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Found 74 results

  1. Good day everyone! Was wondering if anybody tried to get their parent apply for a tourist visa with any family member? Was wondering what's the chance of approving them altogether? My parents is 59 and 62.we are planning for them to visit us here in New York. Appreciate everyone's comment! 😊
  2. Hello everyone. Please advice i came to US on tourist visa. Five months in my boyfriend proposed and we decided to get married as he didn’t want me to leave. We got married on the last day my I-94 was expiring (October 2018). We have been doing research on the adjustment of status and now we’re ready to file. Do we need a lawyer? Considering that I’ve been out of status since October 2018 (4 months now) even though I was legally married when my I-94 expired. Please advice. Kind regards
  3. Koko bongo

    Newly GC holder inviting Mum

    My mum was denied a visa last year as we were not ready to invite her then and I’d not yet been approved of my GC. My cousin invited her and the consulate denied her stating “why isn’t your son inviting you” as my cousin had filled on the DS 160 that she had a son in the US. Fast forward to late last year, we decided it’s time we invite her as we now have a baby. People advised us my wife be the one to invite her since I’m yet to be approved GC, so we decided to start processing another appointment for her but could only secure a March 2019 date for appointment. Alas, I was granted a GC without being asked any question at the interview, coming from a K1 candidate. My question now is should I go back and edit and resubmit the DS 160 so to indicate I’m the one inviting her or just leave it to be my wife inviting. Thanks and I wish everyone a blissful 2019.
  4. Dear all, My spouse is LPR and we applied for F2A in Nov 2018. I knew we have long wait. He planned to visit me and family during May 2019. After that his parents is going to visit him around July and stay till sep. I hold B1/B2 Visa valid for 10 years with multiple entries. I visited states for first time in 2016 for a month for business reason and 5 months in 2018 to spend time with my friends and fiancée that time now he is my spouse. We got married when I was in states in aug 2018 and I came back to home country in oct 2018. So my question is whether I can travel with my visitor visa and stay for few months in end of 2019? I have read read other threads which few told they travellled with no issues but some thread I read if they deny entry at port then my b2 Visa will be revoked and I will get an entry ban. So how this works. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi! Does anyone know or have an experience with regards to providing police clearance from a foreign country when you applied for the K1 visa? I stayed for a total of 6 months in Australia as a tourist only. I've read here that people who worked and lived in foreign countries for 6 months or more needs to provide a police clearance. Does this directive apply to tourists? Thank you.
  6. jaeuzu

    JURISDICTION (merged)

    what does this mean? should i leave the country at january 5?
  7. jaeuzu

    JURISDICTION (merged)

    i’m waiting for my B2 Visa approval and i’ve been here in the country for 6months waiting do i have to wait for my visa to get approve before going back home. if i get approved , when should i leave ? and if i overstay for just a days waiting for my approval will the officer will put me in jail for over staying? or what will happen THANK YOU
  8. Hey Guys I’m really not good with forums and topics and research in general, so if someone else asked this question before please don’t hate, I’m really trying my best to find an answer to my question and I can’t. long story short: I have my B1/B2 visa valid till 2026, after getting my K1 and moving to States in May this year me and my ex partner both realised that sadly our relationship won’t survive. We cancelled K1 visa / adjustment of status in October by sending a letter to USCIS and getting back from them a confirmation letter saying that whole process is officially stopped so I moved back to United Kingdom. I need a B1/B2 tourist visa because I’m from Poland but I live in UK. My question: after cancelling my K1 visa / AOS,, can I travel to United States again as a tourist on my B1/B2 visa that is still or should be valid for the next 8 years? I’ve seen people saying that tourist visas are cancelled after K1 is issued but what if I cancel my K1 what happens? Is it really cancelled or just put on hold? I’m planning on going for holiday to USA in January and I wanted to make sure there won’t be any issues. Thanks very much in advance for any kind of help.
  9. My mom's visa was approved and today we realized her appointment confirmation has a typo (our mistake) the DS 160, the passport and everything else has the right name. Visa is on the process to be delivered. What name appears on the visa? the DS 160? or the appointment one? In case the visa has the name wrong on it. What should we do? Can she travel regardless with it? It should say Maria but says Marcia. Help please..
  10. Has anyone in Nigeria or other highly scrutinized countries had luck applying for and obtaining a visitor’s visa to see the USC spouse BEFORE the I-130 was filed? Would your chances increase once the NOA1 has been received? Or because of the nature of the Embassy there is it pointless for the beneficiary to try to get a tourist visa? My husband’s job is more flexible with scheduling. I’m the USC and already have a visa to see him, but I’ll be working on my Master’s and working full-time, so it’s not really easy to go visit...
  11. Has anyone in Nigeria or other highly scrutinized countries had luck applying for and obtaining a visitor’s visa to see the USC spouse BEFORE the I-130 was filed? Would your chances increase once the NOA1 has been received? Or because of the nature of the Embassy there is it pointless for the beneficiary to try to get a tourist visa? My husband’s job is more flexible with scheduling. I’m the USC and already have a visa to see him, but I’ll be working on my Master’s and working full-time, so it’s not really easy to go visit...
  12. Hey everyone! So my fiancé and I are wanting to get married (civil ceremony) soon in order to start the green card process for him. I am a US Citizen and he is an EU Citizen. My question is: Is it possible for him to come to America on a tourist visa and get married without the intention to stay? I know that first reading this it is an automatic N-O, however, he has other responsibilities to take care of such as finishing school and paying for his car as well as his landlord, plus I can stay and start the green card process. I'm wondering if anyone has gone through this and has any tips or advice about taking this route. Of course, we don't want to risk not being able to apply for a green card but we weren't planning on applying for one until 1-2 years down the road. We just want to see if it is a way :) Thanks!
  13. My wife is Brazilian. We live here in USA, and have no problems. However, my wife has made friends with another Brazilian that is desperately in need of help. Her friend lives in a distant state. She came here 4 months ago on a tourist visa. She married the American that paid for her plane tickets. She is also here with two kids that are also hers. What started out seeming like a good relationship turned bad. He has went as far as putting her and her kids outside in the freezing cold during an heated argument. She doesn't know English, has no phone, no money and he is more or less holding her hostage in the fact she wants to go back, has no money, no job to go back to in Brazil, can't drive here...He leaves and comes back every other day or so. She thought about going to a shelter for help, since the food is limited, but was told by the shelters lawyer that she will be illegal in a few days, since her spouse has not filed papers to acquire a green card, so would be better off staying at her spouses house. I know that there are some very knowledgeable people on this site, and am hoping you guys can give me some advice to pass on to her. I know, as well as she knows, she chose to marry on a tourist visa, which is illegal to do, but want to know if there is anything she can do at this point, or just continue being abused... Thanks in advance!!
  14. jaeuzu

    J1 to B2 extension

    i’m a j1 and i applied for a tourist visa b2 and i haven’t recieve my letter if i’m approve or not . my question is does my 6months starts when i receive my approve letter or when my J1 expired and is it possible to apply for extension even i haven’t receive if i’m approve or not?
  15. Is the tourist visa interview in Lima in English or Spanish??? Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone. I am new to this site and would like your help. I have applied for K-1 visa on August 31 and got our NOA1 on September 7th. We know that we have to wait at least until the end of March 2019 until we get NOA2. She is in Ukraine and I went to visit her twice this year already. And due to my job I can't take any more days off until 6 months from now. We are thinking to apply for Visitor B-2 visa while we waiting. If she applies right now and gets approved then she can be here in January of 2019 and stay here for a months or so and go back there to prepare her documents needed for the second step for K-1 visa. Did anyone try this before? Will this influence in any way on K-1 visa if she already was here during the waiting period? I know its pretty small chance that she will get approved for B-1 visa but it is sure worth trying as we would not have to wait more then 8 months before we see each other. But we for sure don't want to risk it getting denied of K-1 visa. Please help..... Thank you.
  17. So my sister got married on a tourist visa. She is from Mexico and have been in the USA twice. The first time she came to visit the the family which was last year, when she met a USC friend. She been talking to him for about 2 years now. She came to to the USA to see him and get to know him more with no intent to get married or anything. The USC friend later decided to propose and get married after 90 days of her stay in the USA. They married shortly before her I90 permit expired. They are planning to file to I130 and AOS. How can she prove there was no intent to get married, without getting viewed like preconceived intent and get approved for GC? How successful can the case be if she applies asap? Any cases where this has happened and got approved for AOS? Please share your success stories. And what forms or evidence was provided to convince immigration. THANKS
  18. Billandlhay

    Tourist visa while waiting for k1

    Me and my fiancé understands that K1 visa processing would take about 7 months and that is such a long wait for us. I read it here that it is possible for me (from Philippines) to visit US thru a tourist visa while K1 is still in process. I applied for a tourist visa last January and I got denied, might be because my fiance's divorce is not final yet that time or might be because of my status, since the consul handed me that blue sheet with the details of section 214. And now we are thinking about filing B2 visa again, while we are processing the K1. What are the chances of having my tourist visa approved this time? Any same case as me here? Would appreciate replies. Thank you.
  19. Hi everyone. I had a problem at the American airport a few years ago. The thing is my first travel to the states dates back to the summer 2011 where I stayed 2 months and went back to Europe then in October that same year I travelled again but this time I overstayed for about 9 months (I didn’t know overstaying was such a big deal) Then in November 2012 when I tried to re-entry I got stopped at the CBP I honestly told the officer I planned to work (again I didn’t know I needed another visa than ESTA for doing that) Anyways they asked me what I wanted to do either wait until Monday (that was a Saturday night) and talk to the jury or go back to Sweden where I came from. It was my call so I decided to go back to my country. The stamped my passport with a “Refused in accordance with INA section 217. R39007” and below it says some law 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(i). That was on November 2012. I have never reapplied for a new ESTA visa. It’s been almost 6 years since that occurred. So my questions are: 1. Can I reapply for an ESTA visa now 2. In case I get the visa can I be stopped at CBP and sent back 3.Did I have a 10 year or 5 year ban for entry My intentions for entry are visiting family though it sounds devious by now I’m aware of that. Thanks a lot in advance. Have a nice day.
  20. Mrs Sanchez

    tourist Visa and lottery Visa a

    Can you apply for tourist Visa and lottery Visa at same time. Or will it be best to apply for one and the the other?
  21. Hello. We just scheduled an interview appointment for my brother at the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines. We are preparing his documents now. What are the normal documents that he should bring for the interview and what are his chances for approval? He is 30 yrs old, single, a mechanical engineer, and currently working in our family business with our father. Our parents have their tourist visas already and are planning to spend the holidays here in the US once he is approved and will probably have him come over too when I will have my surgery in the future to help take care of me. What will be the best reason for his visit for better chances of approval. Thank you so much for your help.
  22. Ajaya Bartaula

    Re entry

    I have B2 tourist visa. I visited USA in last March, and I want to visit again in this September. Do I need to worry about immigration procedures in the airport immigration?
  23. I am a US citizen and I have an opportunity to visit China as part of a group that is traveling there for a week. My Filipina fiancee has her visa stamp to enter the United States. Can she apply for a tourist visa to go to China with me? We will return to the Philippines before leaving together to enter the United States. Will there be a problem at the port of entry entering the United States?
  24. Good day everyone. I am new here in this forum. I have some concerns that's bothering me and making me nervous in trying to apply for tourist visa to visit US. I have an american boyfriend. I met him online. We've been talking for more than a year now. We have not met yet in person but we always communicate like everyday thru text and video calls. Now, he wanted me to visit US. My problem is that I have not been to any country. Is it really a requirement to visit other countries (no visa required countries) before you visit US? Kindly help me. I would really appreciate all the answers. Thank you and God bless. Have a nice day!
  25. My sister in law arrived today on a tourist visa. The CBP accused her of working here and only granted her 2 months stay. Is there a way to file for an extension?