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  1. Congratulations on your visa approval. I’m wondering, was there any specific worry you had going in that did or didn’t materialize in the interview? Anything or question that you didn’t expect? We have our CR1 interview there on 5/12.


  2. Picture shows bride in her dress being put into a Black&White cruiser. That dramatization makes the story seem a bit suspicious to me. Just saying, many things can be faked.
  3. I went to The Hive in Thao Điện. It’s nice with lots of perks, but expensive I thought too.
  4. We haven’t scheduled medical yet. My wife is a bit of a procrastinator, I hope to schedule today. Is one place recommended over the other? We’re lucky we got one month notice before interview. I saw another interview on VJ scheduled April 28 had only 2 weeks notice. Btw, I talked by phone with a girl Khanh at The Hive. I’ll stop by today for a tour. thanks!
  5. Yes, I’ve tried to adhere to that strategy. But sometimes they specifically ask for a middle name and the middle name and first name combo is too long for a first name only box. It is possibly here that is my downfall, never try to give a Vietnamese middle name. I guess I was just wondering if someone encountered a name mixup during their interview and were allowed a pass. Probably a silly question since little response.
  6. Hello, It seems no matter how careful I try to follow instructions I somehow manage to get the positioning of my Vietnam wife’s first and last name disarranged. Or at least I can’t tell for sure if the order is how they intended or not. Already, when filing the delivery address of passport and visa documents following a interview approval, I seem to have gotten the name order different from her passport order. But maybe it’s as they intended this time. I know the standard advice is the name should match the passport. My question, does anyone have experience at consulate when this happens? Will they adjust like for airline tickets or send me home? thanks! p.s. interview on May 12.
  7. Got your mail with info. Thanks a lot! I will spend a good part of a day there soon to organise documents. Btw, did you have your original or certified birth certificate present at your interview? I see it’s required now to even initiate the interview, per coversheet. I don’t have it here, but sister can send by UPS for 103$. thanks again
  8. I’m in D2, but don’t mind traveling beyond. A type of shared/rented workspace is one vision I had too. Like a staples in the US I guess. I would appreciate the name of place(s) you have used or know about. thanks!
  9. Hello, Has anyone used or can recommend a printing service in hcmc to print color photos and other documents in preparation for consulate interview? I normally use street photo services where you email and they print. I want something better, perhaps bring a USB stick and have input on how final product looks. Thanks
  10. Hello, I looked at advanced mode before and didn’t see DQ explicitly. I will look at again though, thanks for links. I would think data column there would have to come from people’s timeline entries, and that is where the labels seem to be interpreted differently by people. I appreciate the update link too, didn’t know about it.
  11. Yup, I’m hoping sooner. If more people on VJ would do timelines it would help others predict. Though one flaw I see with the timeline labeling, perhaps a result of pandemic backlog, is where to declare the DQ date. It seems important since now there is a long wait after this date until the NVC releases packet to consulate. Case Completed at NVC=DQ to me, then the sent to consulate date becomes more meaningful.
  12. Thanks for that great summary of your interview experience. I’m glad for your positive result. We are still waiting on our interview date. We were DQ on 12/16/21, so I expect/hope to have within 6 weeks. congrats!
  13. It would be nice if you (and others who ask for info) share your timeline so that others can use that info.
  14. We also both had covid last week and recovered…8 days until 2nd red line of quick test disappeared. So you both are in hcmc, is domicility on your mind at all when interviewed. That is my only concern because I haven’t been back to the states in 3 years. Because I belong with wife here and covid I think are legitimate reasons. I still have land and permanent address in US, I’m hoping it’s enough.
  15. Congrats on interview. I’ve read reports here where medical was incomplete at interview but didn’t adversely effect outcome. Can you tell me the date you received your document qualified (DQ) notice from NVC? I saw your timeline but still wasn’t sure. I received DQ on December 16 and am waiting anxiously for interview. thanks
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