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  1. Hi everyone, I had my interview today (it was originally scheduled for April 17th but I asked for it to be moved up) and I got approved! I should have my passport back in about 1 week and am scheduled to fly on April 19th. The best of luck to everyone else!
  2. That would be funny, maybe we'll run into each other. Let's see if they confirm April 4th for me. Yes, I'm Austrian, applying for an IR-1 visa so the kids and I can join my husband in the States. What about you?
  3. That's great! I'm actually in contact with them to move my interview a bit earlier and I might be there on April 4th too!
  4. Hey, I'm going to be interviewing in Vienna and received my interview letter this morning. The interview date is April 17th. Did you get a letter too? I was DQ on Feb 21st.
  5. Hi everyone, I got my interview letter this morning! This was much faster than expected, but the date is very far in the future - April 17th. I'm a bit surprised since they previously said the wait time is a few weeks only. But I did get into contact with them and most likely the are going to be able to offer me an appointment in early April, they just have to wait for my file to get there. I'm so glad to finally have an "end date", now I can really focus on getting the medical done, all the documents together and start getting rid of all the stuff in the apartment. I hope everyone gets DQed and their ILs fast!
  6. This really depends on your situation. I had a lot of additional documents, some were necessary (police certificate for a country which wasn't listed under "required"), others were me playing it safe (a lot of explanation letters - e.g. about why I don't need a PC for a certain country, why we are not providing proof of income for my husband etc.). I also used the comments a lot. I think if you have a very easy, simple case, then not much else is needed. But as soon as there is just the tiniest possibility of doubt, I think it might be best to play it safe and give them more information about it, so if they have questions, they don't need to send an RFE. That's my take on it.
  7. By the way, does anyone know how exactly the whole interview scheduling process works in detail? I know the embassy wilm tell NVC about their available appointments, but does this happen once a month or how often? I'm trying to figure out what my timeline might be. The embassy in Vienna told me that they have capacity and that the wait time is a few weeks only. So that leaves the question about how fast the NVC and the embassy exchange information. Unfortunately I have barely any info to go on since there are so few cases and even less who post about it.
  8. Well I was a bit unsure too, but the consensus seems to be that if it is uploaded under the additional documents section (which for me was the only section allowing uploads anyway), it shouldn't reset the timer. And I've submitted additional stuff 3 different times since the "main" submission date (when I clicked submit on everything and nothing was outstanding under required docs). It seems that adding docs like that doesn't change your spot in the line - but of course that's just my experience! Anyway I had no choice, otherwise it would have been an automatic RFE. Thanks for the congratulations
  9. I GOT DQ'ED!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!! And I was cutting it so close, I still uploaded the last missing documents (the corrected affidavit of support of all things!) yesterday night. I feel so lucky that they accepted everything! I really hope everyone else gets DQed too! I will let you all know when I get my interview letter, I'm hoping it won't take too long since Austria is not supposed to be very busy, but who knows.
  10. Thank you! I really hope so too, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I'll keep you all posted!
  11. Hey, You can add me, I submitted on February 2nd. I have since uploaded stuff under additional docs and will have to add more this week (including the corrected affidavit of support of my joint sponsor - under additional docs), so it will be interesting to see if that changes my timeline and also if I'll get an RFE because of that. By the way, they updated the processing time: Current case review time: As of 13-Feb-23, we are reviewing documents submitted to us on 24-Jan-23.
  12. Yes, that's what I thought. I will add my income just in case. It might help them feel more secure about me not becoming a public charge. Thanks for your help!
  13. Thank you! My husband is not very good at this kind of stuff, that's why I'm trying to be that A student instead. From what I gather, our approach should be fine with regards to the guidelines, but I'm just wondering if the Consular Officer will question the stability of the income, since he doesn't have that benefit of being able to show past income on this level. And if that is the case, it might be better for us to add my income, IF they accept the proof I mentioned earlier. Do you think that could be a problem or am I overthinking this?
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