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  1. My wife and son and I arrived back to USA on April 3rd, we had to self quarantine where we were staying in Arkansas. Some states are more strict than others. We had the negative covid test 3 days before we flew to USA. Good luck
  2. Our interviews were2 weeks after we were DQ'ed at NVC. They are moving quickly at Vietnam. Good luck with everything.
  3. Thanks much, I was surprised also they asked me to sit down, but our 5 year old son was with so I think they figured was easier if i kept him separate. We had the woman interviewer, she was very kind, polite and always smiling.This made my wife more relaxed also. Yes it really is a #######-shoot who you get. Safe travels! I know you are leaving soon with family, we are looking first week of April.
  4. Thanks for the link, I am looking into this as well. It's not bad for what it is.
  5. Thanks much. I have been living and working here since July of 2019. That's the only way I could be with her.
  6. We had our interview today. It went smoothly until the end at which time the IO mentioned that I did not have quite enough income to sponsor her and her son. My wife quickly responded as i informed her to do by asking if they looked at our assets? They looked and said, okay, congratulations, you passed and we will print and email your visas and passports. The questions asked where: 1. How did you two meet? 2. Did any of your husband's family or friends from USA attend the wedding? And why or why not? 3. Do you have any relatives in USA? Where do they live? Do you talk to them? 4. How many children does your husband have? 5. How old is the oldest son? She tried to mess up my wife with the year but she gave the correct answer. What does he do for work? 6. Asked about my ex and why we divorced? 7. What does your husband do in his free time? And why? 8. What will you do when you go to USA for work? What will your husband do for work? 9. What is your husband's job? She answered about my job in Vietnam and what my former job was in USA 10. What did you argue about? Why and when was the last time you argued? 11. They asked why my income was so high in 2017 and what was my job to get that salary? 12. How many visas had your husband applied for before? 13. You don't have enough income to sponsor your wife and son, my wife asked if they looked at the assets? They looked and said,okay, congratulations, you passed and we will print and email your visas and passports.My wife saw the blue slip setting there on the chair and was so happy when they said she passed. We think this is the reason we didn't get a pink slip, so was fortunate with all the correct answers and quick thinking she turned the blue to pink. At the time I was the only American with his wife. When they called us to the window, they asked me and our son to take a seat while they interviewed her. The lady was so very kind and friendly and always smiled. Even the translator was very nice and kind. They both smiled when our 5 year old son held up his right arm and to swear in. He also wanted to get his fingerprints done, but he is to young. We told him to do whatever mom did. So he did. All in all it was a quick interview, maybe 10 minutes. We would like to thank everyone for their kind help along the way through this process. Craig and Linh
  7. Very sorry to hear of your situation. If you end of annulling the marriage I would call NVC and withdraw the petition as well as send a formal request to NVC to withdraw it and cancel it. If you have not filed the DS-260 and paid the fees, the file will terminate after a year. But is still best to withdraw it. Maybe with USCIS also. Again sorry to hear of your troubles. This virus has created many headaches for everyone and I am afraid it will for a long time.Good Luck with whatever you choose.
  8. I agree being married to a foreign national does not make her eligible for a SS card. But the OP says they are married, here in the USA and has applied for AOS, EAD. With the marriage license and the NOA 1 of AOS you can go to the SS office and apply for a SS number for her. I did before and the card will say that she is not eligible for work without an EAD card. Then after get EAD they can replace the card and it will say she is eligible for work. If Texas does as MInnesota does, the learners permit will say also, pending AOS status. Thats what my ex's license had on it. Good Luck
  9. Since you are legally married just apply for her Social Security number, they will grant her one, but it will say on the card that she is pending AOS status. And you can change that after you get your EAD card for work. Minnesota wants a SS number for everything, even for learners permit. Good Luck
  10. If you look at the bottom of your timeline page here on VJ. It will give you an estimate as to when you can expect NOA2, if you are past that date. call USCIS and open an out of status inquiry. It helped speed up my son's case and now both are at NVC and processing there. His priority date was Jan 22 2020. Good luck to everyone!
  11. This is the latest information from the US Embassy regarding entry and exit of Vietnam. It mentions now may be under health inspection for 28 days. https://vn.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/covid-19-information/ Getting in is almost impossible now especially for Citizens from USA unfortunately. With the virus still running rampant in USA. I understand your plight of what to do. Good luck with your decision.
  12. Our date was Jan 22 2020 for our son and his approval was January 8th 2021, Good Luck
  13. Congratulations for passing and good luck in the future. Craig
  14. It means your case should be approved in a few days, ours went from actively being reviewed to approved in 2 days for our son, good luck!
  15. Do a google search for case status online. When you get to case status online, in the upper right hand corner is an icon called tools, click on it, you will see a self service tab, click on e-request and send in the form for case out of status inquiry. Good luck
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