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  1. Your name has to match on all legal documents, especially your visa and passport. My husband was here on a visitors visa we met and married. I never changed my name. We were able to get him added on a joint bank account. Foreigners can have bank accounts in the US at certain banks. He did not return home after the marriage! It’s been rough, but he’s worth it! Good luck!
  2. Well it would take longer, but you will probably only get a. 2 year green card with K1 then have to apply again to get the 10 year, so I have to agree CR-1 seems superior. We didn’t have that choice because we are B2-AOS so, we have our 2 year and then in 21 months pay out more money and get the 10yr with prices on the rise in the next few months
  3. Do you have an SS. It was a crazy process. 1st he had to have his own account. Then we went thru this Question and answer process and now he has an account and he’s on my account and credit card. He had to provide passport and green card numbers too several days and several phone calls
  4. I live inTn too and it’s been crazy getting my Nigerian hubby to understand Southern Phrases and our accent. I bet Melbourne is awesome!!!
  5. You can’t do anything, but make sure she does not become a public charge because you will be responsible for that and/or co-sponsors
  6. Millington really is a small town, but what do you like doing? What are your hobbies? Can you Uber? I feel for you and know it’s hard. I know my husband misses his home country and he is actually going for a visit in July. I’m sending out a prayer for you sweet girl ❤️
  7. In Tn the husband would own 1/2 the house unless it is outlined in the divorce or you had a pre-nupt
  8. http://www.canadianexpatnetwork.com/public/department36.cfm
  9. If I was you, I’d get my US citizenship first then make a decision. I know it’s hard. Have you looked for any groups for UK folk? Healthcare is indeed horrible to get and pay for! So sorry! I hope things get better!
  10. They are married and both wearing wedding bands in that episode
  11. I-485 is where you list all the children of petitioner and beneficiary
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