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  1. Thats good to hear altho I just read that USCIS will furlough 70% of its workforce on August 3rd if they do not get emergency funding. I am hoping they get the funding!! Good luck to everyone.
  2. I would not plan on the 14-day quarantine requirement being relaxed anytime soon. The Vietnam government is saying that any country they are thinking of allowing tourists in from has to go 30 days without a new case. May take awhile for the US to meet that. So spend lots of time chatting and keeping records of everything. Good Luck
  3. I got this in an email today. Its an improvement from 2 weeks ago Resumption of Passport and Citizenship Document Processing - U.S. Embassy Hanoi and U.S. Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (June 15, 2020) Location: Vietnam Important Information for U.S. Citizens: The U.S. Embassy in Hanoi and Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City have resumed routine processing of passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA). U.S. passport printing centers have also resumed limited operations and are processing the backlog of cases on a first-in, first-out basis. We do not yet know exact delivery times for new passports, but we will update this information on our website when delivery times return to normal. Appointments for passport renewals can be made here and CRBA appointments here. For additional questions regarding American Citizen Services, please contact us using the below information.
  4. It is just a guess on my part, since many do wish to attend with fiancee/ spouse for the interview. The Embassy website still states they are not sure when they will start up again. And it sounds like the ones who had visa interviews scheduled and cancelled will be taken care of first. I am in Vietnam with my wife now, and am enrolled in the STEP program, so I get updates from the Embassy quite often.
  5. They opened up on June 1st with limited services for US citizens. My wife read that flights from USA will be allowed to resume on September 1st, with a 14 day quarantine, so my best guess is they will start after that. Good Luck
  6. On a different note, my wife said flights from USA would start September 1st of this year it was announced. Is better late than never I guess, Good luck
  7. The officer's can ask for whatever they wish I guess. Since they are still not operating at full speed yet, only limited services as of June 1st. My advice is, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Yes it may cost some to get it now But to me is better to have it and not need it, than finding out at the interview you need it and don't have it. Good Luck to you both!!
  8. craig5977

    Blue slip help

    There were 96 people charged with Visa fraud, all with contacts from Vietnam. I have not read any updates on it in awhile tho.
  9. craig5977

    Blue slip help

    My guess is they just wanted to make sure after what happened in Texas over a year ago, just a guess. many years ago on a different case I was asked for more detail of my emails and correspondence at USCIS stage. I had sent several emails and chat logs of our 2 year relationship, it was not good enough and got an RFE, so they got all of them, 2800 pages double spaced on both sides of all the chats and emails. We were approved a week later. Just give them what they ask for and everything will be fine, am curious if the OP overcame everything. Hope so. Good Luck On a side note, I got an email yesterday that HCMC will re-open the embassy with limited services on June 1st, no mention of interviews restating yet.
  10. Check on your embassies website for updated news. Vietnam will reopen June 1st with limited services, no mention altho about visa interviews starting up. I think each country will have different reopen and starting dates depending on the virus situation of the country Good Luck!
  11. Yes you can attend the interview with her. Do you have an interview date yet? The problem with you coming to Vietnam is if you are allowed into the country, since they are not allowing foreigners in right now unless with Diplomatic visas. And even if you could come here, you face a mandatory 14 day quarantine. The consulate just announced they will reopen June 1st with very limited services. No mention was made about visa interviews restarting yet. Good Luck
  12. I have a question for a friend of mine. His Brother is a US citizen. Can his brother file an application for him to move to USA? They are both in their 50's. And my friend here in Vietnam has a wife and daughter here. So does he just file an I-130 for each of them? want to make sure I explain it to him properly. Thanks in advance for any kind help. Regards Craig
  13. She will go through customs as usual. The officer will go over her sealed package with her and finalize all with her. It doesn't take long, other than if there is a long line. She can ask any immigration officer on which line to go through. Are you going to be with her? Good luck
  14. I agree with you, I am being optimistic that she will have a late summer interview, actually I am thinking realistically the end of the year. Yes I also agree, Vietnam has been very pro-active in containing the virus and is slowly set to ease some restriction in the coming weeks. It changes daily here. I am actually in Vietnam as I cannot leave the country for now. Very few options to leave now and honestly with all the problems in the USA I am probably for now, better off here. Thanks for the advice
  15. The best thing to do is have your fiance' call ANA in HCMC and ask them, they will know the current rules for travel. Many businesses are opening back up as of April 22 and May 1st, but still subject to the government issuing new restrictions.
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