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  1. craig5977

    Thinking of adopting my wife's son

    Has anyone done the adoption process before? We are getting married at the end of march 2019. I have talked with her about it and the paperwork that needs to be done. She is Vietnamese, the original father is not listed on the birth certificate and has abandoned the son. I am curious the process that needs to be done. I am US Citizen, she is Vietnamese, we will file for CR-1 visa when I return to USA Thanks in advance for any advice Craig
  2. craig5977

    Mixed Religion Dispensation

    Does anyone know or have recent experience in Vietnam of The Catholic Church granting a mixed religion dispensation to marry in the Catholic Church? My fiance' is Catholic and I am Presbyterian. Its important to her and her family we marry in the church. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance Craig
  3. I would dispute it. Experian is a cloak and dagger outfit, they are the hardest one to settle a dispute with. It took me two years of back and forth with them to get some wrong information taken off. If you do not dispute it, it will stay in the record. Good Luck Craig
  4. craig5977

    Marriage in Vietnam

    Does anyone know the procedures for getting married in Vietnam now? I know you get single certificate at the Embassy there. I am divorced so what other paperwork do I need? Thanks in advance for any help Craig Please move if this is not in the right forum, thank you