread Cause it's something that really worries me... We applied for the k1 (yeah... I know.... and as many of us here, I wasn't aware of the many, many cons), and we are waiting for the NOA2. I'm the beneficiary, and I worked all my adult life. A lot. Also, I've been married before. I got married very young (first year of college) and earned my financial independence over the years, as I grew professionally. So, it was a natural course spliting the bills and life costs. It's really hard to see myself having to go back on those... As I was reading the recommendations, I was thinking: - How you guys prepared financially and professionally for the moving? Did the beneficiary had savings? The schools, hobbies, and all that, have costs. I don't feel comfortable doing those things on the expenses of my fiance... And I think that could be a very stressful issue for us. Specially not knowing how long it will take to have my EA... - Did the moving changed the dynamic of the relationship? In terms of the petitioner feeling overwhelmed to support the spouse for, maybe, years, or the beneficiary feeling trapped because of the limitations - Is there anything I should be aware or could do in advance to prepare myself to a better and easier transition? I'm a very independent woman, and I think would be really hard to have to rely on my fiance for every little thing... - Has the "money talk" been stressfull during the AOS time? What usually are the expectations of the petioner (asking in terms of cultural differences)? Like, is expected the one staying at home doing all house work, cooking, cleaning? Sorry for the long post. Of course I've talked with my fiance about all of that many times. But it's hard to know the reality before living it. So, any advices and sharing experiences are very welcomed!!
  6. Me(citizen) and my wife(foreigner) are currently going thru CR-1 process and waiting on i-130. She has just been offered a job in the US by an employer willing to sponsor a work visa. How does getting a work visa effect the CR-1 process? What happens when i-130 is approved? Would she need to leave the country even if she has a work visa?
  7. Hello everyone! I arrived in the US one week ago. (IR1) We are waiting for my permanent resident card and SSN to arrive in the mail (the fee was paid 16 days before my arrival) I heard that it can take up to 90 days to be mailed to me, and I didn’t want to wait that long to start working. Our question is: as the now stamped immigrant visa is valid as a proof of permanent residency for one year after arrival, can I go in person to a SS office and be able to get my SSN earlier by showing them my passport? Or do I need to wait for my physical GC to arrive? I appreciate your help! Thank you!
  8. I am out of the country from September 2021, but I have a valid Job and a residential address in the USA and submitting my stem opt reporting on time to my DSO and I could see the same in my SEVIS portal. I planned to come to the USA in December 2021 but I couldn't come back for some personal reasons but continued to work. I just came across the 5-month rule. Now I am worried if this going to be a big mark on my profile. Could you provide some guidance on what are the consequences as I am willing to come to the USA on a different visa in future. Please let me know what I should tell my DSO and how to handle this situation.
  9. Hello. I have a 10 year Permanent Resident card along with a valid Texas Driver License and a Social Security card that says ‘VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION’. This was issued after I had my EAD. have not got a chance to update my Social Security Card to the unrestricted. Social Security Administration being closed due to COVID-19. Do I present my Permanent Resident card to my employer for 1-9 or Texas Driver License and Social Security Card since they may also run it on E-Verify?
  10. Hello, I am in the process of getting my P1-A visa. I have earlier been granted a 10 year B1/B2 Visa (2017-2027) and I am a bit nervous. I am going to the US as a athlete, but I do have a criminal record: I did 40 hours of community service for a juvenile offence I did when I was 15/16 years old (2015). Do you think this could impact my visa interview? I have never done anything before that, or after that. Its literally my only crime ever.. I did get granted the B1/B2 without a problem, but would they maybe look deeper now since I am going there for 2 years employment? Cheers
  11. Hi everyone! I just got in the US with my L2 (spouse of an L1b) visa. I know that last November there was a change in the EAD requirement for L2 visa possessors, in the sense that we no longer need the authorization to work in the US, which is fantastic news! That being said, I still am unsure if this new regimen is already active. I read that the I-94 form should change for us, but since this is my first I-94, I do not know if I am already exempt from the EAD. On my I-94, it states that I am entering on a L2 visa, that's it. Nobody told me anything about my working situation, the EAD etc. Do any of you know if the new regimen is already in place? If not, when will it be activated and how will I get on this? Thank you!
  12. Dear all, I am new here! I am Italian and about to receive my L2 visa (spouse of an L1 holder) and move to the US (very excited about it!). I know that through my L2 visa I will be eligible to receive the EAD, but I also know that it will take a long time and I don't know what career options I will find once I get it. So, my question is: while living in the US with the L2 visa and waiting for my EAD, am I still allowed to do freelance work for a European company with my Italian VAT number, get paid on my Italian bank account and pay my taxes in Italy? Also, what happens with this oversea work once I get my EAD (and possibly a US job)? Am I allowed to do both? I will be incredibly grateful to anyone who can help me with this topic. Thank you!
  13. So, I will travel in about a year or two to the US to split ownership of a company with my business partner and also a good friend. He is the owner and I will be a co-owner. Now I know that I must have a B2 Visa (As I would stay there anywhere from 4 to 6 months). But I wanted to know if that is possible, as of my research up to date it is. I would like to hear/know more about if something extra is needed for my trip (other than the stuff on the gov page). Thanks very much!
  14. Hello, I have my 2 year conditional green card (family based) and I am currently working for a US based company. We’ve been working remote ever since I started so I was planning on going to Europe for Christmas and working from there but also spending some time with my family without taking PTO (Xmas time is the busiest time for us so I won’t be able to get time off). My boss told me that I might not be allowed to do it even for a week because of tax purposes and liability protection of the company. Can someone confirm if this is an issue or if you’ve done it before? Thanks so much!
  15. Hey, thanks for reading this. My fiancé currently studies in the US and has done for the past 4-5 years. She has an internship coming up and is expecting/hoping for a job offer (sponsorship) to come at the end of it. We are trying to find out whether it would hinder (or benefit) her H1-B visa application if we get married before the application. We think it would be simpler to marry before and then I would eventually get a H4 visa, but we don't want her being married to negatively affect her application in any way. Any thoughts, advice, or similar experience? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
  16. Hey guys, so because of the pandemic, it takes longer time to process AOS & EAD applications. Since I don't have a work permit, I haven't been able to work in the past few months. In order to minimize my anxiety of unemployment and increase my chance of getting employed once I get EAD, I have been taking online courses to upgrade myself. I was wondering if there is anything else I could do to increase my chance of getting hired, other than doing online courses? Can you guys share some of the things you do/ join to prepare yourself in a new job market (i.e. USA)? Is there any good resources for career changers? I also heard that there are free resources in community college for new immigrants. Is that real? Thank you all for sharing!
  17. Hi all! I am filing the I-129f for the K-1 soon and trying to budget/plan out life on the other side. Can I volunteer while waiting for my work permit/green card? I don’t want to be sat around for months waiting for work (I will go mad and it may look bad on my resume, I will need to be working). I have googled it and read a few things but not got a solid answer. thanks!!
  18. I just applied to work at a local bank and they just told me that they will do some background checks: I-9. I was so excited because everything looks good but I just started thinking - Can I work at a bank with a green card? I just filed my I-751. Actually what kind of jobs allowed and not allowed as a permanent resident?
  19. Last month President Biden revoked the presidential proclamation invoked by former President Trump, regarding a freeze on issuing green cards (10014 and 10052). These proclamations were related to non-family based immigrant visas. However, the US consulates have yet to resume stamping out these visas. Anyone have any idea, what is the timeline. Biden revoked the proclamation https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/02/24/a-proclamation-on-revoking-proclamation-10014/ Thank you
  20. Hey Everyone, Little bit of background: My husband's CR-1 visa was approved December 16th, 2020, paid the immigration fee December 23, arrived in the US January 16th. When we submitted the DS-260, we selected the create a social security number option and were told by our lawyer that we should receive the SSN within 1-3 weeks of arriving in the USA. Since we hadn't received it yet (and our lawyer has often told us the wrong information) I called the Social Security office on Friday and the person said that there was no evidence that he was even in the system yet. She said that he would need to wait 2-3 months due to COVID to begin the process of applying from the beginning because they don't want there to be a duplicate number. This is the part that we are both confused/frustrated by, with the CR-1 visa and the stamp, technically he is eligible to work in the US but how can he work if he doesn't have a SSN yet for payroll? Has anyone successfully been able to secure employment without a SSN to provide right away? Any advice on SSN problems, possibilities to work w/o having the actual SSN yet or pretty much anything would be amazing!
  21. Hello! Came here to gather some information of Grace Donovan and the working procedure i am about to take. I was contacted by the agency Grace is working for and they have found the employer who will hire me with my qualifications. I am highly grateful, but, since the process of my movement to Ireland is now a little bit delayed, due to pandemic, i would like to know if people still can apply for a work visa, although it's pandemic time. It has been a little bit prolonged but i am hoping for the best.
  22. So, went into local SSA office in Jan. They said they could not produce a number cuz immigration would forward my request when my EAD was ready. EAD was approved in July. They DID NOT forward my request from a SSN and I had to go back to my local SSA office. I brought my passport, EAD card, marriage certificate. That was 2 weeks ago. They said it is still ‘pending verification’ from USCIS. I have since lost the job I had lined up for not being able to produce a SSN. What more verification could they possibly need? I was there. In person. With original docs. My Senate office has proven to be useless, as has the Manager at the SSA office. Claims there’s ‘nothing he can do’, but wait. anyone else having the same issue I’m having? I literally have no one left to turn to!! *rant over* thank you
  23. Hi all, What are the rules on self-employment when your work permit request is still pending and you have already married your US partner? For example, I am thinking of making an Etsy, can I sell my handmade things to Americans in America? I'm not over there yet. Thanks
  24. So I have my interview scheduled soon. My question is that on my application I never mentioned I worked ( I didn’t have a EAD before)and just wondering when I’m asked about it what I should say. My excuse is that the person I worked for was paying rent for my apartment(which was really happening) and I was helping him out at his store. I’m asking this because there is some evidence on the internet that shows that I was working
  25. Hi I'm really confused if i will right my business in my ds 260. Can I answer "SELF-EMPLOYED"? my problem is that the address of my bir business is different from my location now because i transfered due to lack of sales. Do they look for the papers? what would address should i put, the one address written in my BIR or my new address with mayors permit? or should i answer unemployed? May category is F4. do they checked it?
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