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  1. POE: June 1, 2022 SSN received: June 10, 2022 (9 days later) GC: still waiting, can take up to 90-120 days
  2. And that’s what we did, the new address was already in the officer’s system, which gave us peace of mind. The CBP was also nice, she processed us together as a family. Whole thing took just a few minutes.
  3. Wife already has IR-1 visa, and we filed an address change. Leaving for the US tomorrow. Last week, we tried to set up an account for her on USCIS so we can track her green card. But when we tried linking her IOE receipt number (from when we paid the IVF Green Card fee), it asked us for an access code. We never got an access code in the mail. It wasn’t on our 797 either. There was an option to request a new access code, so we did that. Just got an email from USCIS saying: ”After careful review, we were unable to generate a new Online Access Code associated with the Receipt Number you have provided. Please ensure you have provided the correct Receipt Number and/or email associated with your case and that the old Online Access Code is not already in use.” Well, now what? What should we do? I’m thinking we have to call, but I totally dread getting on the phone with them.
  4. @top_secret Funny that you should mention Kaiser. I was looking at Kaiser health insurance plans for where we will live. It would be nice if we got a nurse willing to go through my daughters vax records and enter them into a database to make things easier for future enrollments.
  5. Yeah, wouldn’t hurt us to email the district and ask. Thanks. I’m sure they have a process since it’s pretty diverse there with lots of immigrants. Re translation, probably no need since it’s all just names of vaccines, dates, and stamps. Not much to translate if anything.
  6. I went ahead and did it. Also changing mine through USPS, banks, etc... will mail in the 865 form next week once I arrive there.
  7. I tried searching here on how to bring our USC child's vaccination records to the U.S. and making them official for admission into schools there, but I couldn't find anything. Background: - I'm a USC and my wife is a new LPR. She already got her IR1 visa stamped into her passport. - We're scheduled to arrive in the U.S. in a week. - We have a daughter together. Filed a CRBA and thus she is a USC. - We did her vaccinations here in Vietnam and have a nice record of every shot. Has all the names of vaccines, injection dates, doctor stamps, etc. - We followed her vaccination schedule most closely to the one recommended by WHO. We're going to take her vaccination record with us, but how do we make it official in the U.S.? Will the Vietnamese records itself suffice? Or do we take them to a new pediatrician and explain that we need to make the record official and recognized by the U.S. school systems? Could we somehow find a blank yellow card and write the vaccinations in ourselves, and have a doctor review it, then sign / stamp it? I'm sure we're not the first ones to go through this, so I'd love to understand how this process is usually done.
  8. Strange. I managed to reach a human at USCIS once. It took a couple of tries and about 15 minutes on hold. But is it really required that immigrant have an account at USCIS? Or can they just process their paperwork in alternative ways? For example, you can file an AR-11 for a change of address online without having a myUSCIS account. Apparently. (I say apparently because I haven't tried it myself, and plan to have my wife do it).
  9. So we originally planned to move to my permanent address in Texas when we migrated to the U.S. But something came up, and we decided to become residents in Virginia instead. 1. On the DS-260 form and all of my petitioner forms, we entered our permanent U.S. address as the one in Texas. 2. However, we chose the Virginia address as the place to send my spouse's social security card and green card. My wife will confirm this address with the officer at POE as well. Questions: - Do we still need to file a AR-11 for changing the "permanent" address (not just the address where we want the SSC and GC to be sent to)? - Do I also need to file a I-865 for changing my own address from Texas to Virginia?
  10. Great tip! What did you want to talk to USCIS about?
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