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  1. good luck!!!!! make sure my husband is on his best behavior 😂
  2. Got my IL from the London embassy. DQ: 2/27/23 IL: 3/27/23 Interview date: 5/18/23
  3. 10 AM! It must be automatic since it was all sent around the same time and they seem to always be early in the morning. I hope you do get DQ this week and don’t have to wait a month for an IL! Thanks so much
  4. received mine too around the same time, it’s for may 18
  5. If it helps… I was DQ on Feb 27 for a family visa. My status still says “at NVC”. The only message i have is that forms are accepted and documentarily qualified is underneath it. Still waiting on IL
  6. Someone posted a link to a good website but yeah just use the visa bulletin to see when NVC is reviewing documents. The last batch of interview letters seemed to come quick (2ish weeks to a few days) but the latest people I’ve seen is now almost waiting a month. Don’t know what slowed them down.
  7. thank you for the info! it will be interesting. still haven’t heard anything yet for some reason
  8. hm Can I ask how many you saw? Just wondering cause I was DQ not longer after OP but still no IL, seeing if I may get an early May date or late April date
  9. Oh wow! I see you/your spouse like mine is also in the UK and Ive been following London times. I thought for sure by now we’d get early May but maybe my husband will get an April date too!
  10. thank you and it is coming!! enjoy your dinner 😊
  11. AHHHHH i GOT DQ !!!! at 1649 eastern time… no email yet but i logged in because i was going crazy! haha @MoniqueDB log in and check to see if you have any messages!!!!
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